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Category: Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence During the Holidays

The rate of domestic violence tends to increase during the holidays as compared to the rest of the year due to various factors. However, there are times when people lose their temper, causing emotional distress, even if it does not technically rise to the level of domestic violence. If you have been arrested for domestic …

Why Does Domestic Violence Occur More Often During the Holidays?

While the holidays are often a time of year that many people look forward to, the holidays can be just as difficult as they are cheerful. It has been reported that 88 percent of Americans find the Holidays to be a stressful time. For victims of domestic violence, the added stress of the holidays may …

Can I Sue for Domestic Abuse in Florida?

Victims of emotional domestic abuse tend to feel like the abuse they are enduring is somehow less valid than that of those suffering from physical abuse. However, emotional domestic abuse is still a form of domestic violence and is extremely harmful. Also known as psychological or mental abuse, it is a form of verbal harassment …

Rideshare Users Face Challenges when Reporting Sexual Assault

Imagine that you’re working for the gig economy as a rideshare driver to make ends meet. You already have a full-time job, but your student loan debt takes most of your paycheck, putting you in a position where you need an additional source of income to keep yourself afloat. Taking people where they need to …

Australia Bans Travelers with DV Convictions

If you are planning to get away this summer to a more tropical locale, having a domestic violence charge on your record may bar your entry to some countries on your bucket list. This is a reality in Australia, which is already well-known for its stringent visa requirements when it comes to a visa applicant’s …

Will My Domestic Violence Case Be Dismissed If My Spouse Wants to Drop The Charges?

I have been asked this question by many people over the years. Unfortunately, there is no simple answer as it really depends on several important factors. First, it depends on the jurisdiction where the arrest occurred and how aggressive the State Attorney Domestic Violence Unit is in that county. Second, it depends on what the …

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