How much are the fines for a drunk driving conviction in Florida?

Drunk driving is a punishable criminal offense in Florida. Here in Orlando, some readers may have experienced getting arrested for such an offense. These people can certainly relate to the fact that being charged with drunk driving is not an easy thing to cope with. If they are students, their educational and employment opportunities will be jeopardized; if they work for a company, they may suffer from financial difficulties if they get incarcerated for the offense. A drunk driving conviction can lead to numerous penalties including fines.

First offenders who had a blood alcohol content level of 0.15 percent or higher can face fines between $500 and $1,000, but not more than $2,000. Subsequent convictions with a BAC concentration of 0.15 percent can lead to fines between $2,000 and $4,000. Third drunk driving conviction, no more than 10 years from prior conviction and a BAC of 0.15 percent, can result in fines of $4,000. Subsequent conviction can lead to fines not less than $2,000.

The actual amount of fines depends on the discretion of the court. Paying such fines can result in financial hardship for accused individuals and their families. The only way to avoid such fines is to fight the charges in court. People accused of drunk driving need to understand that prosecutors will do everything in their power to convict them. Before trial, the accused should establish a strong criminal defense which may consists of various evidence or countermeasures.

Building a solid criminal defense is a challenging task especially for those who have no legal background. Fortunately, anyone accused of drunk driving can rely on professionals who provide legal services to those who need them. The defendants may choose to speak with these professionals in order to start building their defenses.

Source: Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, “Florida DUI and administrative suspension laws,” Accessed on Jan. 29, 2015