Dwight Howard and Disorderly Conduct at the Amway Center

Dwight Howard is coming back to town tonight to grace us with his presence. After departing Orlando on a sour note, he comes back for his first game at Magic Arena since he left. Based upon wire reports and the internet, the Arena is going to be rocking with loud and angry fans who have not forgotten that Dwight has turned their back on the Magic. We would imagine security will be at an all time alert and it is important that if you are attending the game tonight to refrain from any conduct that could be misconstrued by security or the Orlando Police as breaking the law. Though heckling and booing are going to be commonplace during this emotional meeting for many veteran Orlando fans, any sort of behavior that falls along the lines of battery or assault is going to be met with swift opposition that may result in being detained by police.  It is especially important to note that being banned from Amway would not be favorable for many fans.

IMG SRC: Gary A. Vasquez/US Presswire 

While a fan may verbally express their emotions, getting drunk and rowdy with Laker fans in the arena could be met with expulsion from the Amway center and an arrest for Disorderly Intoxication or Disorderly Conduct. Remember it is a game and while Dwight may have abandoned us, it is not worth the ride to the Orange County Jail.

Disorderly Intoxication is the act of endangering the safety of others around you. In an arena where thousands upon thousands of people are compact into rows of seats, the likelihood of doing something physical you may regret while intoxicated is fairly high. Even prolonged public disturbance may fall into this category.

Disorderly Conduct may go hand in hand with Disorderly Intoxication, though you may not even have to be drinking! The term “disturbing the peace” comes to mind often with this charge. Intentional fighting is a common way to land this charge, along with unreasonable noise that continues after being asked to stop. Something that you may find silly at a sporting event may result in jail time, fines, probation, and community service if you don’t mind the boundaries of public assembly.

We hope you can still cheer and let out that angst without being told to settle down too much! Be safe Magic Fans!