DUI Manslaughter During Bike Week

Barbara Dunn of Chatham, Massachusetts is facing DUI manslaughter, among other charges, after travelling north into southbound lanes on Ocean Shore Boulevard in Ormond Beach last Saturday. Identified later to be driving under the influence, Dunn’s van began driving on the wrong side of the road, in turn heading into a group of motorcyclists that were visiting for Bike Week. Her van struck and killed 64-year-old Charles Bixler, whom lived in Concord, North Carolina. A few more of his fellow motorcyclists sustained minor injuries while the accident occurred.

Dunn’s DUI incident also caused property damage, and she was booked into the Volusia County Jail. Another motorcyclist was killed earlier in Saturday in a single-vehicle crash. These were 2 of 10 deaths linked to the events that occurred during bike week this year. The main reason for such an extraordinary leap in motorcycle accidents during this time is because the roads become very crowded when more than 500,000 riders come in from all over the country. Some of them don’t take safe driving courses or wear helmets either.

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