Drug Conviction License Suspension In Florida

In Florida, an offense related to the possession, selling, or distribution of illegal substances already carries serious consequences. In the past, anyone who was found guilty of a drug crime faced penalties that ranged from probation to fines and possible incarceration. Now, though, offenders who get convicted will face those charges in addition to a mandatory six-month license suspension. 

If you’re facing charges for a drug offense, it’s important to understand this new mandatory suspension and what you can do about it if convicted.

Understanding Mandatory License Suspensions For Drug Crimes

According to Florida Law, there’s a mandatory license suspension for drug offenders. This law is outlined by Statute 322.055. The Statute states:

‘Notwithstanding the provision of s. 322.28, upon the conviction of a person 18 years of age or older for possession or sale of, … a controlled substance, the court shall direct the department to revoke the driver’s license or driving privilege of the person. The suspension shall be for six months or until the person is evaluated for and, if deemed necessary by the evaluating agency, completes a drug treatment and rehabilitation program approved or regulated by DCF.”

This means that anyone found guilty of a drug offense must have their license suspended. However, it’s the duty of the Department of Motor Vehicles to suspend the person’s license, not the court’s. The law also recommends that individuals convicted of drug crimes should attend a rehabilitation program to have their license reinstated.

Can My License Be Suspended If My Charges Don’t Involve Driving?

A lot of people believe that because the drug offense they’re facing didn’t involve a motor vehicle, their license can’t be revoked. The law, however, specifies that all drug crimes are subject to license revocation, including for:

  • Possession of marijuana
  • Possession of a controlled substance
  • Intent to sell marijuana or a controlled substance
  • Trafficking marijuana or a controlled substance
  • Conspiracy to possess, sell, or traffic marijuana or a controlled substance

As long as the person who is convicted of the crime is over the age of 18 and has a legal driving status, their license should be revoked according to the law. Once a person completes their six-month revocation, they can apply to the Department of Motor Vehicles to have their license reinstated. To reinstate the license, most offices want the individual to complete a state-approved rehabilitation program. 

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    Drug Conviction License Suspension In Florida