Despite Media Attention Sheriff Judd conducts another Polk County Prostitution Sting

This past weekend, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd conducted another prostitution sting. According to the Orlando Sentinel, 80 people were arrested in polk County for prostitution or sex crime related offenses including an altamonte springs lawyer who works for an orlando law firm. Sheriff Judd discussed the fact that some of these people who got arrested were repeat offenders and in one instance the same person was arrested by the sam undercover police officer!

It is amazing that despite the wide spread attention media outlets such as TV stations and the Orlando Sentinel have given to Judd and his prostitution stings, that people still get caught up in temptation and travel to have sex for money in Polk County. Other law enforcement agencies in Central Florida such as the Metropolitan Bureau of investigation in Orlando conduct prostitution stings in an effort to stem the sex trade.

In this recent operation, Sheriff Judd netted over eighty people in what seems like a manufacturing process of prostitution arrests. When police conduct stings in volume, there is a potential for error and a criminal attorney experienced with prostitution arrests can sometimes expose those flaws. In some cases:

  • Police forget to record the conversation
  • The police do not adequately write down the conversation
  • The suspect did not really mutter the magic word to arise to a criminal violation
  • The suspect did not really intend for his conversation to be taken seriously
  • Police used overly aggressive tactics to effectuate the arrest and may have entrapped the suspect
  • There is confusion among the police and the defendants because so many were arrested in the sting that critical errors were made in the report writing

There are a number of other factors that a can review. If you were arrested for prostitution arising out of this most recent Polk County operation, then you will need to hire a criminal defense lawyer who can examine the police report, research the facts and law behind the charge and review all of the evidence to determine what course of action to take in the criminal justice process.