Erving Walker Resists Arrest After Stealing $3.00 Taco

Erving Walker has been well known for his career as a guard for the Florida Basketball team, the Gators. However, he has made a new name for himself, one not in such a positive light with a criminal record. Walker has been charged with petty theft and for resisting arrest for stealing a $3.00 taco from a street vender. In a foolish prank, according to Walker, where he was just playing around, he may have serious fines and penalties.

The incident happened on Friday morning and he has been scheduled to appear on above named charges. The arrest report stated that Walker ordered a taco from a vender and left without paying. When the police arrived on the scene, he ran from the officer. Walker had a brief chase with the Gainesville Police Department and the officer chased him a short distance before he was apprehended. Walker was taken into custody on University Avenue, but it took the help of several other officers and patrol cars to arrest him. He will need a good criminal defense attorney to get out of this situation.

Though Walker stands by his statement that he was playing around, a previous record from 2008 where he was previously charged has come into play. Seems this was not the first time that he has resisted arrest and had a run in with the police department. Because of the criminal record, he will need a lawyer who is well versed on dealing with high profile cases.

His career as a Gator was over on Saturday. He made a good name for himself at the school, with an all-time assists leader at 547 and he also ranks second for the most number of games played at 144. He scored a total of 1,777 points during his games, which made him fourth on the highest scoring college basketball players of all times. Walker, being a well-seasoned sports player, should know the value of a spotless reputation. While it may have been a joke, the courts are certainly not laughing and neither is Walker.