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Category: Gun Laws

What Happens If I Carry a Firearm without a Permit?

The Second Amendment allows United States citizens to bear arms—also known as the right to own a gun. Florida does not require residents to obtain a license to buy a gun, but they need a permit to carry one. If law enforcement charges someone for carrying a concealed weapon without a permit, they may face …

What to Do If I’m Pulled Over With a Legal Weapon in My Car?

The majority of Florida gun owners treat state and federal laws regarding their firearms seriously. With recent gun violence in schools and businesses, law enforcement and legislators have begun seizing lawfully owned guns more frequently to get weapons off the streets. Knowing your Second Amendment rights, especially in cases where you legally carry a gun …

What Gun Violations Can You Be Charged With in Florida?

In Florida, most gun violations fall under two categories: weapon offenses and weapon enhancements. Weapon offenses occur when a person unlawfully uses, possesses, or purchases a gun. Weapon enhancements involve the use of a gun during the commission of a crime. If you are a gun owner in Florida facing gun violation charges, it is …

Police Confiscate Thousands of Guns Under Florida’s Red Flag Law

In February 2018, a tragic and deadly shooting occurred at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida when a 19-year old stole the lives of 17 students and faculty members. After this tragedy, communities across the state made their voices heard demanding reformation of Florida’s gun control laws. That’s when Florida enacted its red …

How Do Florida’s “Red Flag Laws” Identify Dangerous Gun Owners?

Whether you’re for the enforcement of current gun laws or are in the camp that hopes to see new and more effective restrictions, it’s no secret that the United States is known around the world for having a problem with gun violence. Almost all 50 states have experienced at least one tragic massacre, and two …

New Bill Would Allow Gun Owners to Carry Without a Permit

Gun rights are an enduring topic of conversation and debate across the United States. Every year, more than 39,000 people die as a result of gun injuries. In the wake of repeated instances of serious gun violence, many groups are calling for reformed gun laws that limit the number of people who have access to …

Armed Orlando Woman Threatens Church Shooting

In recent months, there have been far too many tragic news reports about mass shootings in public places. In June, a church in Orlando, Florida nearly got added to that list when a woman arrived at Sunday service with a gun and two loaded magazines.  Sunday church-goers found Ileana Ivette Munizpou inside her car wearing …

Man Found with Weapons in Orange County Jail

Earlier in February, Orange County police reported arresting a  man who had loaded weapons and drugs on his person. After transporting him to the jail, an additional third loaded weapon was found in the man’s pant leg while undergoing a body scan. This incident has raised questions about the protocol officers follow during an arrest, and …

Is it Too Easy to Buy an AR-15 in Florida?

Over the past six years, mass shootings in Newtown, San Bernardino, Las Vegas, Sutherland Springs, and Parkland were some of the deadliest in the United States. In each massacre, the shooter used an AR-15-style semi-automatic rifle. With this rifle being one of the most popular firearms in the country, many Floridians are learning the level …

Over 450 Surrender Guns Due to Red Flag Laws

The shooting that took place at a Parkland, Florida high school paved the way for tighter gun restrictions throughout the state. Among the new laws is the state’s “red flag law,” which police are using to identify people they believe pose a threat to the community. In just one central Florida county, a dedicated team of …

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