What Goes Into a Car Accident Investigation?

investigating a car accident in florida

When a car accident in Orlando takes place, it is crucial to determine fault as quickly as possible. It’s not immediately obvious who is at fault in most cases, although in rear-end accidents, it’s apparent that the back driver slammed into the car in front of him. Most accidents, however, require crash investigators to work backward to find out what happened.

Mapping the sequence of events in a car crash is key to determining fault, which helps insurance companies and victims. There are two types of people who take the responsibility of conducting these investigations: police officers and independent accident investigators.

The People Behind Car Accident Investigations

Police officers and independent accident investigators study most car accidents. Police officers are usually first to respond to an accident unless someone gets hurt. In an injury accident, police officers might show up after the ambulance has already transported victims to the emergency room.

Nearly all car accidents require a police report. The police officer who shows up to the scene of a crash has a very specific role — to determine whether any criminal actions occurred during the accident. A criminal investigation is common when the officer suspects that drug or alcohol use played a part in the accident and for crashes involving commercial drivers who may have gone over the federal limit for hours of service in one sitting. On the other hand, independent investigators work for insurance companies, law firms, or individual drivers to pinpoint the cause of the accident rather than find criminal liability.

Independent investigators help insurance companies find out whether they need to pay an accident claim and calculate their financial burden. They are sometimes off-duty or retired police officers or full-time professional accident investigators who work independently or for a detective agency or law firm.

How Do Crash Investigators Gather Evidence?

Those who work in accident reconstruction must use evidence from the original accident to put the puzzle pieces together. Professionals take many steps to gather this type of evidence, which usually comes from inspecting the crash scene and vehicles soon after the crash. They also rely upon evidence collected by police officers to establish the foundation of their reports.

Inspection of Crash Scene

When an investigator arrives at the scene of the accident, he or she must gather the following information:

  • The exact location of the accident
  • The time of the crash
  • Who called in the accident to the police
  • The weather conditions and visibility of the accident
  • Information about the severity of the accident

Like police officers, they may take the following steps to gather vital information:

  • Take photographs
  • Take measurements
  • Perform advanced mathematical calculations
  • Identify and analyze crash evidence
  • Interview witnesses and suspects

Once investigators collect all the evidence, they must reconstruct the crash to determine fault. Accident reconstruction involves the use of physics and advanced mathematics to determine the speeds at which the involved vehicles traveled and their relative positions at all times during the sequence of events.

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