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Category: Theft

Preventing Auto Theft During the Holidays in Orlando, Florida

It’s wonderful to have the ability to buy gifts for loved ones. We all get a special feeling when we shop to bring joy to those we love in our lives. Unfortunately, storing those gifts in the car can sometimes put cars at higher risks of car theft. While the holiday season should be about …

3 Identity Theft Risks During the Holidays

The last thing anyone wants to deal with or worry about during the holidays is identity theft. Going through identity theft is an overwhelmingly complex situation that can cause a lot of stress and worry. While it’s unfortunate that time needs to be taken out of the day to protect against identity theft, it is …

Dog Theft on the Rise as Demand Increases During COVID-19

During the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people purchased or adopted an animal. Most looked for dogs to satisfy their need for companionship during isolation. Unfortunately, not everyone has good intentions. Since the pandemic began, more pets, like small and easy-to-grab breeds and puppies are stolen and resold by thieves. Not only are people …

I’m Being Investigated for Embezzlement at Work. What Should I Do?

A common reason a person may go from the office to the courtroom is embezzlement. An embezzlement crime is the misappropriation of funds by a person in a position of trust or power. Company insiders like CEOs, CFOs, managers, and even secretaries can often find themselves in trouble if they engage in this behavior. Continue …

Do Certain Crimes Really Spike During the Holidays?

The holiday season, while filled with love, laughter, and joy, isn’t always relaxing. For most people, running around doing last-minute shopping and spending money is chaotic and stressful. What’s deemed as “the most wonderful time of the year” is often not the case for those who can’t afford gift-giving or have no family to spend …

My Child was Caught Shoplifting. Now What?

Parents who believe they have raised smart and honest children never forget the late-night call notifying them that their child was caught shoplifting. At first, most parents believe there’s been a mistake, but soon enough, the reality of their child’s wrongdoing sinks in, and a storm of mixed emotions starts to brew.  As a parent, …

When Does Shoplifting Become a Felony Offense in Florida?

It’s fair to assume that many of us have considered casually taking merchandise from a favorite or frequented retailer. After all, what difference will one minor item make? They won’t even notice it’s gone! These companies make billions of dollars in profits, while many of us are struggling to make ends meet. I spend hundreds …

Walmart Robber Sentenced to 26 Years for Robbery With Deadly Weapon

This past June in Orlando, local WalMart employees and customers became part of what seemed like a scene out of a cops and robbers movie after Catrell Ivory entered the store and held workers at gunpoint. According to Police Reports, this wasn’t Ivory’s first brush with the law. In 2017, he successfully held up two …

FL House Supports Bill that Would Increase Felony Theft Threshold

**Update** As of July 2019, Florida’s Felony Theft Threshold is $750. Still far lower than in other states! Florida state statutes define the criteria for theft and misdemeanor theft. The threshold for misdemeanor theft is stealing any item with a value of $1 to $750. The threshold for felony theft (otherwise known as grand theft) …

Methods of Retail Return Fraud

Return fraud occurs when a person steals merchandise from a retail store and then returns it to receive cash. Additionally, another form of return fraud is “free renting” which occurs when individuals purchase an item, use it for some time, and then return the product. It even happens online, with giant retailers like Amazon announcing …

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