July 4th DUI Checkpoints

July 4th weekend is a fun time for many of us. We get together for family reunions, picnics, fireworks, parades and celebrate the ideals upon which our country was founded upon. We also get a well needed vacation day! What we do not need is a DUI arrest!

As part of the July 4th tradition, alcohol is often involved and drunk driving arrests during the July 4thweekend spike a lot. Please remember to not drink and drive. Orange, Seminole and Osceola County Deputy Sheriffs along with the Florida Highway Patrol will be on vigilant patrol for drunk drivers. Local police agencies such as the Orlando Police Department, Winter Park, Windermere, Lake Mary and Maitland are sure to also be on higher alert for drunk drivers. In fact, DUI checkpoints are very common during this weekend so don’t be surprised if one is set up in your neighborhood.

Take it from DUI lawyers who practice criminal law, if you are going out and plan on having a drink, bring a designated driver or hire a taxi. A DUI is a costly proposition and you do not want to end up with a license suspension and a conviction resulting in fines, counseling, probation, attorney fees, community service, alcohol classes, investigation costs, ignition interlock and other penalties. Additionally, penalties for these cases have increased over the past year and the DMV charges higher reinstatement fees for licenses and your insurance will surely go up as you will be labeled by them as a high risk driver.

So have fun, stay safe and avoid drinking and driving this holiday weekend!