Edgewater woman faces drunk driving allegations

Drinking alcohol in Florida and throughout the country is not uncommon. In Orlando, local residents are advised not to hold their steering wheel if they are planning to drink or if they have already consumed alcohol. Failure to do so can lead to drunk driving charges in the event the driver gets pulled over by authorities on suspicion of driving while intoxicated.

In the nearby area of Edgewater, a 40-year-old woman was arrested on drunk driving charges after she nearly struck multiple motor vehicles while driving recklessly. According to deputies, the woman was driving with an 8-year-old boy inside the car before she was arrested around 3 a.m. Authorities stated that the woman refused to stop when they first attempted to pull her over. The accused drunk driver reportedly failed during a failed sobriety test. She was charged with DUI and child neglect.

Drivers know that drunk driving is strictly prohibited in the state. Drunk driving charges vary. For first time offenders, they may be subjected to minor fines and penalties. For repeat offenders, they may face severe penalties, depending on how many times they have been convicted of the offense. If a suspected drunk driver causes bodily harm, that driver should expect tougher fines and penalties if convicted. Conviction due to a drunk driving offense can lead to license revocation, a prison sentence, fines and other life-altering consequences.

A driver facing a drunk driving accusation may fight the charges by crafting a solid defense. The accused may also enlist a staunch legal advocate and form a defense team to effectively fight the charges. The defense team can attempt to negotiate with the jury for reduced fines and penalties. An aggressive approach may lead to a case dismissal.

Source: Wesh.com, “Deputies: woman driving drunk with child in car almost caused crash,” Claire Metz, Aug. 1, 2014