DWLS Diversion Program in Orange County

Driving while license suspended (DWLS) is a common charge in the state of Florida. The DWLS Diversion Program in Orange County was created to help reduce criminal justice system costs that can be better spent elsewhere. It also seeks to help those who are unfairly impacted by poverty or insufficient means to take care of fines and fees related to driving charges and offenses.

The criminal defense attorneys at the Umansky Law Firm are experienced in helping clients who qualify seek acceptance into Orange County’s DWLS Diversion Program. This program can help those charged with DWLS receive education on how to obtain an active driver’s license, decrease the total amount of fines and fees they owe, become eligible for employment, reduce the risks associated with unlicensed and uninsured motorists, and decrease recidivism.

What Are the General Eligibility Requirements for the DWLS Diversion Program?

In order to qualify for participation in this program, an individual’s driver’s license must have been suspended because of the following monetary reasons: Failed to Pay Traffic Fines/Penalty/Tolls or Criminal — Failure to Pay. Charges that are not due to financial reasons that are thus ineligible for this program include those cases related to crashes, personal injury or death, or property damage as well as driving under the influence (DUI).

There is no automatic guarantee of acceptance into the DWLS Diversion Program. Each situation is reviewed on its own merits and decided separately from other cases. License suspensions due to failure to pay child support or out-of-county charges that are the sole basis for qualification may also not successfully qualify.

Having participated in a diversion program in the past won’t automatically disqualify an individual from the DWLS Diversion Program. With that said, however, those who have participated in this specific program within the past six months will most likely not qualify.

What Should I Know about Level 1 of the DWLS Diversion Program?

Level 1 of the Orange County DWLS Diversion Program applies to those who are financially able to handle their outstanding fees and fines related to their charges. They should also be eligible for a valid license before the first court hearing scheduled after their arrest or citation.

Those who wish to qualify for Level 1 of this program must not be under any active suspension of their license and should already have a valid license when they appear at their first court hearing. Their case will be dismissed by the State so long as they can demonstrate they possess a current driver’s license.

What Should I Know about Level 2 of the DWLS Diversion Program?

Level 2 of this program applies to those who lack the ability to repair their outstanding debts, currently have their licenses suspended, and will not be able to have their licenses reinstated before their first scheduled court hearing. They must be willing to participate in a six-month program that will assist in the repayment of their outstanding fines and fees as well as receive a valid driver’s license.

Participants of Level 2 of the DWLS Diversion Program who comply with the required payments and obtain valid driver’s licenses by their 6-month Status Hearing will have their charges dismissed. Those who comply with their payments but have not obtained a valid license will be offered alternative methods of case resolution by the State. Those who have not complied at all are presumably revoked from the Diversion Program and their cases are reset for trial.

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