DUIs Scarier Than the Haunted Houses You’ll Be in This Halloween?

Many residents of central Florida call this part of the year their favorite.  The weather is cooling off, Football is in full swing, and costumes planned out months in advance are about to be shown in public.  That’s why you really don’t want to get arrested this year on or before Halloween for DUI or Drunk Driving. This year as always, October is a month of costume parties, trick or treating, Halloween Horror Nites at Universal Studios and a ton of other events related to Halloween. Many of the clubs around Orlando, Universal, Winter Park and University of Central Florida will have wild costume parties for Halloween including great music, dancing, and of course, alcohol.

You can anticipate that Florida Highway Patrol, Orange County Sheriff’s office, and Orlando Police Department will be on the look out for drunk drivers. Do not be surprised if DUI checkpoints are set up across Orlando and central Florida. Please make sure that if you go out, you have a designated driver. Getting arrested for DUI on Halloween is not a treat. DUI charges carry significant penalties including drivers license suspension, heavy fines, court costs, impoundment, counseling, classes, community service and a night in the Orange County Jail.

If you go to Universal Studios for Halloween Horror nights, take a cab or research whether you can crash at a nearby hotel. If you go to downtown Orlando, get a designated driver and if you find yourself in trouble, get a couple of friends and take a taxi home. It will be far cheaper than paying a DUI lawyera large fee to try and fight your DUI case. Think about how humiliating it would be to dress up like a pirate, hooker, witch, clown or sexy maid and find yourself looking at a jail camera taking your booking photo. Most of all have a lot of fun, stay safe and avoid a DUI arrest on Halloween!