District fire chief faces driving under the influence charges

There are many reasons why drunk driving is strictly prohibited all over the United States, including in Florida. First, drunk drivers are prone to errors, endangering their lives and other people’s lives as well. Second, drunk drivers often drive too slow or too fast, which is a common cause of motor vehicle crashes. All drivers need to understand that they can be pulled over if there is probable cause or a sign that they are intoxicated. Suspected drunk drivers are likely to face charges that can lead to serious repercussions.

In Clay County, Florida, a 44-year-old district chief of the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department was recently arrested on DUI charges after his vehicle was found in a ditch. Based on a report, the suspected drunk driver had difficulty following directions during field sobriety tests. The district chief had 0.313 and 0.339 percent blood alcohol content levels at the time of the arrest. Following the man’s arrest, he was assigned to an administrative role.

Results from field sobriety and blood tests are used as evidence against suspected drunk drivers. The drivers in question can contest the evidence with a solid criminal defense. For example, the defense may argue in court that the defendant has health issues that prevented that person from completing the tests. Another way to fortify the defense is by questioning the accuracy of the blood test. Similar to field sobriety tests, several factors, such as the health of the patient, can affect the results of the blood alcohol level of the accused person.

Criminal defense revolves around various circumstances. It is important for the accused person to seek legal advice and explore all available legal options. The defense can pursue litigation or choose an alternative solution, such as entering a plea deal.

Source: Jacksonville.com, “Jacksonville district fire chief moved to desk duty after DUI arrest earlier in week,” Dec. 12, 2014