Florida Gambling Laws Set to Renovation

Lately, there has been discussions about reforming the gambling laws in Florida. In fact, it is only a matter of time that new policies will be implemented regarding how racetracks and jai alai frontons are operated. As they stand right now, the current laws are hard to understand and do not contain clear definitions on standards. Thus, the upcoming rewriting process will help to bring clarification to those laws. This announcement comes on the heels of the discussions that will take place next year about gambling issues.

The topics expected to be debated include the proliferation of slot machines and passing laws that make it acceptable for high-end resort casinos to be built in the state; particularly South Florida. Before those debates take place, there will be several workshops where anyone can come in and talks about their concerns for these issues. They are expected to take place between the months of October and November.

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The first workshop will take place in the middle of October in Fort Lauderdale. The issues that will be on the table include performance and jockey standards, track and racing requirements, and regulations regarding the horses. Lately, gambling regulators have been criticized for policies they pass that hurt the pari-mutuel industry. Additionally, those policies are currently being challenged in court. This all comes in a year when a judge declared that it was erroneous to pass a rodeo barrel racing permit, which was the first in the United States.

Views on this type of event are said to be flipped, because of the new way it is being interpreted. Further, the new interpretation sheds light on zoning requirements that need to be set up before a permit is awarded. Laws like this give decision makers too much flexibility, which is why the laws are going to be rewritten. Hopefully, the new laws will make it so that the gaming laws can no longer be exploited.