A Recap of This Year’s Most Ridiculous St. Patrick’s Day Arrests

A Recap of This Year’s Most Ridiculous St. Patrick’s Day Arrests

It’s the day after St. Patrick’s Day and most people are still in recovery from a late night of Irish festivities and probably way too much green beer. Law enforcement is also taking a break after trying to maintain the peace these last several days, responding to all types of calls, from helping people passed out in the street to breaking up fights at the nearby McDonalds. Here is a recap of the most bizarre St. Patrick’s Day police encounters of 2015.

1) Headed For The Course

Two Teens were charged with theft after they stole a golf cart that was being used by police to patrol the area.

2) Just Keep Swimming

Two middle aged men from Georgia were arrested at a St. Patrick’s Day celebration after they stripped down and jumped into the Savannah River. However, after taking the plunge they struggled to swim in the strong current…The men were quickly helped from the water by Marine Patrol officers.

3) Kiss My Kilt

A Russian man was arrested in Moscow for reportedly “wearing a kilt in public” at a St. Patrick’s Day celebration on Saturday. According to several sources, the man was taken to the Arbat District Department of Internal Affairs.

4) St. Patty’s Day Police Radio Chatter

A man in Chicago ran a live-stream of every call that came over the police radio during St. Patrick’s Day in Wrigleyville this past weekend. Here are a few of the highlights:

3:21PM – “Cabbie says a woman vomited in his car and now she’s trying to get away without paying.”

4:07 PM – “An intoxicated woman banging her head on the concrete”

5:44 PM – “People are throwing valuable beer from the second floor of 3118 Sheffield.”

9:00 PM – “An unknown white male wearing a green tuxedo shirt and a green top hat is on her back porch and it’s supposed to be a secured area!”

9:41 PM – A “very drunk man” threatening the street musician at Broadway and Diversey. “He’s picking up the instruments and throwing them” at the victim.

11:16 AM – Walgreens reports a person passed out in their bathroom. Officer arrived and reported, “You’re not going to believe this, but this is a leftover from yesterday’s festivities.” They were transported to the local hospital.

A Recap of This Year’s Most Ridiculous St. Patrick’s Day Arrests