Central Florida Crime Increases Steadily While the Rest of State Drops

In recent years, the crime rate in Florida has fluctuated quite a bit, and now has fortunately diminished for most of Florida, as a recent round up of police files confirms. This positive trend doesn’t particularly apply to central Florida, especially for counties such as Osceola, Volusia, and Orange, which saw instances of crime increase.

Orlando deals with bouts of crime because of its status as a larger city, but in terms of Floridian cities since it has consistently had crime rates similar to larger cities such as Jacksonville and Miami. But as of late, Florida’s entirety of crime rate has managed to shrink while the central Florida has increased.

Img Src: http://recordspedia.com/Florida-Orlando-Crime-Rate.png 

Many of us in central Florida will find these facts startling, especially if they live (and perhaps live happily) in the Orlando area. Since last year the city’s crime factor has risen to a total of 4.8. The total crime rate for the state of Florida has now dropped by 0.8 percent and marks the first all time low since the late 1970s.

Orlando is facing a 61 percent increase in total murders, almost a 4 percent increase in theft, and a 5.3 percent increase in total rapes. The 61 percent increase in murders is an astonishing and alarming increase. A recent study by the attorney general and his lawyer has shown that the recent rise in homicidal tendencies may be connected with home battery and domestic violence charges. Domestic violence has also been on the rise in the past few years. Law enforcement is working diligently to quell these crimes.

Hopefully with a partnership with Harbor House, along with the execution of Project Courage, we’ll see numbers in violence and crimes begin to shrink throughout 2012.