Gang Responsible For Rash of Car Burglaries

Central Florida is being terrorized by a gang of car burglaries over the past few months. There have been quite a few “smash and grab” events in which items are stolen from cars or cars are stolen all together. The problem is this is happening in areas where it is normally not expected, which include state parks, community areas, churches, play grounds, public gyms, and even major shopping areas have all fallen victim.

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The gang that is said to be responsible is known as “Felony Lane” and is based in Southern Florida. They have slowly been moving their agenda up the state and have gotten to the Orlando metro region more recently. They have been stealing ID cards, wallets, personal information, social security numbers, and even cash. Their M.O. seems to be that they steal these items and then use disguises to take money out at nearby banks. They cash checks or use ATM machines to get the funds out from banks that have drive through services.

The problem is that these are not incidents that only end in theft. They result in long term problems for victims. There are long term ID theft problems, credit card problems, and other bank account related issues. Those who are robbed have to create new accounts, deal with money stolen from their accounts, and ensure their ID is not being used to create fraudulent accounts.

One such victim in Polk County has spoken about her ordeal. She had her purse underneath the seat in her locked car. Her purse was stolen and she ended up having everything taken from it. Her checkbook was used, cash was stolen, and her driver’s license was gone as well. She had to close all her accounts and needed to get new ID information as well. This band of robbers is certainly leaving a wake of distraught victims, and will hopefully be eventually apprehended by authorities in the counties they commit the crimes in.