Settlement Without Sustaining Permanent Injury

Recently, Attorney Chris Kaigle with The Umansky Law Firm represented an individual on a personal injury case. He was treated by a doctor for a particular period of time, but after the treatment was done, the doctor said that he didn’t sustain a permanent injury. What’s interesting about that is that in the state of Florida, in order to recover from pain, suffering and future pain and suffering, you have to sustain permanent injury and you have to have a medical provider sign off. There is a permanent injury within a reasonable degree of medical probability. The client didn’t have that in this case, although he did sustain over $10,000 dollars worth of medical bills. He also lost his vehicle and he was in pain every single day. Negotiating with an insurance company in that circumstance was difficult, because they know that he didn’t sustain a permanent injury, according to the doctor. So, they know they’re not ultimately responsible for any pain and suffering, or future pain and suffering. What the personal injury attorneys at The Umansky Law Firm first did was calculate his total outstanding medical bills, because in Florida you’re at least entitled to your out of pocket expenses.

Mr. Kaigle spoke with the insurance company; he told them the situation and he argued with the insurance company over what the insurance company was going to be willing to pay. His total medical expenses were only about $3,000 dollars, but ultimately, Mr. Kaigle got the insurance company up another 25 percent, which was in excess of what they were responsible for. Then, Mr. Kaigle was able to negotiate the medical bills down and finally put more money in the client’s pocket to compensate him appropriately.