Is Orlando The Most Dangerous City in The U.S. for pedestrians?

On February 2nd, around 7 a.m., a 16-year-old boy named Brandon Vera was struck by a car and killed. He wasn’t the first student involved in a car accident this year-in fact there have been 6 others at his school and the nearby River Springs Middle School struck by vehicles. However, this unfortunate event was the first one to take a life. The accident occurred in Volusia County when he was on his way to University High School in Orange City, located roughly 30 miles north of Orlando, a city notorious nationally for accidents involving pedestrians.

If you have ever visited or lived in Orlando you might have noticed how risky it can be to ride a bike around town or even cross a street. The roads are often congested with dangerous drivers, and to put it frankly, not designed for pedestrian traffic. The roads in Orlando were designed to accommodate tour buses and cars full of people on their way to large attractions and parks like Disney World and Universal Studios. In fact, if you Google car accident in Orlando, you will learn that Orlando has more car accidents per year than any other city in Florida.

Orlando pedestrian accident occurrences are quite high in the city. Many in Orlando think that this has to do with the combination of wide roads and the presence of the large and ever-growing population of senior citizens. The local government has recently been noticing a spike in personal injury lawyer inquiries through the municipal online informational portal which has lead to the initial research phases in making the city more pedestrian friendly. However, it appears that this project will be difficult to push through unless victims of car accidents and pedestrian accidents start to fight for their rights and speak openly about safety on the roads. The seeds of social change are often sewn in the upset of community members who have negative experiences and have to result in legal action. Often times, when one consults a motor vehicle lawyer after being in a serious accident, that individual is looking for more than compensation for medical bills.

The truth is, victims of auto accidents are looking for acknowledgment and support from the government, not just payment for the hardship they have passed. It is crucial to find a law firm that understands this completely. One reason The Umansky Law Firm exists is to help motor vehicle accident victims see their claim through to justice. With many years of experience in the field, we know this area of law thoroughly and we can be the firm you choose in Florida because we do what it takes to win these cases. Accident and injury cases can be difficult because they cause the victim and their relatives to re-live the event.

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*Some of the laws may have changed since this article was first published..