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Teenagers do not relate to the problems they are creating when they get into fights in school. Parents are also unaware of just how their child’s life may be affected in the future because of battery charges on their child’s record. The child’s educational and career opportunities may be adversely impacted.

If your child is fighting battery charges due to a fight, he or she will need an attorney that has your child’s best interest in mind. A good aggressive juvenile defense attorney should be hired to protect the rights of your child. As a professional, he or she will know exactly what is needed to defend your child. Many Orlando attorneys are former prosecutors who know the court system well and can protect your child’s rights.

Children as young as 12 who are fighting at events will end up in the court system. Entering into a plea bargain without proper representation from an Orlando attorney may have serious consequences for your child. If convicted as a juvenile, your child may not be allowed to enter the military, get financial aid for college, or find it more difficult to obtain a well paying job. Your child needs an advocate to protect his or her future life, no matter how young your child is.

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Fights that break out at school events sometimes get out of hand. The child that has been arrested may not be the child that has started the fight. Attorneys can determine if your child was at fault or if your child was arrested unfairly. An Orlando attorney will get down to the source of the problem by contacting the victim’s attorneys and finding out the real source of the problem. Your child’s defense could be that he or she was trying to help another person. Sometimes investigators are hired to talk to witnesses and obtain statements in defense of your child. Your child’s side will be heard in court.

Your child’s future needs to be protected. The goal of a juvenile attorney is to see that your child gets the help that is needed for your child to be a productive member of his or her community. Focus will be on rehabilitation if needed and not on punishment where the child would end up with a juvenile record. First offender may be allowed to enter into programs like Teen Court, in order to have the charges dropped completely. Contact our experienced attorneys today at The Umansky Law Firm. We will meet for a free consultation and discuss the options for your child. Call (407)228-3838.