Criminal Case Results

Lewd & lascivious on childD being investigated for child molestation. Case with sao now. Volusia ctyVolusia10/30/21
2021-CT-002690 / Polk / Bob Grode10/29/21
2021CT002693 / Polk / Bob Grode10/29/21
2021CT002695 / Polk / Bob Grode10/29/21
2021-TR-021081 / Polk10/29/21
Risk protection order denied. Insufficient evidence to establish by clear and convincing evidence that client was a risk to himself or others. Had all witnesses testify at hearing.2021-MH-002539-0000-XX / Polk / Reinaldo Ojeda10/29/21
Domestic BatteryClient charged with Battery. Criminal charges were dropped against Client but case was still a public record. Attorney Zahra Umansky successfully expunged Client's case so that it is no longer a public record. Attorney Zahra Umansky was able to expunge Client's record without Client having to go back to Court.2020MM002059 / Joe Boatwright10/28/21
21-CF-010220-A / Hillsborough / Scott Farr10/28/21
Pled. ag + cts sentence (35 days). $74.32 cost of investigation to the Polk Sheriff's office, $50 cost of prosecution. Good deal, since I negotiated an identical sentence on the VOP that this case violated. Overall, client was immediately released from jail on the violation of probation for credit for time served (I arranged this within days of being hired) and I convinced the county court attorney to simply give him credit for the time he sat in jail for the same days that he was there on the violation of probation with no new probationary term and no additional sanctions.2021-MM-005533-A000-BA / Polk / Stacie L. Kaylor10/28/21
Did client consultation started prepping case. This morning another counsel substituted in and took over / is taking over the defense, presumably as they can handle the injunction hearing (I have a scheduling conflict).2021-CF-002558-A / Seminole / Donna McIntosh10/28/21
unemployment fraudClient retained us in 2017 for a 2013 warrant he had out for a felony fraud case. He was placed on probation and then came back to hire us again 4 years later and we were able to convince the judge to let him off probation early.2013-CF-002262-A-O / Orange / Tarlika Nunez-Navarro10/28/21
2021-TR-152214-A-O / Orange /10/28/21
2021-CT-000334-A-E / Orange / Eric H. DuBois10/28/21
2021-MM-006230-A-O / Orange / Jeanette Dejuras Bigney10/28/21
Driving under the influence carPLEA: NOLO CONTENDRE

2008-CT-0002589-W / Orange / Faye L. Allen10/28/21
2021-CT-001071 / Osceola / Stefania C. Jancewicz10/28/21
Criminal Mischieffelony criminal mischief charge still pending against D at Osceola County SAO. prefile expired2021-KF-583 / Osceola10/28/21
2021-CT-007075-A-O / Orange / David P. Johnson10/28/21
2020-CF-12524-B-O (consolidated from 2020-CF-012525-A-O) / Orange / Denise Kim Beamer10/28/21
2021-MM-005752-AXXX-XX / Lake / Jason Nimeth10/27/21
2021-100890-CFDL / Volusia / James Clayton10/27/21
2021-101444-CFDL / Volusia / James Clayton10/27/21
2021-100126-MMDL / Volusia / James Clayton10/27/21
2021-CF-001084-A-O / Orange / Elaine A. Barbour10/27/21
2021-CF-013110-A-O / Orange / Chad K Alvaro10/27/21
2021-CF-005853-A-O / Orange / Chad K Alvaro10/27/21
cannot finish expunge bc D as prior conviction for LSOA - received FDLE rejection letter2000-CF-017056-A-O / Orange / Chad K Alvaro10/27/21
Nolle ProsequiNolle Prosequi2020-CF-012524-A-O / Orange / Denise Kim Beamer10/27/21
2021-TR-026183-AXXX-XX / Brevard / David Silverman10/26/21
2021-TR-145301-A-O / Orange / David P. Johnson10/26/21
2021-CT-001042-A-E / Orange / David P. Johnson10/26/21
2015-CF-001814-A / Seminole / Melissa Souto10/26/21
2021-CF-048190 / Brevard / Tesha Ballou10/26/21
422021CF001600CFAXXX / Marion / Steven G. Rogers10/26/21
2018CF002367 / Marion10/26/21
2021-CT-001609-AXMX / Sumter / Paul Militello10/26/21
Domestic BatteryClient found guilty after a trial by jury. Adjudication of guilt, 12 months probation, batter's intervention program, no contact with the victim, 20 hours community service2020MM002230A / Seminole / Wayne Culver10/26/21
2021-CT-016035-AXXX-XX / Brevard / David Silverman10/26/21
2021-MM-000302-A-W / Orange / Evellen Jewett10/26/21
2021-TR-123252-A-O / Orange10/26/21
Client pled to amended charge alcohol related reckless, FTOP program.
w/h + 9 months probation 50 acs (may buy out), $100 fine, cost of pros, cost of inv,, 10 days impoundment, $400 donation to kids house, DUICAS, victim impact class.
2021CT002328A / Seminole / Wayne Culver10/26/21
2021-CJ-001351-A-O / Orange / Michael Murphy10/25/21
Case was "theft" of condominium paperwork when manager refused to do a walk-through. Arrest was stupid. Contacted ASA and explained what happened, state filed dismissal.2021-MM-310133 / Volusia / Judith Campbell10/25/21
2021-CF-046434-AXXX-XX / Brevard / Charles G Crawford10/25/21
2020 MM 000435 / Osceola / Christine E. Arendas10/25/21
Felony TrespassClient was being investigated by the Orange County Sheriff's Office for 2 cases (felony & misdemeanor trespassing charges). Attorney Zahra Umansky contacted the prosecutor's office and gave weekly updates to the Client regarding the prefile investigation. Client was not charged with any crimes, and the prosecutor's office closed out both cases!Orange10/25/21
2021 CF 003087 / Osceola / Mikaela Nix-Walker10/25/21
2021-MM-006706-A-O / Orange / Martha C. Adams10/25/21
2021-CF-003808-A-O / Orange / Tarlika Nunez-Navarro10/25/21
2021-MM-007286-A-O / Orange /Adam McGinnis10/25/21
2021-MM-007527-A-O / Orange / Martha C. Adams10/25/21
2021-CT-003287-A / Seminole / James Dekleva10/22/21
2021-CT-003551-A-O / Orange / Andrew L. Cameron10/22/21
Case dismissed! (No Information)

Case was clear stand-your-ground, police got quick to arrest on a DV charge that never happened.
2021-CF-002219-A / Seminole / Marlene Alva10/22/21
2021-CF-006480-A-O / Orange / Elaine A. Barbour10/22/21
2021-MM-005610 / Lake / Emily Curington10/22/21
2021-CT-002028 / Osceola / Hal C. Epperson, Jr.10/22/21
2021-TR-026439 / Osceola / Hal C. Epperson, Jr.10/22/21
2021-CF-004270-A-O / Orange / Tanya Davis Wilson10/22/21
2021-CF-013532-A-O / Orange / Mark S. Blechman10/22/21
2021-CF-013344-A-O / Orange / Tarlika Nunez-Navarro10/22/21
2021-CT-005265-A000-BA / Polk / Robert Griffin10/21/21
2021-MM-005497-A000-BA / Polk / Robert Griffin10/21/21
2021-TR-024940-A-W / Orange10/21/21
DUIClient hired us for 2nd DUI within 5 years. This carries a mandatory minimum 10 days jail and a 5 year DL suspension. Client lives in North Carolina so doing jail in Florida and losing his license for that long was not an option. We filed a Motion to Suppress Evidence and before the hearing the State offered him the minimum 1st time DUI penalties which included no jail and only a 1 year license suspension. Client never has to come down to Florida since we were able to do a written plea and he is allowed mail in probation.2021 301847 MMDB / Volusia / Bryan Feigenbaum10/21/21
2020-CF- / Lake10/21/21
2021-CF-000092-A-O / Orange / Tarlika Nunez-Navarro10/20/21
2021-TR-028444-0001-XX / Polk10/20/21
2020-MM-005113-A-O / Orange / Evellen Jewett10/20/21
2021CT000456A / Polk / Bob Grode10/20/21
2021CF003509A000XX / Polk / Melissa Gravitt10/20/21
2020-CF-000747AOOOXX / Polk / Melissa Gravitt10/20/21
2021-MM-007305-A-O / Orange / Martha C. Adams10/20/21
2021-CF-006188-A-O / Orange / Chad K Alvaro10/20/21
2021-CF-002067A / Seminole / Melanie Chase10/20/21
2021-CF-002342-AXXX-XX / Lake / G. Richard Singeltary10/20/21
2021 100484 CFDL / Volusia / Dawn Nichols10/20/21
2021 100483 CFDL / Volusia / Dawn Nichols10/20/21
2021-CT-005634-AXXX-XX / Lake / Jason Nimeth10/20/21
2021-TR-021880-AXXX-XX / Lake / Jason Nimeth10/20/21
2021-MM-006190-MM-AXXX / Marion / Thomas P. Thompson III10/20/21
2021-TR-038425-0001-XX / Polk / Robert Griffin10/20/21
2021-TR-038427-0001-XX / Polk / Robert Griffin10/20/21
2021-TR-038430-0001-XX / Polk / Robert Griffin10/20/21
2021 101066 MMDL / Volusia / Christopher Kelly10/20/21
2021-MM-000695-A-W / Orange / Adam McGinnis10/20/21
2021-MM-006652-A-O / Orange / Adam McGinnis10/20/21
Client hired us to do a motion to modify a DWLS ticket she got in Sumter County. The court would not even give us a hearing on the matter and then issued an order denying our motion in chambers. I emailed client explaining the outcome.2020TR009842 / Sumter10/20/21
Client came back to hire attorney for motion for early termination of probation after we handled his case the first time around. The court granted our motion so we were able to cut client's probation down from 12 months to only 6 months!492019CF004301XXXAXX / Osceola / Keith A. Carsten10/20/21
2021-CF-004822-A-O / Orange / Tanya Davis Wilson10/19/21
2021-TR-004218 / Orange10/19/21
2021-CT-00421-A-E / Orange / Martha C. Adams10/19/21
2021-CF-003583 / Orange /Chad K Alvaro10/19/21
1. CR-PETIT THEFT Statute: 812.014(3)(A) Second Degree - MisdAdjudication Witheld2002-MM-001229-A-W / Orange10/19/21
Driving in left lane while being overtakenWithhold of adjudication, so no points will be added to the licenses, statutory fine and costs.2021 TR 033510 / Osceola10/19/21
2021-CF-PENDING / Osceola10/19/21
2021-MM-007107-A-O / Orange / Wayne J. Shoemaker10/18/21
2021-MM-001227 / Osceola / Stefania C. Jancewicz10/18/21
2020-CF-013724-A-O / Orange / Elaine A. Barbour10/18/21
2021-MM-007014-A-O / Orange / Wayne J. Shoemaker10/18/21
BATTERY (DOMESTIC VIOLENCE)NOLLE PROSSED2020-308897-MMDB / Volusia / David H. Foxman10/18/21
2021-CF-013457-A-O / Orange / Renee A. Roche10/18/21
2021-TR-140641-A-O / Orange / David P. Johnson10/18/21
2021-CT-001036-A-E / Orange / Adam McGinnis10/18/21
2020CT002353A / Seminole / James Dekleva10/18/21
2021-TR-010816-A-E / Orange10/18/21
2021TR0328240001XX / Polk10/18/21
Expired driver's license more than 6 monthsClient was charged with having an Expired Driver's License for more than 6 months. Client was unable to renew his driver's license because of immigration issues. Attorney Zahra Umansky advised the prosecutor of this. Attorney Zahra Umansky was able to get the prosecutor to dismiss the criminal charge and instead issue the client only a civil traffic ticket.2021-CT-001072-A-W / Orange / Eric H. DuBois10/18/21
2021-CT-006662-A-O / Orange / Faye L. Allen10/18/21
File closed due to nonpayment2018-CF-015195-A-O / Orange / Patricia L. Strowbridge10/18/21
2021-MM-002608-XXX-AXX / Osceola / Hal C. Epperson, Jr.10/18/21
2021CF004977 / Polk / Michael P. McDaniel10/18/21
Student was given a level 4 referral and removed from school for 180 school days. We were able to convince the school board to modify the removal time period from 180 days to only 90 days which is only one semester rather than a full school year.Orange10/18/21
reckless driving (alc. related)Client was charged with DUI. We were able to resolve her DUI case with a Reckless Driving and no criminal conviction. She was able to keep her license and avoid the costly interlock device in her vehicle.2021CT002040A / Seminole / James Dekleva10/18/21
DV BatteryClient hired us for a DV Battery case. We filed our appearance on the case and reached out to the State. The State dropped the charges within a week.2021-MM-045125-AXXX-XX / Brevard / Kenneth Friedland10/18/21
2021-CT-000995-A-E / Orange / Andrew L. Cameron10/15/21
Petit TheftClient was charged with over $500 in Petit theft/shoplifting from Walmart. Attorney Zahra Umansky was successful in getting client into a diversion program where client never had to appear in Court, and criminal case was completely dismissed!2020-MM-007967-A-O / Orange / Adam McGinnis10/15/21
2021-CF-01207-A-O / Orange / Renee A. Roche10/15/21
2021-CT-002720 / Osceola / Hal C. Epperson, Jr.10/15/21
2021-CF-002891 / Osceola / Tom Young10/15/21
Nol Pros (case dismissed); diversion program in Polk County successfully completed.2021MM000743A / Polk / Robert Fegers10/15/21
2021-MM-002637 / Polk / Hope Pattey10/15/21
Possession of more than 20 grams of marijuanaClient was arrested with a large group of other people for drug related charges. The client was not in possession of any drugs and had no knowledge that the drugs were in his friend's house. I was able to convince the State of this and they dismissed all charges before even filing formal charges.2021-305023-CFDB / Volusia / Sandra C Upchurch10/15/21
2017-CF-000513-AXXX-XX / Lake / Larry Metz10/15/21
Resisting Arrest Without ViolenceClient was charged with Resisting an Officer Without Violence. Client had an outstanding warrant for his arrest. Attorney Zahra Umansky prepared a Motion to Dismiss and contacted the prosecutor immediately. Attorney Zahra Umansky was able to get the prosecutor to dismiss the case the same day as the Client hired! Therefore, the Client avoided turning himself in on the outstanding warrant and getting an arrest record!2020-MM-000124-A-A / Orange / Evellen Jewett10/15/21
2019-CF-003386 / Lake / Heidi Davis10/14/21
2021-CT-006820-A-O / Orange / David P. Johnson10/14/21
21-NF-1636 / Orange10/14/21
2021 CF 000461 / Flagler / Terence R. Perkins10/14/21
2021-CT-001625-A / Seminole / Mark Herr10/14/21
2021-CF-011637-A-O / Orange / Elaine A. Barbour10/14/21
2021-CF-006329-A-O / Orange / Elaine A. Barbour10/14/21
Count 1. TRESPASS-OTHER THAN STR/COV. (REF. LEAVE) (M1)Nolle Prosequi2019-MM-000863-A-W / Orange / David P. Johnson10/14/21
2021-MM-002419 / Osceola / Stefania C. Jancewicz10/14/21
2021-MM-PENDING / Orange10/14/21
2021-CT-002034-A-O / Orange / Jeanette Dejuras Bigney10/14/21
NVDLClient was facing another DWLS that would have kept him with an HTO status. We were able to withdraw one of his prior DWLS convictions and remove the HTO revocation as well as provide a road map of how to obtain a valid DL. Client's charge was amended to a NVDL. He received a W/H and CC as a sentence. He was originally looking at 10 days of jail and another DWLS conviction when he hired us.2021CT000974A / Seminole / Mark Herr10/14/21
DV InjunctionCase was presented before Judge Kraynick. Court did not find sufficient evidence and denied the injunction against our client who was the respondent.2021-DR-3450-DV / Osceola / Michael Kraynick10/14/21
BatteryClient charged with Battery on amusement park employee. Client was on vacation visiting Florida. Initial plea offer from prosecutor was probation. However, Attorney Zahra Umansky contacted the prosecutor and was able to get case completely dismissed!2021 MM 001660 / Osceola / Hal C. Epperson, Jr.10/14/21
2021 308045 MMDB / Volusia / David H. Foxman10/14/21
2021-CJ-000342-A-O / Orange / Jenifer M. Harris10/13/21
2021-CT-002715 / Osceola / Hal C. Epperson, Jr.10/13/21
2021-CT-002714 / Osceola / Hal C. Epperson, Jr.10/13/21
2021-TR-039987 / Osceola / Hearing Officer10/13/21
2021MM002937 / Seminole / Debra L. Krause10/13/21
2021MM002898A / Seminole / Wayne Culver10/13/21
Disorderly ConductClient allowed a co-worker and her family to move in with her while they were between homes. It took the client over a year to get them evicted. During the evection process, an argument began between the client and her co-worker's spouse. The argument turned physical and the client struck the "victim." The co-worker and her family then had the client arrested for battery and tried to take possession of the house as a condition of the client's pre-trial release. At the initial appearance I was able to successfully argue that it was the client's house and the "victim" was trespassing so the client could keep her home. As the case progressed I learned there was a video of the physical argument that the "victim" had in their possession that they had not turned over to the State. I was able to force the State to get that video. The video showed the physical contact was not everything the State thought. With the video I was able to get the State to drop the battery charges and we resolved the case to a disorderly conduct and no conviction, and a promise from the State to charge the "victim" with the same charges.2020-MM-001361 / Hernando / Kristie Healis10/13/21
2021-CF-005269-A-O / Orange / Bob LeBlanc10/13/21
2021-CT-002766-A / Seminole / John L. Woodard10/13/21
05-2012-CF-051368-BXXX-XX / Brevard / Tesha Ballou10/12/21
21MM006046AX / Marion / Robert Edward Landt10/12/21
2021 100451 CFDL / Volusia / James Clayton10/12/21
2020 102117 CFDL / Volusia / James Clayton10/12/21
2021 100448 CFDL / Volusia / James Clayton10/12/21
Operating on the wrong side of the roadwayCitation merged and dismissed as part of the plea in the companion criminal case.2021-TR-067977-A-O / Orange / Steve Jewett10/12/21
Driving Under the InfluenceClient was charged with DUI enhanced with a breath test of more than 3 times the legal limit. After negotiations with the State, I was able to resolve the case to a first time DUI, non-enhanced. This cut the fine in half, removed a mandatory ignition interlock device from having to be placed on the vehicle, and reduced the mandatory DL suspension in half.

Client was placed on probation for 12 months, ordered to complete DUI School and Victim Impact Panel, complete 100 hours of community service with the ability to buy out 25 hours, and pay standard fine and court costs.
2021-CT-003624-A-O / Orange / Steve Jewett10/12/21
2020-CF-001717-AXXX-XX / Lake / Heidi Davis10/12/21
2021MM002940A / Seminole / Mark Herr10/12/21
35-2021-CT-005553-AXXX-XX / Lake / Emily Curington10/12/21
2021 TR 019592 / Osceola10/12/21
2021 TR 019595 / Osceola10/12/21
2021-CF-002471-AXXX-XX / Lake / Larry Metz10/12/21
2021-MM-003009-A-O / Orange / Wayne J. Shoemaker10/11/21
DUIClient hit an off duty police officer's car in a grass parking lot after watching the shuttle launch with a BAC of .16. Client lives in SC and was just down here for vacation and did not want to have to come back to FL to resolve case. We were able to negotiate a lesser DUI charge with a stipulated lower breath score so client would not have to get an interlock device installed and get permission for her to do mail in probation and enter a plea via video.2020-CT-050115-AXXX-XX / Brevard / Judith Atkin10/11/21
2021 TR 040901 / Osceola10/11/21
2021-MM-PENDING / Orange10/11/21
2021-DR-011896-O / Orange10/11/21
DUI, cannabis, paraphernaliaClient was arrested for DUI, possession of cannabis, and drug paraphernalia. Client received the minimum penalties but a withhold on the cannabis charge so she would not lose her license.2021-MM-001152-AXXX-XX / Lake / Jason Nimeth10/11/21
05-2021-CT-044089-AXXX-XX / Brevard / Aaron J. Peacock10/11/21
2021-MM-000324-A-W / Orange / Eric H. DuBois10/11/21
2021MM003206A / Seminole / Mark Herr10/10/21
2021-MM-000237-A-O / Orange / Andrew L. Cameron10/8/21
35-2021-MM-005268-AXXX-XX / Lake / Emily Curington10/8/21
Improper Exhibition of a Dangerous WeaponClient was charged with Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon (knife) and Battery. Client has to have special clearance to work at the port loading cruise ships and cargo ships. If the client resolved his case to the aggravated battery case he would not be pass the background check to keep his job. After negotiations with the State I was able to resolve his case to a misdemeanor charge of improper exhibition of a dangerous weapon. He received a withhold of adjudication, 12 months probation, and an anger management class.2019-CF-038317-AXXX-XX / Brevard / Samuel Bookhardt III10/8/21
2021-CF-005665-A-O / Orange / Bob LeBlanc10/8/21
2019CF003521A000XX / Polk / Donald Jacobsen10/8/21
2021-TR-127408-A-O / Orange10/8/21
2021 CF 002763 / Osceola / Tom Young10/7/21
2021-CF-007013-A-O / Orange / Wayne C. Wooten10/7/21
2021-CF-007012-A-O / Orange / Renee A. Roche10/7/21
2021-CF-012383-A-O / Orange / Luis F. Calderon10/7/21
2021 CF 002821 / Osceola / Mikaela Nix-Walker10/7/21
2020-CF-002011-C-O / Orange / Patricia L. Strowbridge10/7/21
Pled client at VOP arraignment to get him out of jail. ag + 30 days jail with credit for 35 days time served, $100 cost of prosecution.2020-CF-006622-A000XX / Polk / Emergency Judge10/6/21
2021-CF-011973-A-O / Orange / Luis F. Calderon10/6/21
2021-CF-0001580-A-O / Orange / Chad K Alvaro10/6/21
2021-TR-128657-A-O / Orange / Jeanette Dejuras Bigney10/6/21
2021-CJ-001073 / Orange10/6/21
reckless driving (alc. related)Client hired us for his 2nd DUI. We were able to negotiate a Reckless Driving on his behalf despite the State initially refusing to reduce the charge because his first DUI was also reduced to Reckless Driving. When the State initially said no we pointed out how well client appeared on video. Once the State reviewed the video and saw what we saw, they agreed to reduce the charge.2021-MM-002014-AXXX-XX / Lake / Emily Curington10/6/21
driving on wrong side of the roadDismissed per plea to CT.2021-TR-007724-AXXX-XX / Lake / Emily Curington10/6/21
failure to obey traffic deviceDismissed per plea to CT.2021-TR-007727-AXXX-XX / Lake / Emily Curington10/6/21
2020-MM-033762-AXXX-XX / Brevard / Katie Jacobus10/5/21
35-2021-CF-000667-AXXX-XX / Lake / James Baxley10/5/21
05-2021-CT-031801-AXXX-XX / Brevard / Judith Atkin10/5/21
2021-CT-006074-A-O / Orange / Jeanette Dejuras Bigney10/5/21
05-2021-MM-040301-AXXX-XX / Brevard10/5/21
2021CT002701A / Seminole / Wayne Culver10/5/21
2021-CT-000657-A-E / Orange / Faye L. Allen10/5/21
2020-CF-009654-A-O / Orange / Renee A. Roche10/5/21
Petit TheftClient is juvenile accused of petit theft/shoplifting from Kohls. Attorney Zahra Umansky was successful in getting client into a teen court program to get the criminal charges dismissed. Now the client will be eligible for a juvenile expunction as well!2019-CJ-001041 / Osceola / Laura Shaffer10/4/21
Ex-girlfriend claimed he threw her phone in the lake. No evidence to support the accusation beyond her claiming it did. Took case to trial, but State dismissed the charges two days before the trial. Case should never have been filed in the first place.2021-MM-003292-A-O / Orange / Eric H. DuBois10/4/21
2021-MM-006037-A-O / Orange / Martha C. Adams10/4/21
2021-CT-005810-A-O / Orange / Andrew L. Cameron10/4/21
2019MM002218 / Polk / Bob Grode10/4/21
XXXXXXX / Alachua / Wayne C. Wooten10/4/21
2021-TR-006904-A-E / Orange /10/4/21
Leaving the Scene of an Accident with Serious Bodily InjuryAdmit VOP, Probation revoked and terminated, adjudicated guilty, credit time served. Client was facing 15 years in prison. With this resolution, he has avoided prison.2015-CF-006292-A-O / Orange / Tanya Davis Wilson10/4/21
2021-CF-012619-A-O / Orange / Patricia L. Strowbridge10/4/21
35-2021-CT-005294-AXXX-XX / Lake / Jason Nimeth10/4/21
2021-CF-012618-A-O / Orange / Renee A. Roche10/4/21
2021-TR-020699-AXXX-XX / Lake / Jason Nimeth10/4/21
2021-TR-020698-AXXX-XX / Lake / Jason Nimeth10/4/21
2016-CF-002491 / Lake / Larry Metz10/4/21
2021-MO-000761-A-O / Orange10/4/21
prefile - 21-NF-001179 / Orange10/4/21
2021-CT-002359A / Seminole / Wayne Culver10/4/21
Aggravated Battery with a Deadly Weapon (VOP)Client violated his probation by leaving his out patient drug treatment center without permission. This was his second violation of probation. Under the scoresheet he scored a minimum of 44 months in prison. After negations with the State I was able to resolve his case to 24 months prison, to be served at an in patient treatment center instead of a prison.2020-CF-000944 / Osceola / Tom Young10/4/21
Written Threats to Kill, VOPClient violated his probation by leaving his out patient drug treatment center without permission. This was his second violation of probation. Under the scoresheet he scored a minimum of 44 months in prison. After negations with the State I was able to resolve his case to 24 months prison, to be served at an in patient treatment center instead of a prison.2020-CF-000945 / Osceola / Tom Young10/4/21
Driving While License SuspendedDismissed as part of the plea in the criminal case.2021-TR-099578-A-O / Orange10/4/21
2021-CT-005246-A-O / Orange / Steve Jewett10/4/21
Client called police after scratching her boyfriend. She was arrested, but boyfriend declined to press charges. No Information notice from state, charges dismissed.2021-MM-0069582-A-O / Orange / Wayne J. Shoemaker10/4/21
2021CF000797A / Seminole / Marlene Alva10/4/21
2021 304326 CFDB / Volusia / Raul Zambrano10/4/21
2021-CF-005763-A-O / Orange / Bob LeBlanc10/4/21
VOPCourt granted our MTW.2017MM002659A / Polk / Stacie L. Kaylor10/1/21
2021-CT-001644-A-W / Orange / Martha C. Adams10/1/21
Petit TheftClient was arrested for shoplifting/petit theft. Attorney Zahra Umansky was able to get client into diversion program so that Client did not have to show up to Court at all, and charges were completely dismissed.2021-MM-000802-A-O / Orange / Steve Jewett10/1/21
No Valid DLClient was charged with driving on a suspended license. If convicted of this his driver's licenses would have been suspended for 5 years as a habitual traffic offender. I was able to help the client find out why his license was suspended, and help him with the steps to reinstate it. Once it was reinstated, I was able to negotiate with the State to amend the charge to no valid driver's license charge so his license would not be suspended again.2021-CT-014812-AXXX-XX / Brevard / Kenneth Friedland10/1/21
Client's girlfriend was very drunk as they left a bar, but client charged the bouncer when he shot client a bird as they were leaving. Charged under a municipal ordinance. City prosecutor dismissed charges early at our request when diversion completed early2021-MO-000761-A-O / Orange / Eric H. DuBois10/1/21
We never signed this case up. Closing in filevine2021-MM-002525-A-O / Orange / Wayne J. Shoemaker10/1/21
I convinced the State to dismiss the charges. Client had the car with permission, facts were unusual.2021-CT-002289-A-O / Orange / Adam McGinnis10/1/21
2021-CF-002300-A-O / Orange / Tarlika Nunez-Navarro10/1/21
DWLSWhen client hired us he had 3 open criminal cases for driving on a suspended license from 3 different arrests. We were able to help client get his license validated. For this case, we presented the valid license to the court and the case was dismissed.2020-CT-004111-A-O / Orange / Eric H. DuBois10/1/21
2021-TR-041404 / Seminole10/1/21
2021-TR-042062 / Seminole / Charles Cino10/1/21
2021-MM-000740-A / Citrus / Mark J. Yerman10/1/21
2021-CF-030421-AXXX-XX / Brevard / David C. Koenig10/1/21
05-2018-CF-048360 / Brevard / David C. Koenig10/1/21
Child NeglectThis was a very tragic media case. Client was arrested for leaving her children at home unsupervised while she went to the store. Her children were then taken from her by DCF. DCF placed her 6 month old baby into foster care where he was tragically killed. That woman is also being prosecuted for the death of client's child. Client hired us after being represented by the public defender for over a year with no results. Her bond was then revoked on this case in June 2021 and she knew she needed to hire private counsel. We were retained and 3 weeks later we worked out a deal for client to be released from jail on 2 years of probation with early termination possible after 1 year. All client has to do is take a parenting class which has already been compeleted and pay a $150 fine. While client was in jail, she was housed with the woman who killed her baby. No she is finally out of custody and ready to move on from these allegations.2020-CF-016031-AXXX-XX / Brevard / Tesha Ballou8/31/2021
Fleeing/Eluding, Accessory After the Fact, Contributing to Delinquency of a MinorClient charged with Aggravated Fleeing/Eluding (mandatory felony conviction and 3 year DL suspension if pled or found guilty), Accessory After the Fact to a Violent F2, and Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor. Client was alleged to have driven vehicle away from occupied residence after other passenger shot out of the car and then fled police. After breaking down the body camera footage we convinced the State to dismiss the Fleeing/Eluding for a plea to the other charges and no criminal conviction whatsoever. Client merely has to serve 18 months probation and surrender her license for 6 months, no objection to a hardship license.2020-CF-002783 / Osceola / Mikaela Nix-Walker8/31/2021
SpeedingCitation was dismissed as part of a plea agreement. Client's criminal case was amended to a civil infraction. He did not receive any points on his license for that case or this one. He will not have a criminal record for that case or this one.2021-TR-099156-A-O / Orange /8/31/2021
Failure to Display DLCase was amended from criminal No Valid DL to civil traffic infraction of Failure to Display DL. I was then able to resolve the citation to a withhold of adjudication, so he will not have any points added to his licenses, minimum fine and court costs. With the case being resolved this way the client will not have a criminal record or points on his licenses.2021-CT-005205-A-O / Orange / Martha C. Adams8/31/2021
Leaving the Scene of an AccidentWithhold of adjudication, 6 months probation, aggressive driving class, 25 hours community service, letter of apology2021-CT-000455-A-A / Orange / Steve Jewett8/27/2021
Careless DrivingDismissed as part of plea in criminal case2021-TR-003203-A-A / Orange /8/27/2021
BatteryCase dismissed after successfully completing diversion2021-CJ-000210 / Lake Cary Rada8/27/2021
Hunting Turkey over BaitDismissed after completing diversionOsceola / Stefania C. Jancewicz8/27/2021
2021-MM-005133-A-O / Orange / Faye L. Allen8/27/2021
DUIClient charged with DUI following traffic stop. We filed and argued a Motion to Suppress the initial stop which was granted. State was forced to drop the DUI charge.2021-CT-002504-A-O / Orange / Andrew L. Cameron8/27/2021
Grand Theftwithhold of adjudication, 12 months probation, Thinking for a change class, impulse control class, $138.52 cost of investigation to Sumter County SO, $150 COP, $500 fine, $875.69 restitution to Walmart, court costs.2020-CF-001358 / Sumter / William H. Hallman8/26/2021
Violation of Probation (Carjacking)Client was on probation for carjacking. He violated his probation for a second time. The State's offer was to send him back to prison for an additional 24 months. After working the State, and explaining my client's unique situation, the State agreed to community control instead of prison. Client's probation was modified to community control with a substance abuse evaluation with any recommended treatment.2005CF00979201XXXX / Polk / Lori A. Winstead8/26/2021
Possession of a controlled substancedAdjudication of guilt, 24 months probation with drug conditions, possibility of early termination of probation after 1 year, substance abuse evaluation with any recommended treatment2020-CF-041087-AXXX-XX / Brevard / Samuel Bookhardt III8/26/2021
Fail to provide proof of vet inspection with sale of a dogDismissed2021-MM-037065 / Brevard / Aaron J. Peacock8/26/2021
Grand TheftDismissed, client had a bill of sale for the item he was accused of stealing.2021-CF-007194-A-O / Orange / Mark S. Blechman8/26/2021
Check FraudClient was facing 10 years in prison. The State offered him 24 months in prison due to another case he had pending. I was able to get that other case dismissed and went back to renegotiate this case. After working with the State, I was given an offer of 24 months probation. My client asked if he could do straight jail time instead of probation. After working with the State again, we resolved the case to 120 days in the county jail. With gain time, the client will be out of jail before Thanksgiving, and he will get treatment for his addiction while he is serving his time.2020-CF-000239 / Marion8/26/2021
Client's mother hired another attorney.2021 CT 001901 / Osceola / Stefania C. Jancewicz8/26/2021
Client's mother hired a new attorney2021 CF 001914 / Osceola / Mikaela Nix-Walker8/26/2021
Client's mother hired a new attorney2021-TR-073990-A-O / Orange8/26/2021
Client's mother hired a new attorney2021-TR-073991-A-O / Orange8/26/2021
2021-CT-000922-A-W / Orange / Martha C. Adams8/25/2021
Possession of Cannabis >20 grams with a WeaponClient was arrested for felony possession of Cannabis with a weapon. Attorney Zahra Umansky was able to get case dismissed before any court date was set! And also no formal charges were filed against the client as well.2021-CF-007085-A-O / Orange / Renee A. Roche8/25/2021
Unlawful Speed (104 mph in a 70 zone)Traffic Infraction case - client was facing 4 points on her driving record as well as a $354 fine. We were able to get her ticket dismissed.2021-TR-000676-A-W / Orange / David P. Johnson8/25/2021
Client was out-of-state, had a minor incident here but State wouldn't drop due to out-of-state history. Case resolved with written plea so client didn't have to return to Florida. Withhold of adjudication and court costs.35-2021-MM-003200-AXXX-XX / Lake / Emily Curington8/24/2021
Allegation was that client tailgated someone in traffic then pointed a gun at them. Alleged victim claimed to have a dash camera of events and ID'd client, but State dismissed the charges. Suspect that no such dash camera video existed, as client denied doing these things.2021-CF-005166-A-O / Orange / Wayne C. Wooten8/24/2021
NVDLClient could not get a license due to immigration status. Was charged with No Valid Driver's License. State offered a withhold and court costs.2021-CT-004544-A-O / Orange / Adam McGinnis8/23/2021
2020-CT-004163-A-O / Orange / Evellen Jewett8/23/2021
(1) Leaving the Scene of an Accident with Serious Bodily Injury, and (2) DUI with Serious Bodily InjuryClient was facing a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison and a minimum sentence of 3 years. After negotiations with the State, I was able to convince them to remove all incarceration. Client, a single parent, was able to resolve the case without having their child go into foster care. Client was adjudicated guilty, sentenced to 2 years community control, followed by 2 years drug offender probation, followed by 4 years probation. They will have to complete level 2 DUI school, Victim Impact Panel, Psychosocial evaluation and any recommended treatment, 300 hours alternative community service with MADD or similar organizations focusing on Alcohol related injuries or homelessness, 2 years ignition interlock, 2 years DL suspension, restitution ordered and reserved, costs.2020-CF-001714-A-O / Orange / Chad K. Alvaro8/20/2021
trespass into a conveyance.Client originally charged with Grand theft Auto 3rd degree felony. Client pled to an amended charge of trespass into a conveyance, a misdemeanor. He was sentenced to time served and was able to close his case that had been pending for 13 years.2008-CF-000091-A-O / Orange / Bob LeBlanc8/20/2021
Pled trespass in structure (m1) and criminal mischief (m2 ag + cts)
ag + 347 days probation + 17 days cts + behavioral modification class (1 day) + no contact with victim except for child visitation arrangements and communication with 6 year old child. Restitution ordered, reserve jurisdiction 90 days to set amount

Good result in light of risk of burglary of a dwelling charge.

VOP: VOP dismissed. Victim did a declination on the new law charge, so State ultimately couldn't go forward on the VOP and had to dismiss it, as client turned himself in on the warrant and thus the State had no other basis for a violation.
2021-MM-000848-A-O / Orange / Faye L. Allen8/19/2021
ag + 360 days probation concurrent with MM21-848, obey injunction, no contact except for child, no return residence. Client pled because no additional sanctions; simply re-imposes same sanctions for other case, so why take the risk of a trial?

VOP: VOP dismissed. Victim did a declination on the new law charge, so State ultimately couldn't go forward on the VOP and had to dismiss it, as client turned himself in on the warrant and thus the State had no other basis for a violation.
2021-MM-001929-A-O / Orange / Wayne J. Shoemaker8/19/2021
burglary of dwelling and grand theftClient was PRR and charged with F2 Burglary of a Dwelling and Grand Theft looking at a mandatory 20 year sentence. Even if the State waived PRR he still scored 32 months prison (almost 3 years). After reviewing the DNA evidence putting client at the scene of the crime, we were able to negotiate the State down to only 6 months jail or in the alternative, 2 years probation. Out of those two options, client chose the 6 months jail.20-CF-005059 / Hillsborough / Laura Ward8/19/2021
VOPClient entered an admission of VOP, court revoked and terminated probation and sentenced client to credit time served. D6 of license until treatment completed.2019 CT 001873 / Osceola / Stefania C. Jancewicz8/19/2021
Alleged victim did declination on DV battery.
Charges dismissed.
2021-MM-004827 / Orange / Wayne J. Shoemaker8/18/2021
Lying, victim asserted client violated probation by calling him, but it was actually their mother. State spoke to witnesses and victim and violation of probation was dismissed six days after client turned himself in on the warrant at the VOP arraignment.2018 CF 001430 / Osceola / Mikaela Nix-Walker8/17/2021
2021-MM-004411 / Orange / Wayne J. Shoemaker8/17/2021
DV Case dismissed in Polk County. Will use this to resolve the alleged violations of probation in Orange.2021-CF-008560-A-O / Orange / Luis F. Calderon8/16/2021
Case dismissed! Client was improperly arrested simply because he was present when someone pulled a gun on a third party. Met with the State with the client and did a full interview of events. Charges dismissed.2021 CF 000356 / Osceola / Mikaela Nix-Walker8/16/2021
DUIClient lives in SC and has a prior DUI. State agreed to give him the first time DUI minimums before obtaining out of state records and agreed to a written plea with mail in probation so client never had to come down to Florida to resolve his case. Both traffic citations dismissed.2021-CT-014708-AXXX-XX / Brevard / David Silverman8/13/2021
DUI over .15Client was charged with DUI w/ a crash and a BAC of .226 in Polk County. State offered the mandatory minimums penalties which client accepted.2021CT001499A / Polk / Lori A. Winstead8/12/2021
Resisting Officer Without ViolenceNo Information Notice was filed 7/12/2021. Client still has DUI pending.2021MM001200 / Osceola / Hal C. Epperson, Jr.8/10/2021
No Motor Vehicle RegistrationClient was criminally charged with having an out of state tag and never registering his motor vehicle in Florida. Attorney Zahra Umansky got the Court to give client a continuance in order to fix his tag issue. Attorney Umansky then provided the prosecutor with a valid registration and got the criminal charge dismissed!2021 CT 001419 / Osceola / Stefania C. Jancewicz8/9/2021
Discharging a Firearm in PublicClient was charged with 1 count of Unlawfully Discharging a Firearm in Public and Using a Firearm while Under the Influence of Alcohol. The prosecutor wanted a conviction on both counts and probation. Attorney Zahra Umansky was able to negotiate a much better plea deal. The Client only pled No Contest to one count, was NOT convicted, and received NO probation!2021MM000173A / Seminole / John L. Woodard8/9/2021
Criminal MischiefClient is charged with Criminal Mischief. Attorney Zahra Umansky is able to get Client into a diversion program. Client's charge is subsequently dismissed upon Client's successful completion of program!2020MM002828A / Seminole / John L. Woodard8/9/2021
reckless driving (alc. related)Client was arrested for DUI with a crash and a .17 BAC from a blood test at the hospital. He did not qualify for the First Time Offender Program because he had a prior DUI that was dismissed and a prior felony that was dismissed. It took holding the case open through Covid but we finally convinced the State to reduce the DUI to a Reckless Driving. Client never lost his license throughout the entire process. Client is a dedicated volunteer with the Special Olympics and if he lost his license he would not longer be able to volunteer so this plea deal meant everything to him.2018-CT-052993-AXXXXX / Brevard / Thomas James Brown8/9/2021
Petit TheftClient charged with Petit Theft. Attorney Zahra Umansky successfully got client into the pretrial diversion program which resulted in case being dismissed!2020-MM-008253-A-O / Orange / Andrew L. Cameron8/6/2021
Client had a gun at the airport by accident. Diversion was completed, case dismissed.2020-CF-008492-A-O / Orange / Bob Leblanc8/6/2021
2021 CF 000696 / Osceola / Mikaela Nix-Walker8/6/2021
2021 CF 000793 / Osceola / Mikaela Nix-Walker8/6/2021
VOPClient was facing 2 felony VOPs and a F3 new law violation. After much litigation and negotiation, the State agreed to reinstate the probation on the two VOPs and credit for time served on a lesser included offense on the new law case. Client was taken off of community control and was to serve his remaining two years on regular probation with standard conditions.2019 100531 CFDL / Volusia / Dawn Nichols8/5/2021
VOPClient was facing 2 felony VOPs and a F3 new law violation. After much litigation and negotiation, the State agreed to reinstate the probation on the two VOPs and credit for time served on a lesser included offense on the new law case. Client was taken off of community control and was to serve his remaining two years on regular probation with standard conditions.2019 100671 CFDL / Volusia / Dawn Nichols8/5/2021
Attempted Tampering with Physical EvidenceOriginally facing an F3 Tampering with physical evidence, in an effort to resolve the matter without hte risk of trial return the client to his home, we agreed to an "attempted tampering with physical evidence." He served a CTS sentence on this matter with a $500 fine. Client was facing 2 felony VOPs and a F3 new law violation. After much litigation and negotiation, the State agreed to reinstate the probation on the two VOPs and credit for time served on a lesser included offense on the new law case. Client was taken off of community control and was to serve his remaining two years on regular probation with standard conditions.2021 100396 CFDL / Volusia / Dawn Nichols8/5/2021
Domestic BatteryAdjudication of guilt, $50 fine, $756 restitution, credit time served2021-MM-000949 / Marion / Robert James McCune Jr.8/5/2021
Speeding, 29 over the limitWithhold of adjudication, fine reduced from $281 to $206, court costs, 60 days to pay.2020 TR 002785 / Osceola8/5/2021
Petit TheftDismissed2021-MM-021104-AXXX-XX / Brevard / Kenneth Friedland8/5/2021
Leaving the Scene of an Accident with Serious Bodily InjuryAdmit VOP, Probation revoked and terminated, adjudicated guilty, credit time served. Client was facing 15 years in prison. With this resolution, he has avoided prison.2015-CF-006292-A-O / Orange / Tanya Davis Wilson8/4/2021
Petit TheftClient charged with petit theft and accused of shoplifting. Attorney Zahra Umansky entered a Not Guilty plea on behalf of client. Attorney Umansky got client into the pretrial diversion program which subsequently resulted in a full dismissal of the criminal case.2020-MM-000924-A-W / Orange / Faye L. Allen8/3/2021
Success! The City of Orlando filed an ordinance violation for "disorderly conduct" under an MO case number, which I used as a pitch to the State Attorney's Office to drop this criminal case arrest arising out of the same incident. (State has a policy of not double-charging if federal or city charges are filed). Legally business doesn't own the sidewalk anyway, so trespass charges are dubious.2021-MM-004624-A-O / Orange / Andrew L. Cameron8/3/2021
Disorderly ConductWithhold of adjudication, letter of apology to the officer, costs.21000846MMMA8/3/2021
ag + 360 days probation concurrent with MM21-848, obey injunction, no contact except for child, no return residence. Client pled because no additional sanctions; simply re-imposes same sanctions for other case, so why take the risk of a trial?Wayne J. Shoemaker / Orange / 2021-MM-001929-A-O7/8/2021
State dismissed case (no information). Victim agreed that case should be dismissed from the beginning; pointed out to the State that he's trying to keep a drunk, aggressive person out of the residence and she's trying to force her way in. If the positions were reversed, and the man was trying to force his way inside, would the State then accuse the woman trying to keep him out of battery by trying to hold the door shut?
State dismissed the case..
Wayne J. Shoemaker / Orange / 2021-MM-004087-A-O7/8/2021
No Valid Driver's LicenseClient charged with No Valid Driver's License. Client unable to obtain driver's license because of immigration issues. Attorney Zahra Umansky contacted the prosecutor and was able to get case dismissed prior to the trial date!Evellen Jewett / Orange / 2016-CT-007435-A-O7/8/2021
Possession of AmphetaminesAll charges dismissedRenee A. Roche / Orange / 2021-CF-001543-A-O7/7/2021
Driving with expired tag more than 6 monthsCharges DismissedAdam McGinnis / Orange / 2021-CT-000531-A-E7/7/2021
Renee A. Roche / Orange / 2021-CF-002555-A-O7/7/2021
Driving While License Suspendedwithhold of adjudication, $200 fine. No probationMark Herr / Seminole / 2021CT000074A7/7/2021
D not charged with any case during prefile contract period.Osceola / PREFILE7/6/2021
reckless drivingDUI reduced to Reckless Driving, withhold of adjudication, 12 months probation with early termination after 6 months and no license suspension. Client is permitted to buy out all community service hours.David H. Foxman / Volusia / 2021 303576 MMDB7/6/2021
Unlawful SpeedSpeeding Ticket in a Racing charge case (98 in a 45). Fine was reduced to $387. Withhold of Adjudication (No points). 90 says to pay.Faye L. Allen / Orange / 2021-TR-000866-A-A7/5/2021
Careless DrivingCharge was amended to a civil infraction (Careless Driving) from a Racing on a Highway charge, which carries a mandatory driver license suspension. Was able to get a withhold of adjudication on the civil infraction as well. Client must pay fine of $197 and take a 4hr Basic Driver Improvement Course.Faye L. Allen / Orange / 2021-CT-000055-A-A7/5/2021
Simple BatteryCharge was amended from a DV Battery to a simple Battery. Client received a W/h, 6 mos probation, 50 hrs com/svc, Alch Eval and Treatment, ordered that he could mail in probation as he no longer lives in Polk countyStacie L Kaylor / Polk / 2021MM001254A7/5/2021
Leaving the scene of an accidentClient pled to Lvg Scene with a prior similar case. Client was Adjudicated Guilty, ordered to take a 4hr Basic Driver Improvement Class. 90 days to pay and complete.David P. Johnson / Orange / 2020-CT-006127-A-O7/5/2021
Tampering with Witness; DV BatteryCase was No Info'd after bringing to the State's attention that the alleged victim was wanted for a felony.Tesha Ballou / Brevard / 05-2021-CF-031039-AXXX-XX7/2/2021
DV Batt on Pregnant womanCase was No Info'd after a declination was filed and a hearing on a motion to modify conditions of PTR was denied by the judge. Client only had to show proof of completion of an anger management class.Melanie Chase / Seminole / 2021CF001202A7/2/2021
enhanced duiClient drove into neighbor's garage and then blew a .342. Very high BAC in Lake County. Client pled to enhanced DUI minimums with full buyout of 50 hours community service and early termination of probation after 6 months.Emily Curington / Lake / 2021-CT-000274-AXXX-XX7/1/2021
Did jail visit, met with family.Renee A. Roche / Orange / 2021-CF-003352-A-O7/1/2021
civil failure to displayClient charged with DWLS. License was suspended but he did not know why or how to fix it. We helped client realize why his license was suspended and get in touch with other driver to sign a release do he could get his license back. With valid license State reduced DWLS to civil failure to display and just gave client no points and $114 fine.Jeanette Dejuras Bigney / Orange / 2021-CT-000533-A-W7/1/2021
reckless drivingDUI reduced to Reckless Driving, WH, 9 months probation, 50 hours (with buyout), $400 donation + $100 fine, CC. Client is a nurse so she really needed to avoid a DUI conviction.Mark Herr / Seminole / 2021CT001181A6/30/2021
noneDUI NPed without diversion or any penalties after State reviewed body camera videos! Client had no history so will be eligible for expungement.Faye L. Allen / Orange / 2021-CT-002890-A-O6/28/2021
Failure to Yield to Oncoming TrafficJudge dismissed civil ticket b/c ZU got criminal case nol prossed.Orange / 2021-TR-030016-A-O6/28/2021
none - charges dismissedClient charged with felony possession of cannabis in Lake County and violation of BPO license. We obtained and sent the State client's medical marijuana license, but State still wanted to go forward because client had 60 grams, 54 grams over the 4 gram limit for those with a medical marijuana card. We convinced the State to NP both charges. Client's bond on DUI (still pending) was never revoked.James Baxley / Lake / 2021-CF-001099-AXXX-XX6/27/2021
Simple BatteryClient received a W/H, 6 mos probation, anger mngt class, 25 hrs comm svc, NC with victimAndrew L. Cameron / Orange / 2021-MM-001560-C-O6/25/2021
DV BatteryAttorney Zahra Umansky provided the prosecutor with a drop charge affidavit from the alleged victim. Attorney Zahra Umansky was able to get the prosecutor to dismiss the case before the arraignment date. Therefore, the client did not have to show up to court at all!Benjamin Garagzolo / Brevard / 05-2021-MM-029919-AXXX-XX6/25/2021
Renee A. Roche / Orange / 2021-CF-002489-A-O6/25/2021
Chad K Alvaro / Orange / 2021-CF-002490-A-O6/25/2021
noneVictim did not show for court. State announced a NP.Wayne J. Shoemaker / Orange / 2021-MM-001133-A-O6/23/2021
dry reckless drivingDUI reduced to dry reckless, WH, 6 mos. probation, DUI School, VAP, 50 hours w/ buy out allowed, fines/costs.David H. Foxman / Volusia / 2021 301710 MMDB6/23/2021
client pled (w/h + cc to 2008 case) today. Client wanted case closed out, although State probably wouldn't be able to prove it if we'd pushed it.Patricia L. Strowbridge / Orange / 2008-CF-010657-A-O6/23/2021
Tom Young / Osceloa / 2021 CF 0000616/23/2021
noneClient hired 4/2 for new DV Battery in Brevard. Filed victim declination of prosecution and State filed No Info Notice on 4/12. Case resolved in less than 2 weeks.Kenneth Friedland / Brevard / 2021-MM-019600-AXXX-XX6/23/2021
dry reckless & resisting without violenceDUI & Resisting Without Violence. State reduced DUI to Dry Reckless, WH, 1 year probation, no DL suspension, 75 hrs community service w/ buy out, and Resisting was WH same term of probation (concurrent).David H. Foxman / Volusia / 2020 313557 MMDB6/23/2021
No ChargeState dropped the chargesWayne J. Shoemaker / Orange / 2021-MM-004130-A-O6/22/2021
LSOA with property damageClient was charged with criminal Leaving the Scene of an Accident. Attorney Zahra Umansky contacted the prosecutor and pointed out some weaknesses in the case. Attorney Zahra Umansky was able to convince the prosecutor to dismiss the criminal charge altogether.Orange / 2021-CT-002315-A-O6/22/2021
none to this caseState filed no info notice because this charge was filed in the felony case.2021-CT-002413-AXXX-XX / Lake / Jason Nimeth6/18/2021
noneHelped client get valid DL after he was HTO'd. File flip motion that was granted on prior civil DWLS ticket. Sent proof of valid DL to State. State filed No Info notice on 6/7 on this felony DWLS.2021-CF-001612-A-O / Orange / Bob LeBlanc6/18/2021
2021-MM-003310-A-O / Orange / Wayne J. Shoemaker6/18/2021
Case was a bench plea because the State wanted ag + 364 days jail as a plea offer, which was State trying to hold her responsible for injuries to the victim that she had nothing to do with.

Judge gave her ag + 30 days jail + 11 months probation, 8 week anger management course, no weapons, no contact with victim on a misdemeanor battery and false info to leo charge. Plea sets up a double jeopardy defense if State attempts to proceed on felonies.
2021-MM-2963-A000XX / Polk / Larry Helms6/17/2021
noneTR dismissed. Cop did not appear.2020TR033153 / Seminole6/17/2021
Domestic BatteryClient was arrested for Aggravated Battery. Client retained me prior to the State filing charges. I was able to get the State to file misdemeanor battery instead of the felony aggravated battery. After a few months of working the case, we set the case for trial. The day before trial, the State and I met with the Judge to discuss the logistics of the trial. The State assured the Judge they were ready to go to trial. I assured the Judge I was also and my client would not be accepting any last minuet plea offers. Thirty minuets later the State dismissed the case.2020 105687 MMDL (transferred from 2020 102509 CFDL) / Volusia / James Clayton6/16/2021
noneCareless Driving ticket dismissed. 66 year old CDL holder.2020-TR-139047-A-O / Orange6/15/2021
2021-CF-001429-A-O / Orange / Gisela T. Laurent6/14/2021
adj - does not qualify for sealing or expunction2020CF007964A / Polk / Donald Jacobsen6/14/2021
Client charged with Resisting with violence. He is on probation for Resisting with violence. Because of his past and this new charge he qualifies as a violent felony offender of special concern and scored 48 months DOC.

Jury verdict is to lesser resisting officer without violence. He was sentenced to credit time served. Now he is not longer a violent felony offender and he will not score prison on the VOP.
2020-CF-000951 / Lake / Larry Metz6/14/2021
2021CF004040A000XX / Polk / Kevin Abdoney6/11/2021
AGG ASSLT W/DEAD WEAP W/O Int to KILLAfter sending discovery to the state of text messages sent from the AV to a third party, the state decided to file a No Information and even sent an email thanking me for my thorough investigation in the matter.
This client is eligible for expungement.
2021 CF 001417 / Osceola / Keith A. Carsten6/10/2021
noneTR dismissed when CT case pled.2020-TR-137651-A-O / Orange / Faye L. Allen6/9/2021
2021-MM-000537-AXXX-XX / Lake / Emily Curlington6/9/2021
nonecharges dismissed - completed ptd2020-MM-003024-A / Seminole / Mark Herr6/9/2021
Adjuducation Withheld2020-CF-005887-A-O / Orange / Renee A. Roche6/9/2021
noneTR dismissed at hearing.2020-TR-135495-A-O / Orange6/8/2021
noneTR dismissed at hearing.2020-TR-135496-A-O / Orange6/8/2021
noneTR dismissed at hearing. Been driving professionally 38 years and have 25 years of safe driving (zero tickets!) over 3.5 million provable save driving miles. Has safe driving awards from Orange County, T.G. Lee, etc.2020-TR-129185-A-O / Orange6/8/2021
Grand Theft, VOPVOP dismissed, probation successfully terminated.2018-CF-000516-A-O / Orange / Wayne C. Wooten6/7/2021
VOP grand theft, fraudulent use of a credit card, fraudulent use of a credit card, fraudulent use of a credit card180 days in the Lake County jail with credit for time served, outstanding monies reduced to judgement liens.2011-CF-001373-AXXX-XX / Lake / James Baxley6/7/2021
No Information notice filed (case dismissed). State should have done so a few weeks ago; insufficient evidence to prosecute client.2021-CF-000203-A-O / Orange / Wayne C. Wooten6/7/2021
Bench Plea. Had wife present to testify to explain why he was late getting back from barber (actually pretty good reason, but it's hard to argue that it isn't "willful" when it's community control and you're an hour late; burden is on client to NOT mess up community control. Did a bench plea and I explained what happened. Judge Chase offered to modify probation 364 days jail with 217 days credit on CF18-1483 and 196 cays credit on CF19-3977, terminates the instant he is released from the jail (so effectively terminated probation). Had already discussed what we wanted with client and very happy with this result as client scored approximately 36 months prison (with credit as above), though this was an artifact of the scoresheet. Very good result for client!2019CF003977A / Seminole / Melanie Chase6/7/2021
Bench Plea. Had wife present to testify to explain why he was late getting back from barber (actually pretty good reason, but it's hard to argue that it isn't "willful" when it's community control and you're an hour late; burden is on client to NOT mess up community control. Did a bench plea and I explained what happened. Judge Chase offered to modify probation 364 days jail with 217 days credit on CF18-1483 and 196 cays credit on CF19-3977, terminates the instant he is released from the jail (so effectively terminated probation). Had already discussed what we wanted with client and very happy with this result as client scored approximately 36 months prison (with credit as above), though this was an artifact of the scoresheet. Very good result for client!2019CF003977A / Seminole / Melanie Chase6/7/2021
2020MM002721A / Seminole / Frederic Schott6/6/2021
Ticket paid by client, court waived late fee.
(criminal case was dismissed)
2021-TR-037784-A-O / Orange6/4/2021
Ticket paid by client, court waived late fee.
(criminal case was dismissed)
2021-TR-037784-A-O / Orange6/4/2021
State Attorney's Office filed a Nol Pros of the Information (Loitering and Prowling) after I pointed out that it's an automatic Judgment of Acquittal at trial and advised I'd be filing a Motion to Dismiss. I explained the law on the subject (and provided case citations) which the trial ASA reviewed and then agreed with me that the case would be a Judgment of Acquittal. State filed a Nol Pros (dismissal) of the charges. Just wish he'd done so 45 minutes earlier, as I was mostly finished writing the motion to dismiss. We'd only been hired on Wednesday, May 26th and got the case dismissed on Friday of the following week (June 4th). This is a little unusual, it's an artifact of this particular charge since the case law against prosecution is so overwhelming. State wasn't aware of the case law regarding it.2021MM001377A / Seminole / Frederic Schott6/4/2021
prefile expired without charges.PREFILE / Orange6/3/2021
Medicaid FraudClient was on 10 years of probation for 2nd degree felony Medicaid Fraud. Attorney Zahra Umansky contacted both the probation officer (PO) and prosecutor in the case to obtain their No Objection positions. Attorney Zahra Umansky worked diligently and in less than 48 hours, Attorney Zahra Umansky got the Judge to sign the Order terminating client's probation!2017-CF-003238-C-O / Orange / Tanya Davis Wilson6/3/2021
DWLSD charged with 6th driving while license suspended. D arrested on this case. Prosecutor initially refused to come off plea offer requiring conviction. Prosecutor also initially refused to amend this criminal traffic charge to a civil ticket. Attorney Zahra Umansky provided mitigating information regarding client to prosecutor. Prosecutor then agreed to dismiss entire case!2021-CT-000451-A / Seminole / Mark Herr6/3/2021
Poss Meth., Poss Drug Para., ROWOVClient pled to counts 4, 5, and 6. Original charges of armed kidnapping, Battery and Agg Assault were nolle prossequi'd. Client sentence to 36 mos s/p with special conditions if 90 days PCJ, standard drug offender conditions, curfew, Fines and CCs.2021CF001633A / Polk / Donald Jacobsen6/3/2021
Poss Meth., Poss Drug Para., DWLS, Attach Tag Not AssignedClient pled to all counts as charged. Client sentence to 36 mos s/p with special conditions if 90 days PCJ, standard drug offender conditions, curfew, Fines and CCs. Cases were to run concurrent with each other.2021CF001261A / Polk / Donald Jacobsen6/3/2021
Improper Lane ChangeCitation was dismissed. Both crash witness and LEO failed to appear for infraction hearing.2020-TR-108703-A-O / Orange6/3/2021
DUIClient hired for DUI. A few months later, picked up another DUI and his bond was revoked on the first DUI. Client is in his 60s and wife is partially blind and cannot care for herself so getting out of jail was his top priority. Less than a week after his new arrest we worked out a plea deal to DUI mins on the 1st case so client could be released from jail. Client was given the choice to enter that plea or file a bond motion and potentially spend longer in jail and client chose to accept the offer and be released. We still represent client on the 2nd DUI which is still pending.2021 CT 000141 / Osceola / Hal C. Epperson, Jr.6/3/2021
DUI (2nd)2nd DUI outside of 5 years. Negotiated mandatory minimum penalties: DUI AG, 12 month s/p; 6 month DL suspension; Level 2 DUI School; Victim Course, 10 day immobilization; 1 year interlock; court costs.2020-CT-000415-A-E / Orange / David P. Johnson6/3/2021
noneTR dismissed pursuant to plea to CT case2020-TR-006031-A-E / Orange6/3/2021
DUIClient got a DUI less than 5 years ago that was reduced to Wet Reckless. For this DUI, State wanted 10 days jail given the bad facts and closeness to last arrest. Convinced State to come off jail, allow mail-in probation, and client pled to mandatory minimum penalties. Client lives in VA so is not eligible for FL DUI School. Helped her find a legal alternative and got judge and State to agree to impose that course in place of FL DUI School. AG, 12 months mail-in probation, $1000 fine, VASAP DUI Course, 50 CSH (1/2 buy out), 10 day impound, 6 months interlock, and $50 cop, and COI $357.60 wppd and 43.16 to OCSO.2021-CT-000046-A-E / Orange / Jeanette Dejuras Bigney6/3/2021
No Valid DLAdjudication of guilt, court costs2020-CT-006692-A-O / Orange / Jeanette Dejuras Bigney6/2/2021
Motion to early terminate probation granted, but cannot seal due to charge (felony battery is not eligible)2017-CF-016563-A-O / Orange / Patricia L. Strowbridge6/1/2021
Motion for contempt denied, but criminal cases remain pending.2020-DR-010858-O / Orange / Barbara J. Leach6/1/2021
They dismissed the case (released) before I could act to seek an order to get her released.MARCHMAN ACT / Orange6/1/2021
Petit TheftAdjudication of guilt, 9 days in the Orange County jail with credit for 9 days, court costs2020-MM-004581-A-O / Orange / Martha C. Adams6/1/2021
dry reckless - whDUI .232/.238 BAC reduced to DRY reckless, WH, 12 months probation, early term. @ 6 months, alcohol safety class, victim class, $1,481 fines/costs, 75 hours w/ buyout, mail-in probation permitted. Client is a doctor and her primary goal was avoiding a DUI, avoiding a criminal conviction, and getting the case resolved quickly so she could report it to the board and move on with her career. We were able to close this case out for her a month after she hired us.2021 304282 MMDB / Volusia / David Cromartie6/1/2021
was charged as DUI & RWOV though)Adjudication of guilt, 9 days in the Orange County jail with credit for 9 days, court costsState v. 2020-MM-004581-A-O Judge Martha C. Adams orange5/20/2021
Public Assistance Fraud.Case DismissedState v. 2019-MM-008960-A-O Orange Judge David P. Johnson5/19/2021
Petit TheftDUI w/ BAC .220. Reduced to reckless driving, withhold, 9 months probation, no DL suspension, and buy out of all hours. Classes completed ahead of time.2020-CT-003291-A Seminole Judge Wayne Culver5/19/2021
Leaving the Scene of Accident2nd DUI o/s 5 years. Client is a registered sex offender. Did 30+ years prison and was terrified to go back to jail. State offered 2nd o/s 5 mins and client accepted - no jailOrange Judge Evellen JewettState v. Walter Frizzell, 2021-CT-0001855/18/2021
Violation of ProbationAmended to No Valid DL. Adjudication, credit time served, court costs.Orange Judge Andrew L. Cameron State v. 2021-CT-000519-A-O5/17/2021
noneClient successfully completed diversion. Case DismissedState v. 2020-MM-003349-AXXX-XX Lake Judge Emily Curington5/14/2021
none2nd DUI outside of 5 years in Lake County reduced to Wet Reckless, AG, 12 months probation with early term., $500 fine, DUI Classes, and buy out of all 50 hours of community service. NO DL SUSPENSION and NO IMPOUND. Rare to get a reckless on a 2nd DUI in Lake but we told State we would go to trial otherwise so we finally got it.2020-CT-006105 Lake Judge Jason Nimeth5/14/2021
No registrationpetit theft diversion, case was dropped upon completion2020-MM-000498-A-W Orange Judge Steve Jewett5/14/2021
Misuse of Temp Tag to Avoid Veh. RegistrationJury Trial - Not Guilty. Client was with family celebrating a birthday when he got sick. Decided to drive home. Was not paying attention, ran a red light, and got t-boned by a semi-truck. Other driver and officer said they smelled alcohol and client was "disoriented." Client and his cousin testified there was no alcohol involved that night and client did not smell of alcohol. Before trial defense attorney was able to get "refusal" of breath thrown out of court and all statements made by the client thrown out of court which helped tremendously. Mid-trial State tried to argue defense opened the door to accident report privilege statements. Judge ruled in favor of the defense and did not admit statements. Jury found client not guilty in 8 minutes.2020-CT-005085-A-O Orange Judge Eric H. DuBois5/13/2021
dry reckless drivingDismissed.State v. 2020-CF-001071 Osceola Judge Keith A. Carsten5/12/2021
none filedreduced to Wet Reckless, AG, 12 months probation with early term., $500 fine, DUI Classes, and buy out of all 50 hours of community service. NO DL SUSPENSION and NO IMPOUND. Rare to get a reckless on a 2nd DUI in Lake but we told State we would go to trial otherwise so we finally got it., 2020-CT-007547-A-O 5/12/2021 Orange5/12/2021
resisting w/ violence and batt LEO x 2Adjudication of guilt, CostsState v. 2019-MM-009500 Polk Judge David E. Stamey, Jr5/11/2021
DUIAdjudication of guilt, $10 restitution to Hope Thrift Store, CostsState v. 2019-MM-009503 Polk Judge David E. Stamey, Jr5/11/2021
Driving on Suspended Licenses (Habitual)Dismissed after successfully completing diversionState v. 2020-MM-008211-A Polk Judge Bob Grode5/11/2021
dry reckless drivingCase dismissed Client successfully completed diversionState v. 2020MM002059 Judge Joe Boatwright5/10/2021
leaving the scene of accidentD hired Attorney Zahra Umansky to file Motion to Dismiss for violation of Statute of Limitations. D had outstanding capias/warrant for his arrest. Less than a week later, Attorney Zahra Umansky gets case dismissed without even needing to have hearing. Attorney Zahra Umansky contacted prosecutor and argued facts to prosecutor. Attorney Umansky was able to get the prosecutor to agree and dismiss the case immediately.State v. 2013-CF-013271-A-O Orange Judge Gisela T. Laurent5/10/2021
NVDLReinstated to probation, probation modified to 1 year community control followed by standard probation for the remaining term of probation, maintained withhold of adjudicationState v. 2020CF001967A Seminole Judge Debra Nelson5/10/2021
reckless driving (alcohol related)Reinstated to probation with the original terms and conditions.State v. 2019CF003854A Seminole Judge Melanie Chase5/10/2021
SpeedingState filed a NP. All charges dropped.State v. 2021-MM-001268-AXXX-XX Lake Judge Emily Curington5/7/2021
Careless Driving ticket - D got careless driving ticket due to an accident. Approximately, four months prior to careless driving ticket, D had gotten a speeding ticket that Attorney Zahra Umansky already got client a wh on. At this hearing, Attorney Zahra Umansky was able to convince the Judge again to give D a withhold of adjudication which means no points and no conviction on his driving record!State v. 2021TR012846 Polk Judge Robert Griffin5/7/2021
DV BatteryNo Information filed. Client completed an anger management class, showed proof to the State and they dismissed all charges.State v. 2021 101339 MMDL 4/14/2021 Volusia5/6/2021
Criminal MischiefClient admitted VOP. Sentenced to 9 months Osceola County Jail. Client scored 24 months DOC.State v. 2010 CF 002220 Osceola Judge Mikaela Nix-Walker4/27/2021
sale of cocaine (probation terminated early)DV battery case. Victim signed declination. Attorney Zahra Umansky contacted the prosecutor and got the case dismissedState v. 2021-MM-002495-A-O Orange Judge Wayne J. Shoemaker4/24/2021
NVDLWe took this case to a hearing and presented proof that she'd attacked him. Domestic Violence injunction dismissed after a hearing.State v. 2021-DR-004241-O Orange Judge Alice L. Blackwell4/19/2021
dry reckless & resisting without violenceDismissedState v. 35-2021-CF-000628-AXXX-XX Lake Judge Larry Metz4/16/2021
WH, 18 MONTHS S/P, COMPLY W/ DCF, PARENTING CLASS, 50 CSH, COI: $200 TO ORPD, AND COSTSState v. 2020-CF-011822-A-O Orange Judge Bob LeBlanc4/16/2021
Careless driving trafficWH, 18 MONTHS S/P, COMPLY W/ DCF, PARENTING CLASS, 50 CSH, COI: $200 TO ORPD, AND COSTSState v. 2020-CF-011822-A-O Orange Judge Bob LeBlanc4/16/2021
Resisting officer with violence and battery of a law enforcement officerNPP in exchange for plea to 2019-MM-10304-AO.2020-MM-007065-A-OOrange Judge David P. Johnson4/15/2021
Fleeing or Attempting to EludeDid PTD. Case was dismissed.2019-CF-001974-A-O Orange Judge Luis F. Calderon4/14/2021
BatteryAdjudication of guilt, 4 months probation, Impulse Control Class, 20 hours community service, may buyout half the community service, no return to Walmart, early termination of probation at 2 months if all conditions are completed.State v. 2020 MM 001574 Osceola Judge Christine E. Arendas4/13/2021
Disorderly ConductDUI + LSOA: DUI reduced to Wet Reckless DUI mins (but no DL suspension) can buy out all hours. LSOA concurrent probation.Polk Judge Stacie L Kaylor 2019-CT-0089204/13/2021
DroppedState v. 2020MM000881 Polk Judge Mary Green4/13/2021
DUIProbation revoked and terminated. 40 days in the county jail with credit for 40 days time served.Judge Debra Nelson Violation of ProbationState v. 2018CF003439A4/12/2021
NONEClient hired 4/2 for new DV Battery in Brevard. Filed victim declination of prosecution and State filed No Info Notice on 4/12. Case resolved in less than 2 weeks.2021-MM-019600-AXXX-XX Brevard Judge Kenneth Friedland4/12/2021
NONECharged with DV Battery against mom. Was kicked out of Teen Court for not completing requirements. I was able to convince State to dismiss charges if he submitted a one-page essay on why he wants to join the military.State v. Ryan Brown, 2020-CJ-001736-A-O / Orange / Judge Michael Murphy4/7/2021
wet recklessState filed a Nolle ProsequiState v. 2020-CT-002938 / Osceola / Judge Stefania C. Jancewicz4/6/2021
noneUnsure if client qualifies for Expungement. But if so, please be aware this case began as a felony, administratively transferred to county court as 2 separate CT cases, then ultimately dropped. So there are a total of three case numbers arising out of the same incident that should be expunged together.State v. 2020-CT-0029394/6/2021
InjunctionCharged with DUI, fentanyl found in vehicle. Won motion to suppress, State reduced to dry reckless, AG, no probation, ADIC, 25 hrs community service (1/2) buy out, CC.State v. James Zielke, 2020-CT-000491-A-E / Orange / Judge Steve Jewett4/5/2021
Following too closelyCriminal citation never posted. Today is day 91. Speedy to file on MM case is 90 days. Closing CT file. Emailed client.State v. Logan Henderson 2020-CT- / Orange4/5/2021
Failure to Exhibit DL upon demandConvinced State to come off community control for straight probation. WH all counts, 24 months probation, 150 hrs community serviceState v. Mariah Miller, 2020CF002070A / Seminole / Marlene Alva4/1/2021
DUIState offered 2nd DUI mins but could not produce J&S before plea date of out of state prior. Convinced State to offer first time DUI mins. No community service though.State v. Nicholas Hunt, 2020-MM-041258-AXXX-XX / Brevard / Rhonda Babb4/1/2021
BatteryAdjudication of Guilt, 120 days in the county jail, credit for 90 days. Client Scored 38 months prisonState v. 2021-100431-CFDL / Volusia / Dawn Nichols3/31/2021
DUIDUI reduced to dry reckless, WH, 6 mos. probation, DUI School, VAP, 50 hours w/ buy out allowed, fines/costs.State v. Timothy Roberts, 2021 301710 MMDB / Volusia / David H. Foxman3/31/2021
WH, AMC in 60 days, NC with victim, CCState v. Susan Lattimore, 2020 CT 003297 / Osceola / Christine E. Arendas3/30/2021
Client arrested for felony DWLS. Reduced to MM DWLS but facing mandatory jail with priors. Helped client get his DL back by flipping a former DWLS ticket. Then had judge remove D6 hold for other ticket. With valid DL State reduced to NVDL, AG, 6 months probation, 50 hrs community service, ADIC, CC.State v. Christopher Muirhead, 2020 CT 002149 / Osceola / Christine E. Arendas3/30/2021
Petit TheftState reduced 2nd DUI to reckless driving, WH, no DL suspension, no impoundment.State v. Timothy Bont, 2020CT002353A / Seminole / Frederic Schott3/30/2021
MM LSOA & Reckless Driving w/ Injury (WHs)Dismissed at hearingState v. 2020-TR-029514-A-W / Orange3/30/2021
DUIcharges dismissed before the arraignment date.  Client never had to attend court.State v. 2021MM000714A / Seminole / Debra L. Krause3/29/2021
No Valid DLWithhold of Adjudication, 6 months probation with automatic termination upon completion of $200 restitution, 25 hours of community service or buyout at $10 per hourState v. 2020-MM-005667-AXXX-XX / Lake / Jason Nimeth3/29/2021
DUIClient re-hired for motion for early termination of probation. Motion filed Thursday 3/25, granted the following Monday with no hearing because we got State to stipulate.State v. Miguel Carrasquillo, 2019-CF-011976-A-O / Orange / Tanya Davis Wilson3/29/2021
Resisting Officer Without ViolenceDWLS and offer was 10 days jail mandatory by statute. Helped client get in touch with DOR to fix his DL. State amended charge to NVDL, AG, CC no jail.Seminole / Judge Frederic Schott3/25/2021
Civil dwls amended to withholdState reduced DUI to Dry Reckless, WH, 1 year probation, no DL suspension, 75 hrs community service w/ buy out, and Resisting was WH same term of probation (concurrent).State v. Dennis Gonzalez, 2020 313557 MMDB / Volusia / David Foxman3/25/2021
DUICivil infraction was dismissed because the client was referred to PTD on the CT case.State v. 2020-TR-010857-A-E / Orange / Evellen Jewett3/25/2021
Reckless driving (alc. related)DWLS reduced to civil citation, WH, fine and court costsState v. Manolo Almonte Liriano, 2020-CT-001199-A-W / Orange / Adam McGinnis3/24/2021
Reckless DrivingAdjudication of guilt, 24 months probation with possibility of early termination, anger management class, 100 hours of community service or show proof of employment, costs. Dismissed other caseState v. 2020-CF-004568-A-O / Orange / Bob LeBlanc3/24/2021
Aggravated Assault w/ Deadly Weapon; DV Battery; Aggravated Assault with Firearm + 2 counts of MM DV BatteryDismissed as part of pleaState v. 2020-CF-004875-A-O / Orange / Bob LeBlanc3/24/2021
Driving Under the Influence - Violation of ProbationClient did City Diversion and we convinced the City to drop the case early. Rather than 90 days we got it dropped in 45.State v. Grady Gorman 2021-MO-000095-A-O / Orange / Jeanette Dejuras Bigney3/24/2021
Petit TheftState amended DV Battery to Disorderly Conduct, WH, CCState v. Travis Thompson, 2020MM003826A / Seminole / Debra L. Krause3/24/2021
civil failure to displayClient pled to Petit Theft. I was able to negotiate a W/H and no class in exchange for a higher fine. Outcome: W/H, $500 fine and CC with 6 months to pay. Client was very happy with the outcome. Client not eligible for expungement.State v. 2021MM000125A / Seminole / Mark Herr3/24/2021
Driving on left side in no passing zone causing accident with deathDUI mins. Asleep at the wheel in an intersection do did not qualify for diversion. Able to buy out half community service.State v. Alberto Perez, 2020-CT-00774-A-O / Orange / Andrew L. Cameron3/23/2021
DV BatteryDUI w/ crash. After reviewing videos I filed a Motion to Suppress the DUI Investigation. Hearing was 3/8. Judge granted Motion to Suppress leaving State with no evidence. State filed NP today. Client is DACA recipient and this case was preventing him from renewing his application. This case was the reason he was looking at being deported. Client wants expungement and can now renew DACA application.State v. Itiel Lucio De Andrade Henriques 2020-CT-004948-A-O / Orange / Steve Jewett3/23/2021
PTDUI. Client was offered PTD but did not want to take it. Defense counsel set case for trial and called State about videos/weaknesses in case. Day before trial State dropped the charges.State v. Keith Napier, 2020-CT-002967-A-O / Orange / Adam McGinnis3/23/2021
Unlawful SpeedDUI over .15 reduced to wet reckless, WH, 9 months probation, no DL suspension.State v. Dariel Valdes, 2020-CT-003026-A3/17/2021
DUII have represented this client since 2017. She is not competent. I had to file many motions for her release over the years, a writ of prohibition against the last judge, and schedule several evaluations. Finally, I won a motion to dismiss hearing today 3.5 years later. Felony charges dismissed due to client's continued incompetency under 916.145(1). Judge thanked me for all the hard work I have done on this case over the years.State v. Brandy Allen, 2016-CF-000726A / Seminole / Melanie Chase3/15/2021
N/AClient was release without hearing. Order said no further compliance hearings shall be set.State v. 2017-DR-007826-O / Orange / Christy C. Collins3/12/2021
PTDismissedState v. 2021-TR-000115-A-A / Orange / Jeaneatte Dejuras Bigney3/11/2021
PTcriminal charge of possession of False ID card amended to civil ticket of DL not carried or exhibited on demand.  Attorney Zahra Umansky got client no conviction and no points either!  As well as getting criminal charge reduced to civil infraction!State v. 2021-CT-000095-A-A / Orange / Dejuras Bigney3/11/2021
PTD arrested for DUI.  Blew under legal limit.  Attorney Zahra Umansky contacted prosecutor to dismiss case while it was still in intake.  Case dismissed by prosecutor before arraignment date.State v. 2021CT000517A / Seminole / Frederic Schott3/9/2021
LSOA with property damageThis case took a long time to resolve. Client was a corrections officer at the jail who committed a battery on an inmate. Inmate was adamant about jail and the best the State would do was an Adjudication of Guilty and 12 months probation. With probation he would lose his new job. We had client do community service and anger management class early, set the case for an hour long plea to the bench hearing with witnesses. State introduced photo of victim's injuries (neck brace, two black eyes, etc.) After plea hearing judge gave client a Withhold of Adjudication and no probation. All other conditions completed early.State v. William Rodriguez Rivera 2020-MM-000356-A-O / Orange / Andrew L. Cameron3/9/2021
Battery; Resisting officer without violenceState wanted DUI enhanced penalties due to crash. Convinced ASA to offer minimums which removed interlock requirement.State v. Steven St. John, 2019-CT-007164-A-O / Orange / Andrew L. Cameron3/9/2021
Injunction for StalkingOur client was served with injunction. Injunction was dismissedState v. 2021-DR-000320-O / Orange / Alice L. Blackwell3/8/2021
DUICharge was amended to a civil infraction - Duty to Give Information: FL Statute 316.062(1) - Adjudication Withheld, $200 Fine + $33 CC = $233.00 with 60 days to pay. May 5, 2021.State v. 2020-CT-001601-A-O / Orange / Eric H. DuBois3/4/2021
Unlawful speed; Disobey of lane changePlea to lesser included charge of petit theft (2M), withhold of adjudication, $5000 restitution, court costs, 6 months probation. Probation automatically terminates upon payment of monies.State v. 2019-CF-300620 / Volusia / Raul Zambrano3/3/2021
Possession of drug paraphernalia; driving while license is suspendedClient was charged with felony leaving the scene with injuries. A plea to this charge would result in collateral administrative suspension of DL for 3 years. Client is client's livelihood. Explained this to ASA. After months of negotiating and reviewing hundreds of pages of medical records, ASA finally offered to drop felony in exchange for plea to MM leaving the scene and reckless driving - withholds on both counts, 12 months probation, ADIC class, and 100 hrs community service.Osceola / Greg A. Tynan3/1/2021
Petit TheftClient was charged with DUI and Resisting Without Violence. Once we got the videos, we filed a Motion to Suppress not only the search of his vehicle but also the arrest. Convinced the State to stipulate to the search being unlawful. On the night before the hearing on suppression of the arrest, the State offered to NP all charges if client watched a 30 minutes video online. Client watched the video and the morning of the hearing all charged were DISMISSED! This was huge for client because worked for Uber and he is trying to get his CDL.State v. 2019-MM-001173-A-W / Orange / Faye L. Allen2/26/2021
Aggravated assault with deadly weaponOriginally got client a reckless but he picked up a new DUI. Got State to agree not to revoke bond or offer jail and offer him 1st time DUI mins instead. Mail in probation. 1/2 buy out of community service hours.Brevard / Thomas J. Brown2/25/2021
POSSESSION OF BUPRENORPHINEAG, CCBrevard / Thomas J. Brown2/25/2021
Petit TheftClient hired us after being unhappy with her previous attorney never communicating with her. This was client's 2nd DUI arrest but we got her 1st time DUI minimums offered.State v. 2019-CT-003424 / Osceola / Christine E. Arendas2/25/2021
Possession of cocaine and drug paraphernaliaCourt accepted the executed plea in absentia. W/H and CC was the sentence. The CC will be taken from the $1200 cash bond.State v. 2012-MM-007233-A-O / Orange / Andrew L. Cameron2/23/2021
DUIClient hired for motion to modify. Motion granted. HTO status removed. Client's license now valid. Very happy. Says we saved his career.State v. 2019-TR-043859-A-W / Orange2/23/2021
Possession of cannabis; Reckless driving3rd DUI arrest charged as 1st DUI. State wanted interlock device but client could not have interlock. Negotiated instead for extra 25 hours CS and extra 6 months of DL suspension for no interlock.State v. David Barley, 2020CT002475A / Seminole / John L. Woodard2/22/2021
PETIT THEFTFirst time offender program - Tier 1. DUI reduced to wet reckless, withhold, 6 months probation, $100 fine, $400 donation, DUI School, Victim Course, 20 hrs w/ buy out, CC.State v. 2020CT002041A / Seminole / John L. Woodard2/22/2021
TRESPASS ON PROPERTY OTHER THAN STRUCT OR CVWe got this DUI reduced to a Reckless driving. Sentenced to 20 hrs community service; VAP, FTOPState v. 2021-MM-001288-A-O / Seminole / Frederic Schott2/18/2021
DISCHARGING A FIREARM IN PUBLICClient pled to Aggravated Assault with Deadly Weapon + 1 count of DV with other count of DV dismissed. 36 months probation w/ BIP, 150 hours community service, substance abuse eval/treatment.State v. 2020-CF-004849 / Polk / Keith Spoto2/18/2021
DUIVOP Dismissed. Client reinstated to original probation. Client was 1 month into DUI probation. He was arrested out of county on DWLS charges. The client was held without bond for 23 days. I was able to convince the ASA that the 23 days was punishment enough and to just dismiss the VOP and put him back on probation.State v. 2019CT008864A / Polk / Robert Fegers2/11/2021
DUI2nd Petit Theft arrest. WH, 6 mos. probation, 30 hours community service with option to buy out, ICC (online), CC.State v. 2020 MM 001001 / Osceola / Christine E. Arendas2/11/2021
ENGAGING IN THE BUSINESS OF A CONTRACTOR WITHOUT BEING REGISTERED OR CERTIFIEDno points and no convictionState v. 2020CT003264A / Seminole / John L. Woodard2/9/2021
BatteryAdjudication of guilt, $1000 fine, 6 months DL suspension, 6 months to pay.State v. AA5QYVE / Seminole / Frederic Schott2/5/2021
Filed false report (of sex battery)No Information Notice filed - charges droppedState v. 2021MM000005A / Seminole / Mark Herr2/3/2021
DUI; Careless DrivingD pled NC - adj., fine, icc, 10 hrs cs., coi, cc. D had 3 prior thefts. ZU negoitiated plea with no jail time or probation.State v. 2020MM003269A / Seminole / Frederic Schott1/21/2021
PETIT THEFTD allegedly going over 100 mph and cited for unlawful speed. D is a minor. ZU able to get Judge to give no points and no conviction.State v. 2020-TR-047458 / Polk / Robert Griffin1/19/2021
Motion to Early Terminate ProbationFirst time DUI mins, State stipulated to below .15 which removed interlock device and allowed a buy out of 1/2 the hours.State v. 2020-CT-005179-A-O / Orange / Faye L. Allen1/15/2021
DUI; Violation of Traffic Control DeviceCase was No info'dState v. 2020-CF-003650 / Osceola / Jon B. Morgan1/13/2021
BatteryZu attended ptc. Had no discovery. Asked judge to charge continuance to state. State subsequently dismissed caseState v. 2020-MM-000984-A-W / Orange / Eric H. DuBois1/11/2021
BatteryD had prior criminal history so not eligible for PTD. Ct allowed D to do PTI. 8 hr theft class & pay $50 cost of prosecution. Ct dismissed case.State v. 2017-MM-001828-A-O / Orange / Eric DuBois12/18/2020
UNLAWFUL SPEEDD not eligible for PTD. D pled NC to PT, wh, cc, coi, 18 hrs cs., ICCState v. 2020-MM-002932-A / Seminole / Jerri L. Collins12/17/2020
RAN STOP SIGND pled NC to criminal LSOA - Both TR tickets dismissed too.State v. 2020-CT-006102-A-O / Orange / Jeanette Bigney12/15/2020
BatteryCharges droppedState v. 2020MM001970A / Seminole / Frederick Scott11/19/2020
FALSE (911 CALLS)Injunction was dismissedState v. 2020DR003505 / Seminole / Mark Herr11/18/2020
DUI going into oncoming traffic with prior felony convictionAdjudicated WithheldState v. 2020-CT-031040 / Brevard / David Koenig11/5/2020
DUICharges droppedState v. 2020-TR-005286-A-W / Orange / Martha Adams11/5/2020
PETIT THEFTNolo ContendereState v. 201-CF-005098 / Polk / J. Kevin Abdoney10/28/2020
DUI with property damage; Leaving the scene of accidentCharges DroppedState v . 2019-CF-013080-A-O / Orange / Denise Beamer10/23/2020
NO MOTOR VEHICLE REGISTRATIONCASE DROPPEDState v. 2020-MM-004166-A-O / Orange / Jeanette D Bigney10/19/2020
Possession of cocaine; BatteryCharges droppedState v. 2020-MM-004151 / Polk / Bob Grode10/14/2020
Obtaining Public Assistance of $200.00 or More by FraudCharges droppedState v. 2020-CF-006303-A-O / Orange / Bob LeBlanc10/14/2020
Careless driving; Reckless driving alcohol relatedCASE DROPPEDState v. 2019-CT-000420-A-E / Orange / Jeanette D Bigney10/12/2020
Carrying a concealed firearmCharges droppedState v. 2020-CF-000568A10/7/2020
Reckless Driving (Alcohol Related)CASE DROPPEDState v. 2019-MM-000863-A-W / Orange / David P Johnson10/5/2020
Leaving the scene without giving infoADJUDICATION WITHHELDState v. 2019CF003854A / Seminole / Melanie Chase10/5/2020
Motion to terminate probationREDUCED TO RECKLESS DRIVING / WH / NO DL SUSP.State v. 2020-CT-000750-A / Seminole / Frederic M Schott10/1/2020
Careless DrivingADJUDICATION WITHHELD / REDUCED TO RECKLESSState v. 2020-CT-000749A / Seminole / Frederic M Schott10/1/2020
Grand Theft; False and Fraudulent Insurance ClaimsCASE DROPPEDState v. 2020-MM-004320-A-O / Orange / Faye L Allen9/29/2020
DUICharges DroppedState v. 2020-CJ-000385 / Orange / Robert J Egan9/25/2020
Driving while license suspended; Careless drivingAG, 1 year probation, psych evaluation already doneState v. 2019-MM-054481 / Brevard / Kenneth Friedland9/24/2020
Petit TheftGuity; Charge droppedState v. 2020-CT-010540 / Brevard / Kathryn C Jacobus9/24/2020
No Valid Driver?Ǭís LicenseCASE DROPPEDState v. 2020MM000432A / Seminole / Frederic M Schott9/24/2020
DUIProbation TerminatedState v. 2017-CF-013350-A-O / Orange / Denise Kim Beamer9/23/2020
Driving while license suspendedNolo Contendere; Charges DroppedState v. 2020-CT-000760-A / Seminole / Jerri L Collins9/23/2020
Ran stop signCharges DroppedState v. 2019-MM-008533-A-O / Orange / Adam McGinnis9/23/2020
Possession of Firearm by a Convicted Felon: Possession of Controlled Substance With Intent to SellCharges DroppedState v. 2020-MM-001930-A / Seminole / Mark E Herr9/23/2020
Lewd or Lascivious MolestationADJUDICATION WITHHELDState v. 2020-TR-055424-A-O / Orange / Martha C Adams9/22/2020
UNLAWFUL SPEEDDISMISSEDState v. 2020-TR-061278-A-O / Orange / Martha C Adams9/22/2020
Fail To Obey Traffic Control DeviceCharges DroppedState v. 2020-MM-001173 / Osceola / Stefania C Jancewicz9/22/2020
GRAND THEFT THIRD DEGREENO INFORMATION NOTICEState v. 2020-MM-005355-A-O / ORANGE / Criminal Division A9/18/2020
PETIT THEFTReduced to reckless – withheldState v. 2020-CT-001311-A / Seminiole / Jerri L Collins9/16/2020
Careless driving; No proof of insurance; DUIREDUCED TO RECKLESS DRIVING/WITHHELDState v. 2019-MM-009311-A / SEMINOLE / JERRI L COLLINS9/16/2020
DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCECASE DROPPEDState v. 2020-CF-001737-A-O / ORANGE / Elaine A Barbour9/15/2020
BatteryCharges droppedState v. 2020-MM-005753-A-O / Orange / Adam McGinnis9/14/2020
Failure to display valid drivers license on demandCASE DROPPEDState v. 2020-CT-002631-A-O / Orange / Andrew Bain9/14/2020
Ran stop signCharges DroppedState v. 2019-CF-006272-A-O / Orange / John E Jordan9/10/2020
DUI Second OffenseCharges DroppedState v. 2019-CF-003388 / Osceola / Jon B Morgan9/9/2020
Aggravated assault with a deadly weapon; Improper exhibition of a dangerous weaponCharges droppedState v. 2020CT001315A9/2/2020
Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon Without Intent to KillCharges droppedState v. 2018-CF-016271-A-O / Orange / Renee A Roche9/2/2020
Injunction; Domestic Violence BatteryNO PETITION NOTICEState v. 2020 CJ 000440 / Osceola / Laura Shaffer9/2/2020
DUI; Possession of Cannabis; Driving while License Suspended/Revoked; Violation of Traffic Control DeviceDUI reduced to reckless driving withhold, no DL suspension per FTOP program.State v. 2020-CT-001315A / Seminole / Jerri Collins9/2/2020
Workers Compensation FraudCharges DroppedState v . 2020-CT-003595-A-O / Orange / Jeanette D Bigney9/2/2020
Driving While DL SuspendedGrantedState v. 2018-CT-024097-AXXX-XX / Brevard / Kathryn Jacobus8/31/2020
DUI with Property DamageDismissedState v. 2020-TR-053765-A-O / Orange / Jeanette D Bigney8/27/2020
Trespass in Structure (Refusal to Leave)Charges DroppedState v. 2019-CF-010700-A-O / Orange / Gail A Adams8/26/2020
DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCEAdjudicated GuiltyState v. 2019-CT-008715-A-O / Orange / Steve Jewitt8/24/2020
Petit TheftCharges droppedState v. 2020-CT-001425-O8/21/2020
Petit TheftVOP DismissedState v. 2019-MM-001723 / Osceola / Christine E Arendas8/21/2020
Carrying a Concealed FirearmAdjudicated GuiltyState v. 2020-CT-003802-A-O8/20/2020
VOPCharges droppedState v. 2020-CT-003803-A-O8/20/2020
Driving While License Suspended Without KnowledgeCharges DroppedState v. 2020-TR-018925 / Polk / Margery D Wolf8/19/2020
DRIVING WHILE LICENSE SUSPENDED HABITUAL 2NDNo Information NoticeState v. 2020-CF-004793-A-O / Orange / Renee A Roche8/19/2020
NO MOTOR VEHICLE REGISTRATIONAdjudicated GuiltyState v. 2011-CF-026416 / Brevard / Charles G Crawford8/18/2020
Criminal MischiefDISMISSEDState v. 2020-TR-003724-A-O / Orange / Eric H DuBois8/18/2020
Trafficking in Controlled Substance; Possession of Alprazolam with intent to sell; Possession of Prescription Drug without a scriptCharges DroppedState v. 2020-TR-031683-A-O / Orange / Eric H Dubois8/18/2020
Client arrested for DUI with a breath over .15 with a prior DUI, and Failing to stop for a red light.CASE DROPPEDState v. 2019-CF-008804-A-O / ORANGE / Renee A Roche8/17/2020
DUI; Possession of Cannabis; Use or Possession of Drug Paraphernalia; Open Container of Alcohol Beverage; Driving with license Suspended/Revoked; Unlawful speed 4 lane dividedCASE DROPPEDState v. 2019-MM-000588-A-W / ORANGE / Andrew L Cameron8/17/2020
InjunctionDismissedState v. 2020-CT-000762A / Seminole / Mark E Herr8/17/2020
InjunctionCASE DROPPEDState v. 2019-MM-001922-A-O / Orange / Andrew L Cameron8/17/2020
2 Counts of Battery; Criminal MischiefCASE DROPPEDState v. 2019-CT-001175-A-W / Orange / David P Johnson8/14/2020
3 counts of Drug Possession of CocaineNo Information NoticeState v. 2020-MM-005072-A-O / Orange / Wayne J Shoemaker8/12/2020
Violation of PTRCharges DroppedState v. 2020-CT-001724 / Osceola / Christine E Arendas8/11/2020
School ExpulsionDismissedState v. 2020-TR-024992 / Osceola / Christine E Arendas8/11/2020
Attempted Burglary of a Conveyance, Loitering or Prowling12 months SLP, no community service, mail in probationState v. 2019-CT-055797 / Brevard / Kathryn C Jacobus8/11/2020
VOP ?ɬÇ?Ǭñ DUIProbation TerminatedState v . 2018-CF-013919-A-O / Orange / Renee A Roche8/10/2020
InjunctionNo Information NoticeState v. 2020-CF-001400 / Osceola / Wayne Wooten8/6/2020
BatteryDismissedPetitioner v. 2020-DR-007433-O / Orange / Jeffrey L Ashton8/6/2020
InjunctionAdjudicated Guilty (Nolo Contendere); Charges Dropped; Dismissed without reason; Dismissed without reasonState v. 2019-MM-003613-A / Seminole / Mark E. Herr8/4/2020
Two counts of Battery against a law enforcement officer, trespassing in an unoccupied structureCharges droppedState v. 2020-CT-004067-A-O / Orange / Eric H DuBois8/3/2020
FAILURE TO CARRY DRIVERS LICENSEAdjudicated Guilty (Nolo Contendere)State v. 2019-CT-006261-A-O / Orange / Andrew Bain7/31/2020
Assault on Law Enforcement OfficerCharges DroppedState v. 2019-MM-002015 / Osceola / Stefania C Jancewicz7/30/2020
InjunctionCase DroppedState v. 2019 CT 000795 / Osceola / Christine E. Arendas7/30/2020
Lewd or Lascivious ConductCase DroppedState v. 2020 101581 MMDL / Volusia / Robert A Sanders Jr7/30/2020
TAMPERING WITH PHYSICAL EVIDENCE / DUICase DroppedState v. 2020 101581 MMDL / Volusia / Robert A Sanders Jr7/30/2020
PETIT THEFTNO INFORMATION NOTICEState v. 2020-CF-007833-A-O / Orange / Luis F Calderon7/28/2020
Possession of Cocaine with intent to sell, Possession of Cocaine, Possession of Cannabis over 20 grams, possession of Cannabis with intent to sell/deliverCharges Dropped; $500.00 fine; FA Safety Class; Can keep a gun after probationState v. 2019-CF-017134-A-O / Orange / Elaine A Barbour7/28/2020
BATTERY- DOMESTIC VIOLENCEVOP DISMISSEDState v. 1992-MM-015147-A-O / Orange / Andrew L Cameron7/27/2020
PETIT THEFTCharges DroppedState v. 2020-CT-003313-A-O / Orange / Jeanette D Bigney7/23/2020
Petit TheftDISMISSEDState v. 2020-CT-000302-A-A / Orange / Jeanette D Bigney7/20/2020
Grand Theft (Motor Vehicle), Grand Theft (Motor Vehicle) (VOP)DISMISSEDState v. 2020-CT-000301-A-A / Orange / Jeanette D Bigney7/20/2020
Battery / Aggravated Assault w a deadly weaponCharges DroppedState v. 2018-CF-002748-A / Seminole / Melanie Chase7/20/2020
UNLAWFUL SPEEDCharges DroppedState v. 2020-CF-005892-A-O / Orange / Gail A Adams7/17/2020
Grand Theft Third DegreeClient entered a plea to DUI with a breath less than .15. The red light citation was dismissed. Client was adjudicated guilty, 12 months probation through Veteran's Court, DUI school, 10 day vehicle impound, 12 months DL suspension, 50 hours community serviceState v. 2020 101670 MMDL / Volusia / Roberta A. Sanders Jr.7/17/2020
DUI - DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCEDUI reduced to driving reckless - 6 months - probation; POT- WH, CC; Paraphernalia - NP; All tickets dismissedState v. 2019-MM-028068-AXXX-XX / Brevard / Rhonda E. Babb7/17/2020
Hired for Motion for Early Termination of ProbationDismissedState v. 2020-DR-006656-O / Orange / Jeffrey L Ashton7/15/2020
Petit TheftInjunction GrantedState v. 2020-DR-004895-O / Orange / Jeffrey L Ashton7/15/2020
Motion for early termination of probationPTDState v. 2020-MM-010617-AXXX-XX / Brevard / Kelly Ingram7/14/2020
Hired for Motion to Permit TravelReferred to drug court and charges droppedState v. 2019-CF-001798A / Seminole / Donna L Mcintosh7/14/2020
Petit TheftCharges DroppedState v. 2019-MM-009839-A / Seminole / John L Woodward7/14/2020
Delivery of CocaineGot expulsion removed from student recordsExpulsion / Orange / Hearing Officer Andre Young7/14/2020
Petition for injunctionAll charges droppedState v. 2020-CF-004451-A-O / Orange / Bob LeBlanc7/13/2020
Petit TheftVOP DISMISSEDState v . 2018 CT 002826 / Osceola / Hal C Epperson Jr.7/10/2020
Unlawful Possession of Material Depicting Sexual Performance by ChildDismissedState v. 2020 DR 001064 DV / Osceola / Michael S Kraynick7/10/2020
Hired for motion for early terminationCharges DroppedState v. 2020 305563 MMDB / Volusia / David H Foxman7/8/2020
BATTERY (DOMESTIC VIOLENCE)Dismissed2020 DR 001947 HV / Osceola / Michael S Kraynick7/8/2020
Written Threats to Kill or do bodily InjuryDismissed first count possession of a concealed weapon by a convicted felon, found guilty of possession of cannabis of less than 20 grams, one year probation and restitution costsState v. 2019-cf-030919-AXXX-XX / Brevard / Jeffrey F. Mahl7/8/2020
Driving while License Suspended/RevokedFound guilty sentenced to 14 days in county jailState v. 2019306226CFDB / Volusia / Matthew M. Foxman7/8/2020
Battery ( Domestic Violence)ADJUDICATION WITHHELD(FINAL PLEA:NOLO-CONTENDERE)State v. 2020CT001156A / Seminole / Scott M Frederic7/7/2020
Grand TheftPlead GuiltyState v. 2020-300006-CFDB / Volusia / Sandra C. Upchurch7/7/2020
Written Threats To Kill or do Bodily HarmDismissed2020 DR 001942 / Seminole / John L. Woodard, III7/2/2020
InjunctionADJ WITHHELDState v. 2019-CJ-000358 / Osceola / Laura Shaffer7/2/2020
Grand Theft of the 3rd Degree; Grand Theft of the 3rd Degree of a Motor VehicleCase DroppedState v. 2020-CF- 000117 / Osceola / Keith Carsten7/1/2020
BATTERY BY STRANGULATION-DOMESTIC VIOLENCE / FELONY BATTERYAdjudication WithheldState v. 2020-MM-001833-A-O / Orange / David P Johnson6/25/2020
POSSESSION OF MORE THAN 20 GRAMS OF CANNABIS (MARIJUANA)Guilty, Nolle Prosequi, no action taken, no action takenState v. 2020-CF-000067 / Orange / Renee A. Roche6/24/2020
Tampering w Physical Evidence / Possession of Controlled SubstanceADJUDICATION WITHHELDState v. 2019-MM-003436A / Seminole / Jerri L Collins6/22/2020
Petit TheftADJUDICATED GUILTYState v. 2019-MM-007479A / Seminole / Jerri L Collins6/22/2020
Battery- Touch or Strike (DV)Charges DroppedState v. 2020-MM-001020A / Seminole / Frederic M Schott6/18/2020
Aggravated Battery on a Pregnant PersonAdmit VOP 18 month probation with drug offender conditionsState v. 2018-CF-003345A, State v. 2019-CF-001056A / Seminole / Jessica J. Recksiedler6/18/2020
Contributing to the Delinquency of a MinorNO CONTESTState v. 2019-CJ-002829-A-O / Orange / Timothy R. Shea6/18/2020
Possession of Alprazolam, possession of drug paraphernaliaAdjudication WithheldState v. 2020-TR-005394-A-E / State v. 2020-TR-003966-A-E / Orange / Judge 95 Hearing Officer6/18/2020
BATTERY TOUCH OR STRIKENot convictedState v. 2020-CF-002759-A-O / Orange / Gail A. Adams6/17/2020
Three charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weaponCase DroppedState v. 2019-CT-000817-A-O / Orange / Andrew L Cameron6/17/2020
DUIMotion GrantedState v. 2019-CT-010336-A-O / Orange / Keith F. White6/16/2020
Student accused of committing level 4 code of conduct violationCase DroppedState v. 2019-MM-002729 / Osceola / Christine E Arendas6/15/2020
DUI WITH PROPERTY DAMAGEMotion grantedState v, 2015-CF-0010620-A-O / Orange / Tanya Davis Wilson6/15/2020
Petit TheftMotion GrantedState v. 2012-CF-013819-A-O / Orange / Bob LeBlanc6/15/2020
Battery (Domestic Violence)Charges DroppedState v. 2019-MM-001680 / Osceola / Christine Arendas6/15/2020
Injunction for Protection Against Domestic ViolenceCharges DroppedState v. 2019-CF-011978-A-O / Orange / Julie H O'Kane6/11/2020
Violation of ProbationPetition granted2020-DR-005010-O v. Respondent / Orange / Alice L Blackwell6/11/2020
Violation of ProbationCharges DroppedState v . 2019-MM-007982-A-O / Orange / Eric H DuBois6/9/2020
Violation of Probation on Aggravated Assault (deadly weapon)Charges DroppedState v. In Re 2019-CJ-002226 / Orange / Jenifer M. Harris6/4/2020
Domestic Violence Battery Touch or StrikeMotion GrantedState v. 2019-CT-000921-A / Lake / Cara Rada6/4/2020
Petit theft amended to Disorderly ConductCase DroppedState v. 2020-MM-003596-O / Orange / Wayne J Shoemaker6/3/2020
Violation of Probation on Possession of MarijuanaCharges droppedState v. 2019-CF-009136 / Polk / Kevin Abdoney6/3/2020
Driving Under the Influence; Careless DrivingCharges DroppedState v. 19002398CTMA / St. Johns / Charles Tinlin6/3/2020
Petit Theft (Prior Theft Conviction)Charges DroppedState v. 2019-MM-001167-A-W / Orange / Wayne J Shoemaker5/31/2020
Driving under the Influence (Car)Case DroppedState v. 2018-CF-016997-B-O / Orange / Denise Kim Beamer5/28/2020
Motion for Early Termination of ProbationCase DroppedState v. 2019-CJ-002334-A-O / Orange / Robert J Egan5/26/2020
Motion for Early Termination ProbationInjunction for 18 months grantedPetitioner v. 2020-DR-004143-O / Orange / Alicia L Latimore5/26/2020
Improper Change of Lane Pulling in Front of VehicleCharges DroppedState v. 2020-CF-001912-A-O / Orange / Denise Kim Beamer5/26/2020
Failure to Yield to TrafficNO INFORMATION NOTICEState v. 2020-CF-005102-A-O / Orange / Denise Kim Beamer5/15/2020
Battery Touch or Strike ?ɬÉ?ǬÉ?ɬÇ?ǬÇ?ɬÉ?ǬÇ?ɬÇ?Ǭñ Domestic ViolenceCase DroppedState v. 2019-CF-008801-A-O / Orange / Gail A Adams5/13/2020
Driving under the InfluenceCase DroppedStave v. 2018-CF-003988 / Osceola / Greg A. Tynan5/7/2020
Driving under the InfluenceCharges DroppedState v. 2019-MM-007982-A-O / Orange / Eric H DuBois5/6/2020
DUICharges DroppedState v. 2020-MM-001327-A / Seminole / John Woodard III5/5/2020
Student accused of committing level 4 code of conduct violationCharges droppedState v. 2020-CF-004630 / Orange / Tom Young5/4/2020
Possession of alcoholic beverage by a person under 21 and traffic ticket for failure to stop at traffic signal.Charges DroppedState v. 2012-MM-002474-A-O / Orange / Steve Jewett5/1/2020
Battery on Person 65 or over, criminal mischiefReferred to drug diversion program and charges droppedState v. 2019-CF-013949-A-O / Orange / Keith White4/14/2020
Petit TheftCharges DroppedState v. 2020-MM-000122-A-A / Orange / Maureen A Bell4/13/2020
Aggravated assault with a firearmCharges droppedState v. 2020-CF-001026-A-O / Orange / Keith F White4/9/2020
Trespass on Property After WarningClient successfully completed a pretrial diversion program and got charges droppedState v. Yentes (Christian) / Osceola / Stefania Jancewicz4/9/2020
Burglary of ConveyanceLevel 4 violation verified, no additional punishment imposed, student allowed to remain in schoolOrange County Expulsion / Orange County Public Schools4/9/2020
Petit TheftCase DroppedState v. 2019 CT 003818 / Osceola / Christine E Arendas4/6/2020
Petit TheftCharges DroppedState v. 2019-MM-035601 / Brevard / Judith Atkin4/6/2020
Battery-Touch or StrikeCharges droppedState v. 2020-MM-000456 / Osceola / Christine Arendas4/1/2020
Battery (Domestic Violence) and Petit TheftInjunction DismissedPetitioner v. 2020-DR-001399 / Orange / Jeffrey L. Ashton3/31/2020
Driving while license suspended without knowledge ticket and speeding ticketProbation revoked and terminated, credit for time servedState v. 2018-CF-003770 / Osceola / Jon Morgan3/26/2020
Client hired for motion to permit buy out of community service hours so that he wouldn?ɬÉ?ǬÉ?ɬÇ?ǬÉ?ɬÉ?ǬÇ?ɬÇ?ǬÇ?ɬÉ?ǬÉ?ɬÇ?ǬÇ?ɬÉ?ǬÇ?ɬÇ?Ǭít violate probationProbation revoked and terminated, credit for time servedState v. 2018-CF-004260 / Osceola / Jon Morgan3/26/2020
DUI with BAC over .15Probation reinstated and maintained withhold of adjudication (NOT CONVICTED)State v. 2015 101608 CFDL / Volusia / Christian Miller3/24/2020
Leave Scene of Crash Involve Damage to PropertyCharges DroppedState v. 2019-MM-009809 / Polk / Robert G. Fegers3/17/2020
Violation of Driver License Restriction & Driving While License Suspended without knowledge ticketCourt withheld adjudication (NOT CONVICTED)State v. 2020-MM-000084A / Seminole / Debra L. Krause3/17/2020
Petit TheftViolation dismissed and Probation modified and reinstatedState v. 2018-CF-001522 / Osceola / Jon B. Morgan3/13/2020
Misuse of 911 SystemReceived DUI minimums; TR dismissedState v. 2019-CT-0003690; 2019-TR-047515 / Osceola / Christine E. Arendas3/12/2020
Level 4 Code of Conduct Violation for Sexual harrassmentAdjudication Withheld/not convicted, Pre-Trial DiversionState v. 2019-MM-010369-A-O / Orange / Nancy L. Clark3/12/2020
DUIAdjudicated guilty, DUI minimumsState v. 2019-CT-005262-A-O / Orange / Jeanette D. Bigney3/12/2020
DUI with BAC over.15Motion GrantedState v. 2018-CF-015898-A-O / Orange / Gail A. Adams3/11/2020
Petit TheftMotion GrantedOrange / Wayne Shoemaker3/10/2020
DUICase dismissedState v. 2020-TR-013214-A-O / Orange / Judge As Assigned 553/10/2020
Battery domestic violenceTicket dismissed. No points or fineState v. ABFUDEE / Seminole / Debra Krause3/6/2020
VOP WarrantCharges DroppedState v. 2020-MM-000692A / Seminole / Jerri L. Collins3/6/2020
Violation of ProbationAdjudicated Guilty, state stipulated to below 0.15, DUI minimums (DUI w/ crash BAC .186)State v. 2019-CT-008487-A-O / Orange / Steve Jewett3/6/2020
Violation of ProbationAcquitted by Jury Trial, found not guiltyState v. 2019-CT-000762-A-E / Orange / Nancy L Clark3/4/2020
Motion to Modify ProbationAdjudicated GuiltyState v. 2019-CT-008678-A-O / Orange / Steve Jewett3/3/2020
Aggravated battery - dating violenceStudent allowed to remain in school, must attend counselingOrange County Expulsion / Orange County Public Schools3/3/2020
Battery - Touch or StrikeCriminal charge dropped and withhold of adjudication on traffic ticketState v. 2019-MM-055137-AXXX / Brevard / Kathryn Jacobus3/3/2020
Aggravated Battery ?ɬÉ?ǬÉ?ɬÇ?ǬÇ?ɬÉ?ǬÇ?ɬÇ?Ǭñ Domestic ViolenceCompleted diversion program, all charges droppedState v. 2018-CF-005514-A-O / Orange / Denise Beamer3/2/2020
Possession of Marijuana less than 20gNolle Prosequi/case droppedState v. 2019-MM-005240-A-O / Orange / Adam McGinnis2/28/2020
1. Battery on a law enforcement officer, 2. DUI with property damage, 3. DUI with breath alcohol level of .20 or higher, 4. ticket for careless driving.No information notice/case droppedState v. 2020-CF-000405-A-O / Orange / Tanya Davis Wilson2/28/2020
Driving while license suspended with knowledge (2nd conviction)No Information Notice/case droppedState v. 2020-MM-000989-A-O / Orange / Criminal Divison A2/28/2020
Violation of ProbationReferred to Teen Court and charges droppedIn re 2019-CJ-002504 / Orange / Timothy R. Shea2/27/2020
Possession of CocaineAdjudication withheld, only needs to pay court feesIn Re (2019-CJ-002331-A-O) / Orange / Timothy R. Shea2/27/2020
DUI with crash with breath alcohol level of .183Completed diversion program and charges droppedState v. 2019-MM-004648-A-O / Orange / Jeanette Bigney2/27/2020
Carrying a Concealed FirearmNotice of No Information/case droppedState v. 2020-MM-000097 / Osceola / Stefania C. Jancewicz2/25/2020
Petition to Expunge for DUI ChargeAcquitted of all charges after jury trialState v. 2020-MM-000498-A-O / Orange / Maureen Bell2/24/2020
DUIBoth tickets dismissedState v. 2020-TR-004112-A-O and 2020-TR-004101-A-O / Orange / Hearing Officer2/21/2020
BatteryMotion grantedState v. 2018-CT-007496-A-O / Orange / Andrew L Cameron2/21/2020
Criminal MischiefDUI reduced to below .15 after we filed a Motion to Suppress. Client received DUI minimums with early termination of probation after 6 monthsState v. 2019-CT-002580 / Osceola / Christine Arendas2/21/2020
Interfere with Fire Suppressant Device, Evidence Tampering, Resisting an officer without ViolenceAnnouncement of no information/case droppedState v. 2020-CT-000302 / Lake / Jason J. Nimeth2/21/2020
Possession of Cannabis- <20 Grams, Possession of ParaphernaliaCharges dropped before trial and ticket dismissedState v. 2019-CT-006329-A-O / Orange / Nancy L. Clark2/20/2020
Careless Operation of VesselNolle Prosequi/case droppedState v. 2019-MM-000348-A-W / Orange / Steve Jewett2/20/2020
Battery (Domestic Violence)Charges DroppedState v. 2018-MM-007368-A / Seminole / John Woodard III2/19/2020
1. Dealing in Stolen Property (Trafficking), 2. Grand Theft of $10,000 or more, 3. Burglary of structure, 4. Burglary of structureLevel 4 offense verified, 90 days alternate placementIn Re Expulsion Hearing / Orange County Public Schools2/18/2020
DUI with BAC over .15 and Leaving Scene of AccidentDUI amended to reckless driving, withhold of adjudication, 3 months of probationState v. 2018-CT-008082-A-O / Orange / Nancy L. Clark2/18/2020
Petit Theft of $100 or MoreState stipulated to below .15, DUI minimums, may buy out all community service hoursState v. 2019-CT-007572-A / Orange / Eric DuBois2/18/2020
DUIAdjudicated guilty, court costsState v. 2019-MM-007486-A-O / Orange / Jeanette Bigney2/18/2020
Seat Belt not Worn by Driver; Careless with fatalityCharges dropped at trial management conferenceState v. 2020-CT-010019 / Brevard / Judith E. Atkin2/17/2020
Carrying a Concealed Firearm, Openly Carrying a FirearmCharges droppedState v. 2019MM010148A / Seminole / Debra Krause2/17/2020
Battery Domestic ViolenceVOP dismissed and probation terminatedState v. 2003-MM-001550-A-W / Orange / Andrew L. Cameron2/17/2020
Lewd and lascivious molestation of a minor between 12-16 years oldAdmitted to violation, probation reinstatedState v. 2018CF000281A / Seminole / Debra Nelson2/14/2020
Written threats to commit mass shooting (F2)90 days OCJ and reinstatementState v. 2016-CF-003842-A-O / Orange / Elaine A. Barbour2/13/2020
Leaving the scene of an accident with serious injuriesMotion granted to buy out community service hoursState v. 2019-CT-001842-A-W / Orange / Wayne J. Shoemaker2/12/2020
DUICharges droppedState v. 2020-CF-000836-A-O / Orange / Julie O'Kane2/11/2020
Racing on HighwayCharges DroppedState v. 2019-MM-007362 / Lake / Cary Rada2/11/2020
Criminal Mischief, BatteryCharges droppedState v. 2020-CF-000006A / Seminole / Debra S. Nelson2/10/2020
Motion to Terminate ProbationReferred to Pretrial Diversion Program and charges dropped.State v. 2019-MM-002193 / Seminole / Debra L. Krause2/10/2020
DUI with crash and BAC of .1701. Charge dropped, 2. Received minimum DUI sanctions but court did not impose fine, 3. charge dropped, 4. ticket dismissed.State v. 2019-CF-011386-A-O, 2019-CT-001691-A-W, 2019-TR-027453-A-W / Orange / Jenifer Harris2/10/2020
Driving on suspended license and VOPAdjudicated guilty, complete class, court costsState v. 2018-CT-008242-A-O / Orange / Adam McGinnis2/10/2020
Driving while license suspendedViolation of Probation dismissed.State v. 2018-MM-000530 / Flagler / Melissa Distler2/10/2020
DUI with BAC of .203, speeding ticket (76 in a 40mph), and ticket for DL not carried or exhibited on demandAdjudicated Guilty, court costs and credit for time served.State v, 2019-CF-013083-A-O / Orange / Keith White2/10/2020
Violation of Probation with a new law charge. Original charge was Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer. New law charge was DUI in Pasco , FL.Defendant pled to DUI minimum sanctions, did not want to risk jail time by filing motions, etc.State v. 2019-CT-002694 / Osceola / Stefania Jancewicz2/10/2020
Petit Theft; Violation of ProbationNolle prosequi/case droppedState v. 2019-CF-013941-O / Orange / Keith White2/10/2020
Burglary of Occupied Conveyance, Criminal Mischief, 2 counts of BatteryPetition grantedState v. 2017-305165-MMDB / Volusia / David H. Foxman2/7/2020
Three charges of battery on a law enforcement officer; resisting officer with violence; resisting officer without violenceCharges Dropped after client successfully completed diversion programState v. 2018-CT-006779 / Orange / Elizabeth Starr2/6/2020
Possession of Cannabis (marijuana) with intent to sell or deliver; possession of more than 20 grams of cannabis (marijuana); possession of cannabis > 20 grams (attempt); possession of cannabis w/intent to sell/deliver; possession of drug paraphernaliaCharges DroppedState v. 2019-MM-002125 / Orange / Andrew Cameron2/6/2020
Criminal Mischief $200 to $1000Adjudication Withheld, Letter of ApologyState v. 2019-MM-010253-A-O / Orange / Criminal Division A2/6/2020
Lewd/Lascivious molestation < 18 (Victim less than 12 years of age); Lewd or Lascivious conduct (by person < 18)Nolle ProsequiState v. 2018-CF-003513-A-02 / Lake / James Baxley2/6/2020
Trafficking in Controlled Substance; Trafficking in 28 Grams or More of Cocaine (3 Year Minimum Mandatory); Trafficking in 10 grams or more of phenethylamines; Possession of MDMA/Ecstasy; Possession of Amphetamine with IntentCharges DroppedState v. 2019-MM-006636-A-CR / Lake / Cary Rada2/6/2020
DUI with crash and BAC over .15 and 3 traffic tickets.Adjudicated guilty (sentence was only to pay fine and other costs)State v. 2019-MM-030304 / Brevard / Rhonda E. Babb2/5/2020
Client hired for discipline team meetingCharges droppedState v. 2020-MM-000317-A / Seminole / Mark Herr2/4/2020
Knowingly driving while license suspended or revokedAdjudication withheld on count 1, sentenced to 10 years of supervised probation. Counts 2-4 droppedState v. 2019-CF-007062-B-O / Orange / Denise Beamer2/4/2020
DUI with bad crash and BAC of .247DUI reduced to below .15 and Leaving Scene of Accident charge droppedState v. 2019-MM-005943-A / Seminole / John Woodard2/4/2020
Petit Theft of a $100 or MoreCase dismissedState v. 2019-MM-007982-B-O / Orange / Eric H. DuBois2/3/2020
Violation of ProbationAdjudicated Guilty?ɬÉ?ǬÉ?ɬÇ?ǬÉ?ɬÉ?ǬÇ?ɬÇ?ǬÉ?ɬÉ?ǬÉ?ɬÇ?ǬÇ?ɬÉ?ǬÇ?ɬÇ?ǬÇ?ɬÉ?ǬÉ?ɬÇ?ǬÉ?ɬÉ?ǬÇ?ɬÇ?ǬÇ?ɬÉ?ǬÉ?ɬÇ?ǬÇ?ɬÉ?ǬÇ?ɬÇ?Ǭ†State v. 2019-CT-002706-A-O / Orange / Faye L Allen2/3/2020
2 counts of Felony Battery (Great Bodily Harm, Permanent Disability or Permanent Disfigurement)both cases dismissed?ɬÉ?ǬÉ?ɬÇ?ǬÉ?ɬÉ?ǬÇ?ɬÇ?ǬÉ?ɬÉ?ǬÉ?ɬÇ?ǬÇ?ɬÉ?ǬÇ?ɬÇ?ǬÇ?ɬÉ?ǬÉ?ɬÇ?ǬÉ?ɬÉ?ǬÇ?ɬÇ?ǬÇ?ɬÉ?ǬÉ?ɬÇ?ǬÇ?ɬÉ?ǬÇ?ɬÇ?Ǭ†State v. 2019-TR-099619-A-O, 2019-TR-100999-A-O / Orange / (98 Hearing Officer and As Assigned 55)2/3/2020
Unlawful speed ticket (86 in a 55 mph)charge dropped for first charge and adjudication withheld, not convicted on the second offense.State v. 2019-CF-013692-A-O / Orange / Bob LeBlanc1/30/2020
DUI with BAC over .15Charges droppedState v. 2020-MM-000238-A-O / Orange / Maureen Bell1/30/2020
Possession of CocaineAdjudication of guilt, 3 years prison, followed by 2 years sex offender community control, followed by 10 years sex offender probation.State v. 2019-100869-CFDL / Volusia / James Clayton1/30/2020
Petit Theft of $100 or moreReduced to misdemeanor disruption of school functions, withhold of adjudication, 100 word essay, 6 months of probationState v. 2019-CJ-000972 / Osceola / Laura Shaffer1/30/2020
Fail to Obey Traffic Control Device; Failure of each party to the crash to provide proof of insurance to investigating officerWithhold of adjudication, 3 years of probationState v. 2018-CF-005800 / Orange / Julie O'Kane1/30/2020
Driving Under the Influence (BAL > = 15); Violation of Non-Resident Requirement for DLClient received first time offender DUI program, reduced to reckless driving, withhold of adjudication.State v. 2019-MM-006445-A / Seminole / John Woodard1/29/2020
Battery-Touch or Strike DomesticAmended to civil ticket for careless drivingState v. 2019-CT-007555-A-O / Orange / Andrew Cameron1/28/2020
Resisting Officer without violence; trespass in occupied structure (refusal to leave)Both charges dismissedState v. 2016-CF-002421 / Seminole / Marlene Alva1/28/2020
Violation of Pre Trial Release Condition on Domestic Violence CaseMotion grantedState v. 2018-CF-000704A / Seminole / Debra S. Nelson1/27/2020
Fail Redeliver Hired/Leased Personal Prop > $300State amended to simple DUI (BAC below .15), client received minimum DUI penalties, can buy out ?ɬÉ?ǬÉ?ɬÇ?ǬÉ?ɬÉ?ǬÇ?ɬÇ?ǬÉ?ɬÉ?ǬÉ?ɬÇ?ǬÇ?ɬÉ?ǬÇ?ɬÇ?ǬÇ?ɬÉ?ǬÉ?ɬÇ?ǬÉ?ɬÉ?ǬÇ?ɬÇ?ǬÇ?ɬÉ?ǬÉ?ɬÇ?ǬÇ?ɬÉ?ǬÇ?ɬÇ?Ǭ? of community service hoursState v. 2019-CT-002107-A-W / Orange / Steve Jewett1/27/2020
Disorderly IntoxicationDriving on suspended license charge would make client a Habitual Traffic Offender. Convinced state to amend this to a No Valid Driver's License to avoid HTO status. Credit time served on VOP.State v. 2019-CT-000998-A-E, 2018-CF-003104-A / Orange / Adam McGinnis1/27/2020
Careless DrivingAmended to no valid driver's license, adjudicated guilty, court costs.State v. 2019-CT-003016 / Polk / Stacie L. Kaylor1/24/2020
Two counts of battery (domestic violence)State stipulated to DUI with BAC below .15 after client was kicked out of CDP program. Adjudication withheld on speeding ticket, DL ticket dismissed.State v. 2018-CT-003896 / Osceola / Christine Arendas1/24/2020
DUI (2nd offense)Adjudicated GuiltyState v. 2018-CF-001960-A-O / Orange / Tanya Davis1/22/2020
Two counts of contributing to the delinquency or dependency of a minorProbation reinstated(2019-CJ-000106; 2019-CJ-002917) / Orange / Robert J. Egan1/21/2020
Possession of Fentanyl; Possession of Drug Paraphernalia; Sale of Controlled Substance; Sale/Delivery of HeroinAll charges droppedState v. 2018-CF-018371-A-O / Orange / Leticia Marques1/21/2020
Resisting officer without violence; Assault (Domestic Violence) (Assault)Pre-Trial Diversion for all three charges of battery on a law enforcement officer; charge dropped/nolle prosequi; no action takenState v. 2018-CF-014603-A-O; 2018-CF-014604 / Orange / Tom Young1/20/2020
Possession of Drug ParaphernaliaAdjudication withheld; nolle prosequi/charge dropped; no action taken; no action taken; no action takenState v. 2018-CF-016524-A-O / Orange / Bob LeBlanc1/20/2020
Reckless Driving Alcohol Related, Fleeing/attempting to elude a law enforcement officer, resisting officer without violence, reckless driving alcohol related, Fleeing or attempting to elude a law enforcement officer at high speed or with wanton disregardNolle Prosequi/charge droppedState v. 2019-MM-0009804 / Seminole / John Woodard III1/20/2020
Leave scene of accident w/prop >50, Crossing median driving strip or marked divider of highwayAdjudication withheld/not convicted on both chargesIn Re 2019-CJ-000890-A-O / Orange / Timothy R. Shea1/20/2020
Petit TheftNolle prosequi/charges dropped; Nolle prosequi/charges dropped; adjudicated guilty; no action taken; no action takenState v. 2019-CF-001640-A-O / Orange / Bob LeBlanc1/20/2020
Possession of Cannabis; Possession of Drug ParaphernaliaAmended to simple DUI (no crash/BAC under .15). Traffic tickets dismissedState v. 2019-CT-005970-AXXX-XX, 2019-TR-070857-A-O. 2019-TR-070856-A-O, 2019-TR-070855-A-O / Orange / Jason Nimeth1/17/2020
Possession of not more than 20 grams of cannabisDefendant sent to alternative school for 180 days. We appealed before hearing and won. Student allowed to return to school right away.In Re Expulsion Hearing / Orange County Public Schools1/17/2020
Petit TheftCharges droppedState v. 2018-CT-002464-A-W / Orange / Andrew L. Cameron1/16/2020
Petit TheftState amended to simple DUI (BAC below .15), allowed mail in probation, early term upon completion, no interlock deviceState v. 2019-CT-004550-A-O / Orange / Faye L. Allen1/16/2020
Petit theftAdjudication Withheld (NOT CONVICTED)State v. 2019-MM-008067-A-O / Orange / Faye L Allen1/16/2020
Leaving Scene of Accident, careless driving ticketProbation was revoked and terminated, sentenced to a new term of probation, 2 years drug offender probation with possibility of early termination.State v. 2018-CF-003284, 2018-CF-003285 / Marion / Steven Rogers1/15/2020
Failure to Yield to Oncoming TrafficReduced to Misdemeanors. Adjudication Withheld (NOT CONVICTED), 1 year probation each count consecutive with option to Early Termination after 1 yearState v. 2018-CF-009820-A-O / Orange / Renee A. Roche1/15/2020
Petit TheftCitation amended to 84 in a 55 mph zone, withhold of adjudication, $279.00 fine and $33.00 court costsState v. 2019-TR-146396-A-O / Orange / Hearing Officer1/14/2020
Double parkedWe got the state to stipulate to DUI below .15. Client received minimum DUI penalties.?ɬÉ?ǬÉ?ɬÇ?ǬÉ?ɬÉ?ǬÇ?ɬÇ?ǬÉ?ɬÉ?ǬÉ?ɬÇ?ǬÇ?ɬÉ?ǬÇ?ɬÇ?ǬÇ?ɬÉ?ǬÉ?ɬÇ?ǬÉ?ɬÉ?ǬÇ?ɬÇ?ǬÇ?ɬÉ?ǬÉ?ɬÇ?ǬÇ?ɬÉ?ǬÇ?ɬÇ?Ǭ†State v. 2019-CT-006744-A-O / Orange / David Johnson1/14/2020
Boating under the influenceCase droppedState v. 2019-CF-002470-A-O / Orange / Keith F. White1/14/2020
Stalking or cyber stalkingWithhold of adjudication, theft class, court costsState v. 2019-MM-008647-A-O / Orange / Nancy Clark1/13/2020
VOPCharges dismissedState v. 2019-TR-0030671-A-W; 2019-TR-030672-A-W / Orange / Eric H DuBois1/13/2020
Petit TheftAdjudicated guilty but prior DUI reduced to wet reckless; Nolle prosequi (charge dropped)State v. 2019-CT-003961-A-O; 2019-CT-003962-A-O / Orange / Steve Jewett1/13/2020
Unlawful speed, headlights fall to dim, and driving under the influenceCharges Dropped/AbandonedState v. 2019-MM-008037-A / Seminole / John Woodard III1/13/2020
No Valid Drivers License, No Motor Vehicle Registration, No headlights ticketNolle prosequi/charge dropped (with Pre-Trial Diversion program) on both chargesState v. 2019-MM-003261-A-O / Orange / David P Johnson1/13/2020
BatteryAdjudication WithheldState v. 2019-MM-003556 / Orange / Maureen A Bell1/13/2020
False and fraudulent insurance claims, scheme to defraudNolle Prosequi/Case DroppedState v. 2017-CF-003745 / Polk / Michael P McDaniel1/13/2020
DUI (2nd offense) and DMV Formal Review HearingOriginally charged with DUI BAC .183, reduced to disorderly intoxicationState v. 2019-MM-007064-A / Seminole / John Woodard III1/13/2020
Failure to yieldAdjudication WithheldState v. 2019-TR-013654-A-A / Orange / Jeanette D Bigney1/13/2020
 Ã¶âˆšÃ¢Â¬Â¨âˆšÃ¡â€šÃ Ã¶âˆšÃºÂ¬Â¨âˆšâ‰ â€šÃ Ã¶âˆšÃ¢Â¬Â¨âˆšÃ¢â€šÃ Ã¶Â¬Â¢Â¬Â¨âˆšÃ‘šÃ‚‰ÃƒÂ‚¬Ã‡?ǬÇ?ɬÉ?ǬÇ?ɬÇ?ǬÇ?ɬÉ?ǬÉ?ɬÇ?ǬÉ?ɬÉ?ǬÇ?ɬÇ?ǬÉ?ɬÉ?ǬÉ?ɬÇ?ǬÇ?ɬÉ?ǬÇ?ɬÇ?ǬÇ?ɬÉ?ǬÉ?ɬÇ?ǬÉ?ɬÉ?ǬÇ?ɬÇ?ǬÇ?ɬÉ?ǬÉ?ɬÇ?ǬÇ?ɬÉ?ǬÇ?ɬÇ?Ǭ†"Nolle prosequi/case droppedState v. 2019-MM-08158-A-O / Orange / Maureen A Bell1/13/2020
Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer, Trespass on Property other than Structure or Conveyance, Resisting Officer without ViolenceAdjudication withheld/not convicted on both countsState v. 2019-MM-001345 / Osceola / Christine E Arendas1/10/2020
BatteryAdjudication withheld/not convicted; charge dropped; no action; no actionState v. 2018-CF-003239 / Osceola / Jon B Morgan1/10/2020
Felony BatteryAdjudication withheld/not convicted; droppedState v. 2019-MM-000411-A-E / Orange / Adam McGinnis1/10/2020
Neglect of a childCase DroppedState v. 2018-MM-003137 / Osceola / Christine E Arendas1/10/2020
DV BatteryAdjudication withheld/not convicted, adjudicated guilty, nolle prosequi/charge dropped, adjudicated guilty, adjudicated guiltyState v. 2019-CT-000320-A-W; 2019-CF-013105-A-0; 2019-CF-001054 / Orange; Orange; Osceola / Steve Jewett; Keith F White; Jon B Morgan1/10/2020
NVDLAdjudication withheld/no conviction, also state wanted 6 months of probation + 50 hours, got them down to $200 fine only, dismissedState v. 2019-CT-002023; 2019-TR-023407 / Osceola / Christine E Arendas1/10/2020
Neglect of a childNot convictedState v. 2019-MM-000090-A-O / Orange / David P Johnson1/10/2020
Not convicted on both countsState v. 2017-MM-001590 / Osceola / Christine E Arendas1/10/2020
Domestic BatteryNolle ProsequiState v. 2019-MM-000646A / Seminole / Frederic Schott1/9/2020
DV BatteryNolle Prosequi/case droppedState v. 2019-MM-004780-A-O / Orange / Wayne J. Shoemaker1/9/2020
Domestic BatteryCharge droppedState v. 2019-MM-001773-A-O / Orange / Adam McGinnis1/9/2020
Uttering Forged Bills/ForgeryCriminal charge amended to civil failure to report information, traffic ticket dismissedState v. 2019-CT-007251-A-O / Orange / Jeanette Bigney1/8/2020
Domestic Battery by StrangulationTicket dismissedState v. 2019-TR-125862-A-O / Orange1/8/2020
VOP - Discharge of firearm in publicCharges droppedState v. 2019-MM-001017 / Osceola / Stefania C Jancewicz1/8/2020
Violation of ProbationCharges dropped2019-CT-001510 / Osceola / Stefania C Jancewic1/8/2020
Petit TheftLicense suspended2019-IN-000053 / Osceola / Hal C Epperson1/8/2020
Petit TheftProbation2019 CJ 002518 / Orange / Timothy R Shea1/8/2020
Petit TheftReinstated probation2016-cf-002009-A-O / Orange / Kim Beamer1/8/2020
Aggravated BatteryCase droppedState v. 2019-MM-008784-A-O / Orange / Criminal Division A1/8/2020
2nd DUI o/s 5 years with stip. below .15 BACNot convicted on DUI, Amended to Reckless Driving and 9 months probation. Tickets were dismissed.State v. 2019-MM-007528 / Seminole / Mark E Herr1/8/2020
All charges droppedState v. 2019-CT-001454-A-A, 2019-CT-001453-A-A, 2019-TR-016016-A-A / Orange / Steve Jewett1/7/2020
duiCharges dropped, client completed diversion program.State v. 2018-CF-011265-O/A / Orange / A. James Craner1/6/2020
petit theftticket dismissed despite both law enforcement officer and witness both showing up to the hearingState v. 2019-TR-014646-A-E / Orange / David Johnson1/3/2020
DUI (2nd o/s 5 years)Withhold of adjudication, 24 months of probation, community service, court costsState v. 2019-CF-008811-A-O / Orange / Tom Young1/3/2020
Resisting Office Without ViolenceNo Information Notice/case droppedState v. 2019-MM-008826 / Orange / Jeanette D. Bigney1/2/2020
reckless drivingClient pled to Trespassing and Resisting without Violence charges. Adjudicated guilty, credit time served, court costs. Battery on Law Enforcement Officer charge dismissed.State v. 2019-CF-008853-A-O / Orange / Tom Young1/2/2020
Delivery of controlled substance, delivery of cannabis?‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨‚àû‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ᬨ¬®‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨‚àû?‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨¬∞‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ᬨ¬®‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨‚àû?‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨‚àû‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ᬨ¬®‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨¬∞?‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨¬∞‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ᬨ¬®‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨‚àû?‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨‚àû‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ᬨ¬®‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨‚àû?‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨¬∞‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ᬨ¬®‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨¬∞?‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨‚àû‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ᬨ¬®‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨¬∞?‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨¬∞‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ᬨ¬®‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨‚àû?‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨‚àû‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ᬨ¬®‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨‚àû?‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨¬∞‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ᬨ¬®‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨‚àû?‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨‚àû‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ᬨ¬®‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨¬∞?‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨¬∞‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ᬨ¬®‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨¬∞?‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨‚àû‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ᬨ¬®‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨‚àû?‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨¬∞‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ᬨ¬®‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨¬∞?‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨‚àû‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ᬨ¬®‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨¬∞?‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨¬∞‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ᬨ¬®‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨‚àû?‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨‚àû‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ᬨ¬®‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨‚àû?‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨¬∞‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ᬨ¬®‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨‚àû?‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨‚àû‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ᬨ¬®‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨¬∞?‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨¬∞‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ᬨ¬®‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨‚àû?‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨‚àû‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ᬨ¬®‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨‚àû?‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨¬∞‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ᬨ¬®‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨¬∞?‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨‚àû‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ᬨ¬®‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨¬∞?‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨¬∞‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ᬨ¬®‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨¬∞?‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨‚àû‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ᬨ¬®‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨‚àû?‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨¬∞‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ᬨ¬®‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨‚àû?‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨‚àû‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ᬨ¬®‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨¬∞?‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨¬∞‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ᬨ¬®‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨¬∞?‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨‚àû‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ᬨ¬®‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨‚àû?‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨¬∞‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ᬨ¬®‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨¬∞?‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨‚àû‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ᬨ¬®‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨¬∞?‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨¬∞‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ᬨ¬®‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨‚àû?‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨‚àû‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ᬨ¬®‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨‚àû?‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨¬∞‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ᬨ¬®‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨‚àû?‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨‚àû‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ᬨ¬®‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨¬∞?‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨¬∞‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ᬨ¬®‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨‚àû?‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨‚àû‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ᬨ¬®‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨‚àû?‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨¬∞‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ᬨ¬®‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨¬∞?‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨‚àû‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ᬨ¬®‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨¬∞?‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨¬∞‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ᬨ¬®‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨‚àû?‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨‚àû‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ᬨ¬®‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨‚àû?‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨¬∞‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ᬨ¬®‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨‚àû?‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨‚àû‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ᬨ¬®‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨¬∞?‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨¬∞‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ᬨ¬®‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨¬∞?‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨‚àû‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ᬨ¬®‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨‚àû?‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨¬∞‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ᬨ¬®‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨¬∞?‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨‚àû‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ᬨ¬®‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨¬∞?‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨¬∞‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ᬨ¬®‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨¬∞?‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨‚àû‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ᬨ¬®‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨‚àû?‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨¬∞‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ᬨ¬®‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨‚àû?‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨‚àû‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ᬨ¬®‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨¬∞?‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨¬∞‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ᬨ¬®‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨‚àû?‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨‚àû‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ᬨ¬®‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨‚àû?‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨¬∞‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ᬨ¬®‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨¬∞?‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨‚àû‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ᬨ¬®‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨¬∞?‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨¬∞‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ᬨ¬®‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨¬∞?‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨‚àû‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ᬨ¬®‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨‚àû?‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨¬∞‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ᬨ¬®‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨‚àû?‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚
Possession of Alcohol By Person Under 21Client was not US citizen. We were able to get charge amended to 1st DUI. Client received first time DUI penalties.State v. 2019?ɬÉ?ǬÉ?ɬÇ?ǬÉ?ɬÉ?ǬÇ?ɬÇ?ǬÉ?ɬÉ?ǬÉ?ɬÇ?ǬÇ?ɬÉ?ǬÇ?ɬÇ?ǬÉ?ɬÉ?ǬÉ?ɬÇ?ǬÉ?ɬÉ?ǬÇ?ɬÇ?ǬÇ?ɬÉ?ǬÉ?ɬÇ?ǬÇ?ɬÉ?ǬÇ?ɬÇ?ǬÉ?ɬÉ?ǬÉ?ɬÇ?ǬÉ?ɬÉ?ǬÇ?ɬÇ?ǬÉ?ɬÉ?ǬÉ?ɬÇ?ǬÇ?ɬÉ?ǬÇ?ɬÇ?ǬÇ?ɬÉ?ǬÉ?ɬÇ?ǬÉ?ɬÉ?ǬÇ?ɬÇ?ǬÇ?ɬÉ?ǬÉ?Ãâ
šÃ Ã¶âˆšÃ¢Â¬Â¨âˆšÃ¢â€šÃ Ã¶Â¬Â¢Â¬Â¨âˆšÃ‘šÃ‚‰ÃƒÂ‚¬Ã‡?ǬÇ?ɬÉ?ǬÇ?ɬÇ?ǬÇ?ɬÉ?ǬÉ?ɬÇ?ǬÉ?ɬÉ?ǬÇ?ɬÇ?ǬÉ?ɬÉ?ǬÉ?ɬÇ?ǬÇ?ɬÉ?ǬÇ?ɬÇ?ǬÇ?ɬÉ?ǬÉ?ɬÇ?ǬÉ?ɬÉ?ǬÇ?ɬÇ?ǬÇ?ɬÉ?ǬÉ?ɬÇ?ǬÇ?ɬÉ?ǬÇ?ɬÇ?Ǭó102962-MMDL / Volusia / Robert Sanders1/10/2020
Careless DrivingCharges dropped ?ɬÉ?ǬÉ?ɬÇ?ǬÉ?ɬÉ?ǬÇ?ɬÇ?ǬÉ?ɬÉ?ǬÉ?ɬÇ?ǬÇ?ɬÉ?ǬÇ?ɬÇ?ǬÉ?ɬÉ?ǬÉ?ɬÇ?ǬÉ?ɬÉ?ǬÇ?ɬÇ?ǬÇ?ɬÉ?ǬÉ?ɬÇ?ǬÇ?ɬÉ?ǬÇ?ɬÇ?ǬÉ?ɬÉ?ǬÉ?ɬÇ?ǬÉ?ɬÉ?ǬÇ?ɬÇ?ǬÉ?ɬÉ?ǬÉ?ɬÇ?ǬÇ?ɬÉ?ǬÇ?ɬÇ?ǬÇ?ɬÉ?ǬÉ?ɬÇ?ǬÉ?ɬÉ?ǬÇ?ɬÇ?ǬÇ?ɬÉ?ǬÉ?‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√â
 â€šÃ Ã¶âˆšÃ¢Â¬Â¨âˆšÃ¢â€šÃ Ã¶Â¬Â¢Â¬Â¨âˆšÃ‘šÃ‚‰ÃƒÂ‚¬Ã‡?ǬÇ?ɬÉ?ǬÇ?ɬÇ?ǬÇ?ɬÉ?ǬÉ?ɬÇ?ǬÉ?ɬÉ?ǬÇ?ɬÇ?ǬÉ?ɬÉ?ǬÉ?ɬÇ?ǬÇ?ɬÉ?ǬÇ?ɬÇ?ǬÇ?ɬÉ?ǬÉ?ɬÇ?ǬÉ?ɬÉ?ǬÇ?ɬÇ?ǬÇ?ɬÉ?ǬÉ?ɬÇ?ǬÇ?ɬÉ?ǬÇ?ɬÇ?Ǭñ client successfully completed diversion programState v. 2019-MM-000492-A-W / Orange / David Johnson1/9/2020
Petit TheftCharges dropped ?ɬÉ?ǬÉ?ɬÇ?ǬÉ?ɬÉ?ǬÇ?ɬÇ?ǬÉ?ɬÉ?ǬÉ?ɬÇ?ǬÇ?ɬÉ?ǬÇ?ɬÇ?ǬÉ?ɬÉ?ǬÉ?ɬÇ?ǬÉ?ɬÉ?ǬÇ?ɬÇ?ǬÇ?ɬÉ?ǬÉ?ɬÇ?ǬÇ?ɬÉ?ǬÇ?ɬÇ?ǬÉ?ɬÉ?ǬÉ?ɬÇ?ǬÉ?ɬÉ?ǬÇ?ɬÇ?ǬÉ?ɬÉ?ǬÉ?ɬÇ?ǬÇ?ɬÉ?ǬÇ?ɬÇ?ǬÇ?ɬÉ?ǬÉ?ɬÇ?ǬÉ?ɬÉ?ǬÇ?ɬÇ?ǬÇ?ɬÉ?ǬÉ?‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√â
 â€šÃ Ã¶âˆšÃ¢Â¬Â¨âˆšÃ¢â€šÃ Ã¶Â¬Â¢Â¬Â¨âˆšÃ‘šÃ‚‰ÃƒÂ‚¬Ã‡?ǬÇ?ɬÉ?ǬÇ?ɬÇ?ǬÇ?ɬÉ?ǬÉ?ɬÇ?‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√â‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨¬∞‚àö√⬨√â‚àö√ú¬¨√≠‚àö√⬨√á‚àö¬¢¬¨√Ѭ¨√∂‚àö√⬨√â‚