Repercussions of Criminal Charges for College Students in Florida

Repercussions of Criminal Charges for College Students in Florida

Repercussions of Criminal Charges for College Students in Florida

For many college students, leaving for school is their first time away from home and living independently. However, their newfound freedom often leads to experimentation and pushing boundaries. But what happens when you push the limit too far? A lapse in judgment can lead to long-term consequences that may throw a wrench in your plans.

Criminal charges for college students can have the same repercussions that any other person would face, and students may also face disciplinary action from their university. As a student, you may not know much about the process following a criminal charge. It may be in your best interest to hire a criminal defense attorney to assist you.

Academic Probation or Suspension

Each university has its policy on drug and alcohol use. However, it’s common for university officials to place students who violate these policies on academic probation. Students may also have to enroll in a drug and alcohol safety class, complete community service, or attend counseling. The type of drug, the amount, and repeat offenses may also affect the outcome. For repeat offenders, the university may suspend the student.

Student Aid Could Be Revoked

College is expensive, and many students rely on financial aid. If your conviction is a federal or state drug violation, your aid eligibility will be affected. Worse, if the sentence happens during the academic year, the government may rescind financial aid. You may even be responsible for returning any assistance you received during the load period. However, if you complete an approved rehabilitation program, you may be eligible to receive financial aid again.

Housing Issues

If you live in on-campus housing, you face the risk of being kicked out. Many campuses require students to sign a document agreeing to follow all U.S. laws and university policies. Most of these documents specify failure to abide by all rules can result in removal from university-sponsored housing. Being removed from campus housing could create a serious issue, especially if your college is far away from your hometown.

Criminal Charges Could Delay Your Graduation

For years, college students dream about the day they receive their degrees. However, being convicted of a criminal charge may indirectly delay your graduation. Jail time and probation can cause you to miss too many classes or force you to leave the university for some time. Depending on the charges, university officials may even withhold your graduation until you have completed sentencing.

Difficulty Getting into Graduate School

Most students plan a graduate program into their academic plans. However, graduate schools will ask if you’ve been convicted of a criminal offense on your application. Most schools will even run a background check. While a school may not outright turn you down for a prior conviction, a mark on your record might cause them to pass your application in favor of another student’s.

Why You Should Have an Attorney at University Hearings

Universities have different procedures and policies, and their hearings rarely follow the same timeline as a criminal case. For the most part, students do not have the same rights they would if questioned by police, like the right to remain silent, to not answer questions, or to due process when going through a university hearing.

Because of this, what you say can negatively affect you in your criminal case. A criminal defense attorney will be able to help you understand how to avoid accidentally incriminating yourself.

Consult Expert College Criminal Defense Attorneys in Central Florida

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Repercussions of Criminal Charges for College Students in Florida