Bobby Brown Arrested for DUI

The famous singer and ex-husband of the late Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown was arrested during the early afternoon hours on Monday. The 43 year old Brown was suspected of driving under the influence of a controlled substance after being pulled over in Reseda for talking on a mobile phone while driving. After being pulled over the patrol officers decided to do a standard sobriety test on the celebrity, and it was then around 12:20 pm that he was arrested and taken to the Van Nuys correctional facility by LAPD.

A highway patrol officer has stated that Brown was picked up while driving at the corner of Wilbur Avenue and Victory Boulevard. In 1996 Brown was convicted of a DUI in Georgia so this may not be his first offense. Brown will face a court date at a later time and has been released at this time. It’s currently unknown what type of substance Brown was suspected of being under and what penalties he may be facing when he appears in front of a judge.

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