Defending Teachers and Police Officers After A DUI Arrest

Being a teacher or a police officer are some of the highest respected professions in the public sector. These professions are many times seen as an example of what a good law abiding citizen should be. At the same time due to the nature of their profession, teachers and police officer have a moral obligation to live the life they preach. It is public news when two school teachers are caught drunk and charged with a DUI, because these teachers are the people who we have entrusted our kids for their education and should be leading by example. For many parents whose kids go to Entrada Academy in the Bronx finding out that the teacher of their kids has been arrested it is very disturbing.

In another case, an off duty police officer in NY was also charged with DUI and it is a bit ironic that the person who is the face of the law is now in need of a DUI attorney. Although in both cases the teachers and the police officer have the same legal rights as a private citizen; on the other hand their moral obligation is much different since both groups preach what they have been charged on. Drunk driving is illegal in all fifty states and every year there are many accidents that end up in death due to alcohol. Being a police officer in a front of a judge for a crime caused by drunk driving puts them in a precarious situation for criminal defense.

In the end, no one should be drinking and driving; however it is very difficult to implement the rules to the young if the one they are education the private citizens are not observing the same rules. Accepting a position in as an officer or teacher in our society requires an acceptance of the responsibility that comes with it.