Orlando Trip-and-Fall Accident Lawyer

Florida Trip-and-Fall Injury Liability Lawyer for Those Injured on the Premises of a Building

Trip-and-fall accidents can occur at a drop of a dime and without warning. One minute you may be casually walking back to your seat in a restaurant and the next, you’re falling face first over a ruffled up rug. People often fail to pursue legal action because they don’t want to be seen as trying to “make a quick buck.” However, the injuries suffered in trip-and-fall accidents are often severe and require expensive medical treatment.

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Rights of Injured Accident Victims

Trip-and-fall accidents commonly occur in the following locations:

Those injured in such accidents and those occurring in other settings often don’t understand the adversarial nature of our legal system until it’s too late. You may assume that the property owner will automatically pay for damages such as medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages; however, that is not the case.

At The Umansky Law Firm, our lawyers represent people injured in trip and fall and slip and fall accidents in Orlando and other communities in Central Florida. Many of these slip or trip and falls happen at shopping plazas or apartments that are improperly maintained. If you or a loved one has sustained an injury in an accident occurring on someone else’s property, b sure to acquire legal representation. We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case and answer your questions.

How Insurance Companies Treat Trip-and-Fall Cases

Under Florida law, property owners have a responsibility to people who come onto their property as a guest or customer. That duty is to protect you from dangerous conditions that could cause you to be injured. Examples of hazardous property conditions include:

  • Missing handrails on a ramp
  • Uneven steps on stairs
  • Potholes or cracks in a sidewalk
  • Construction debris

If the property owners knew about the dangerous condition or should have known, they are responsible for your damages if you are injured.

Businesses and other property owners have general liability insurance (and homeowner’s insurance in the case of an individual) to pay for the damages of people who are injured due to their negligence. However, insurance companies will not pay that money willingly.

In any trip-and-fall case, it’s important to contact a tripping accident lawyer. Evidence of the dangerous property conditions must be collected and preserved as soon as possible. Otherwise, the property owner could install a handrail, repair steps, fill the pothole or clean up construction debris, removing evidence you need to prove your case.

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