Why You Don’t Want to be Drunk Driving in Orlando During St. Patrick’s Day

Why You Don’t Want to be Drunk Driving in Orlando During St. Patrick’s Day

As St. Patrick’s Day approaches, people may be preparing for a fun night in Orlando, full of drinking and socializing. However, Orlando drivers who plan to drink on St. Patrick’s Day may find themselves spending the night in jail if they try to drive home afterwards. Florida police intend to enforce DUI laws more seriously on St. Patty’s Day weekend than they have in the past in order to reduce the risk of serious accidents on this traditional drinking holiday.

Florida police plan on using sobriety checkpoints to make sure that drivers are sober starting on March 17. These DUI checkpoints require all drivers in an area to stop and submit to a breathalyzer test as well as show their license and registration to police officers. Drivers who have a blood alcohol level of more than .08 will be arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.

In addition to stopping all drivers at various points, Florida police intend to have extra personnel on duty on St. Patty’s Day weekend. Officers will be looking for erratic driving behavior such as going too slow or too fast as well as weaving in and out of lanes rather than staying in one lane. Traffic officers are looking for reckless drivers and drivers who don’t wear their seatbelts as well as drunk drivers.

Drivers who plan to drink should therefore take extra precautions to make sure their evening doesn’t end with a trip to jail. Going to an event with a designated driver or calling a cab after a night of drinking can help drivers afford legal trouble. If a driver is arrested for DUI in Orlando, he or she should contact an attorney immediately. The Umansky Law Firm is a law firm to contact in this situation; every lawyer in this firm is dedicated to helping drivers who get into trouble because of drunk driving.

Florida law requires jail time for most drunk driving convictions, but attorney from the Umansky Law Firm can help drivers avoid this penalty. First offenders and other drunk drivers who are eager to make a change may qualify to enter rehab as an alternative to going to jail. If a driver doesn’t qualify for this special program, lawyers from the Umansky Law Firm may be able to reduce the number of days he or she has to spend in jail or get charges reduced so that the defendant doesn’t have to go to jail at all.

Be careful when navigating the streets of Orlando, Windermere, Altamonte Springs, Kissimmee, and other cities in central Florida this St. Patrick’s day weekend.  If you find yourself in an unfavorable situation facing possible DUI charges, know that the experienced attorneys at The Umansky Law Firm will have your back.  Give us a call at (407)228-3838.

Why You Don’t Want to be Drunk Driving in Orlando During St. Patrick’s Day