Most Common Injuries from a Car Accident in Florida

Most common auto accident injuriesThe Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) reports there were more than 400,000 vehicle crashes in 2017, which resulted in 254,000 reported injuries. The crash statistics also noted that more than 1,098 crashes occur daily in the Sunshine State, which means thousands of families across Florida face the related fallout from devastating injuries. 

Depending on the nature of the crash and the variable factors involved, the severity of those sustained injuries varies widely. One thing is for certain: traffic accidents are all too common throughout Florida, and as a result, residents in heavily populated cities like Orlando likely face the highest risk for long-term medical issues. 

Types of Injuries Sustained in a Car Accident

While the seriousness of collision-related suffering has many levels, there are some common injuries that require immediate treatment. That’s why it’s important to get checked out by a doctor if you’re involved in a crash so your treatment can take place right away to avoid complications later on.

Whiplash Neck and Spine Injuries

Head-on and rear-end collisions cause such force on impact that it can prompt your head or body to snap back and forth harshly. One of the most common injuries from this experience is whiplash. This condition leads to extreme muscle stiffness in the neck, shoulders, and spine, and may also produce symptoms like headache and loss of power in the muscle. 

Even low-impact crashes can result in a milder form of whiplash that won’t be felt immediately. If one experiences nausea, shoulder pain, low back pain, and/or headache, they should see a doctor right away for a diagnosis.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Accidents that cause shock and trauma to the head may cause a brain injury. Victims suffering from this condition might experience devastating side effects that could affect them for the rest of their lives. Lost memory, impaired motor function, and even general reasoning could suffer severely as a result of trauma to the brain. Receiving a proper medical exam after a crash is critical to discovering and treating this condition right away.

Spinal Injuries

Despite seatbelts and airbags providing added safety measures to our daily driving routines, spinal injuries are another common condition many accident victims suffer from after a wreck. Those who have back or spinal pain after an auto crash shouldn’t ignore their symptoms and hope it goes away. These types of injuries can lead to more dangerous health situations if untreated. Tingling sensations in the extremities, loss of power in muscles or motor function, and difficulty walking can last for a lifetime if not assessed once symptoms appear.

Bone Fractures and Amputations

The violent impacts associated with vehicles colliding may happen with enough force to break bones or amputate limbs. Even with modern innovations like bumpers, seat belts, airbags, and zones designed to endure this kind of brute force, thousands of Floridians suffer fractured bones in car crashes every year. 

Bone fractures which are common in high-speed collisions include:

  • Ribs
  • Arms
  • Skull
  • Legs
  • Spinal vertebra

Bone fragments can also complicate breakages by puncturing nearby organs and causing internal bleeding.

Psychological Traumatization

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is another side-effect of an auto accident as a response to the shock and trauma involved. Many sufferers initially ignore the symptoms of anxiety, nervousness, and sudden mood swings as something that will eventually pass, but this condition can last for years without appropriate psychological care. 

Orlando Traumatic Car Accident Attorneys

The only sure way to prevent or at least minimize the impact a potential Orlando car accident may have on your life is to take safety measures seriously. The trauma of car crash injuries can last a lifetime and affect every aspect of your life and that of your family. When on the road, remember to practice caution behind the wheel and stay attentive at all times to those driving around you. 

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