Educator arrested on child pornography allegations in Orlando

criminal charge is the result of an investigation into any wrongdoing or illegal activity. Here in Central Florida, readers know that local authorities are always investigating reports of possible illegal activities in order to keep local residents safe. Each criminal charge may fall into different categories such as misdemeanor, felony or a federal offense. Each charge is unique and can lead to different punishments if the accused person is convicted.

In Orlando, Florida, a 42-year-old elementary school teacher was taken into custody on child pornography charges. Based on a report, an undercover FBI agent received six videos and 141 pictures showing juvenile sexual abuse from the accused. Authorities then issued a search warrant and found thousands of child pornographic images on the teacher’s computer. Authorities also discovered an image that depicted a young boy who was being sexually abused by the teacher. The teacher was charged with receipt, distribution, production and possession of child pornography.

These charges are very serious and, if convicted, the accused individual could face a decades-long prison sentence. The defendant’s reputation may also be in question because people in the community often react negatively to hearing of offenses against children. Thus, to protect his freedom and reputation, this accused individual, and others similarly situated, should fight the charges by building a strong criminal defense for his trial. But defending oneself against serious criminal charges is not an easy task and it may require legal assistance.

A criminal defendant may also choose to enter into a plea bargain negotiation in order to reduce the penalties he or she is facing. If the accused decides to enter a not guilty plea, then he or she must fight the charges through a criminal trial. Solid legal assistance is essential if the accused wants to develop an aggressive approach towards his or her case.

Source: WKMG Local 6, “DOJ: Elementary teacher arrested on child porn possession charges,” Dawn Brooks and Sheli Muniz, July 14, 2014