How to Get Arrested for Attempting to Hire a Killer

How to Get Arrested for Attempting to Hire a Killer

People are arrested everyday for performing abnormal, illegal crimes, and on December 4, a 70 year old Jacksonville woman was arrested for requesting a murder-for-hire. This is out-of-the-ordinary to begin with, but the person the woman wanted killed was her daughter-in-law.

The senior approached an undercover agent and inquired about a murder-for-hire. She told the agent that she wanted her daughter-in-law killed because she drank too much and was a terrible mother. She allegedly gave the undercover agent a $500 deposit promising the balance after the deed was accomplished. The woman handed over the intended victim’s information, including name, picture and address, and scheduled the second meeting.

The undercover agent met the woman for the second time, supposedly to confirm any details, and she gave him $1,000. She also added that he could rob the victim as an extra benefit because the daughter-in-law wore expensive, diamond jewelry, and the killer-for-hire might like them as an added bonus.

The undercover murder-for-hire asked her in their discussion if she was sure murder was what she wanted, and she replied that if you don’t do it, I will!

This type of request is extremely abnormal, so officers think that she has some form of mental illness and a personality disorder, which is driving her to make extreme decisions. If she is off any prescribed medicines, this could also be affecting her murderous intentions, but all of these possibilities will be investigated in her defense.

She was arrested after the second meeting with the undercover officer and charged with two capital felony crimes: criminal solicitation and criminal conspiracy. A capital felony crime is punishable by execution. When the woman heard the severe charges, she asked for a criminal defense attorney as she should have.

Though this case appears cut and dried by soliciting a law officer, there are multiple factors that will be investigated on the woman’s behalf. Mental illness creates illusions in its victim’s minds, and the woman might not have been able to connect reality to fantasy. Everyone is entitled to a fair defense and their day in court.

How to Get Arrested for Attempting to Hire a Killer