What If My Personal Injury Claim Is Denied?

Although clients pay insurance companies to make sure that they are protected if they sustain injuries in an accident, the insurance company can still end up denying a claim. This can be frightening and frustrating for a person who has suffered a legitimate injury, especially as medical bills begin to pile up.

Fortunately, there are options for individuals in Orlando who have been denied their medical claims. An experienced personal injury attorney may be able to get that insurance claim after all.

Why a Personal Injury Claim May be Denied

Insurance companies sometimes deny claims if they think there is a dispute in liability. If one person says the light was red, while the other person says the light is green, there are conflicting sides of the story, and the insurance company may deny the claim. Insurance companies also use the following grounds to deny insurance claims:

Policy Exclusion: This denial is due to certain types of injuries being excluded from a policy. They tend to be concealed within the fine print and can be illegal.

Expiration or Lapse of Coverage: This denial stems from a person not renewing a specific type of coverage on time.

Incorrect or Incomplete Claim: If there is erroneous information in a claim, the insurance company can deny that claim.

Delay in Treatment: This denial occurs when a person doesn’t immediately get medical attention or file a claim quickly enough.

Limited or No Medical Records: When an individual has no medical records to back up a person’s claim, the insurance company will deny it.

Pre-existing Condition: This denial occurs when the insurance company decides that a person’s injury isn’t relevant to a recent accident, but actually due to their pre-existing condition.

Failure to Avoid/Mitigate Injury: Insurance companies deny a claim if they believe the individual failed to take appropriate measures to avoid making an injury worse.

Insurance companies are required by law to pay a person’s claim when that claim is genuine. If the insurer fails to investigate the claim and merely denies it straight away, they are breaching their responsibility.

In such an instance, filing a lawsuit may be necessary. When filing a lawsuit, the attorneys at The Umansky Law Firm actually put all the issues in front of the jury. We let the jury decide who was at fault in the accident. We let the jury decide what amount of damage is a personal sustained.

What Are My Options After Personal Injury Claim Is Denied?

It is frightening to think that you may not be entitled to proper compensation if your claim is initially denied. You may need the knowledge and experience of a professional personal injury lawyer to fight for what you deserve alongside you. The attorneys at The Umansky Law Firm have experience dealing with this type of situation.

A personal injury attorney can help a client who has seen their claim denied in this manner. The lawyer can review the insurance policy and contact the insurance company on the individual’s behalf.

The Orlando personal injury lawyers at The Umansky Law Firm are here to go to work for you. We can determine if you have a reasonable claim against the insurance company and determine how to proceed from there. We can help you present a case against the insurance company, reverse the denial, and make sure you receive just compensation. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.