4 Costumes That Are Sure to Get You Arrested this Halloween

4 Costumes That Are Sure to Get You Arrested this Halloween

Thinking of joining the many Americans who will be donning costumes this Halloween, well be careful what you wear or you’ll be spending All Hallows’ Eve in lock-up. That’s right, sporting the wrong garbs this Halloween may give your friendly neighborhood police officers probable cause to book you for a slew of reasons ranging from trademark infringement to public indecency. So, in order to avoid an unwanted arrest record this Halloween we here at the Umansky Law Firm have a few tips that should help you with picking an appropriate get-up that won’t get you thrown in the slammer.

1. Super-Heroes. 
From Times Square to L.A., individuals wearing super-hero costumes are being arrested for trademark infringement. Apparently, while it is not illegal to wear these costumes per se, it is illegal to make a buck off of the trademarked intellectual property of companies like Marvel and Disney. Furthermore, according to RAWJUSTICE.com, there have also been cases of individuals who were not pan-handling being arrested for the same reason. So, be careful where you get your picture taken because you could be accused of infringing on trademarked property.

2. Law Enforcement Officer. It may be true that some love a man/woman in uniform, but this Halloween we recommend that you skip over anything resembling a police officer or other government agent. Believe it or not, wearing such disguises will get you arrested and possibly charged with Impersonating a Government Agent: a 3rd degree felony.

3. Culturally Insensitive/Terrorist Costumes. This one is a no brainer. Given the sensitivity of this issue, to sport a costume that remotely resembles a “terrorist” is simply asking for trouble. Furthermore, wearing cultural costumes like “burqas” (traditional Muslim garb worn by women) may seem like a hilarious idea, but if your costume insights any sort of public backlash or uproar, you can be arrested for disturbing the peace. All we can say is just don’t do it.

4. Morally Questionable. Lastly, when deciding what costume you’ll wear this Halloween ask yourself some important questions: “is this costume a bit much? or not enough?”. Costumes that don’t leave enough to the imagination (like Niki Minaj’s infamous dominatrix outfit warning NSFW) will most definitely get you arrested for public indecency. Remember ladies (and gentlemen); while it may be a night to throw cares to the wind, it doesn’t give you license to show everything your mama gave ya’.

And so, this year when you are perusing the isles of your local costume shop keep in mind that what you wear this Halloween could possibly get you thrown in jail. However, should you remember these helpful tips then you will assuredly have yourself a fun and arrest-free All Hallows’ Eve.


4 Costumes That Are Sure to Get You Arrested this Halloween