Stealing From a Construction Site

Zahra Umansky had a case where the client was alleged to commit a grand theft of property that was a construction site. The first defense this was that it was abandoned property, this was not thrown out, it’s construction site. And we hired a private investigator to work with us, to take photographs of that area, to show the prosecutor. Once the prosecutor saw our photographs, he realized that quality of our photographs was much better than the photographs admitted by law enforcement, and I really show our client’s defense that he did not committed this theft. They believed they were earnest in their capacity, and they had no intention on committing a crime of theft against the owners of the alleged construction site. Nevertheless, they were faced with some fairly severe charges regardless of their initial intentions.

And based on our photographs, that we’ve submitted, we were successful in getting felony charges dismissed against our client. So, it’s very important to hire an attorney very early on in your case, as well as some cases hire the private investigator to work with us, to show the prosecutor your defense and gets the best result. Private investigators have the ability to gather evidence that an attorney wouldn’t typically be able to garner on their own. This kind of evidence bolsters the defense for the client, eventually earning them a higher chance of getting whatever pending case reduced or completely dismissed. So, please feel free to call the Umansky law firm at 407-228-3838.