Client 1–Client was charged with DUI. Client thought he wanted to go to trial until he reviewed the videos. After reviewing the video he realized trial was not a good option and accepted a deal with the State. Client’s biggest concern was having the time to do community service and pleading guilty so we were able to get the judge to allow a full buy out of those hours and accept a plea of no contest instead.

Client J.W–Client was involved in a crash and got arrested for her 3rd DUI. We were able to negotiate a non-jail resolution so client did not serve any jail time or have any community service. She only had to serve 12 months of probation and complete the DUI Classes. The careless driving ticket and the no proof of insurance ticket were both dismissed.

Client B.F–Client hired us for 2nd DUI within 5 years. This carries a mandatory minimum 10 days jail and a 5 year DL suspension. Client lives in North Carolina so doing jail in Florida and losing his license for that long was not an option. We filed a Motion to Suppress Evidence and before the hearing the State offered him the minimum 1st time DUI penalties which included no jail and only a 1 year license suspension. Client never has to come down to Florida since we were able to do a written plea and he is allowed mail in probation.

Client S.S–Client hired us to do a motion to modify a DWLS ticket she got in Sumter County. The court would not even give us a hearing on the matter and then issued an order denying our motion in chambers. I emailed client explaining the outcome.

Client K.C–Client came back to hire attorney for motion for early termination of probation after we handled his case the first time around. The court granted our motion so we were able to cut client’s probation down from 12 months to only 6 months!

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