Georgia Tourists In Daytona Beach Accident

This article was first published June 13th, 2012. Some of the laws may have changed since this that date.

After a couple visiting Daytona Beach from Georgia was eternally separated because of a Truck Accident on Saturday, the first factor to come to play was their usage of a crosswalk. Whether it was lack of attention, carelessness crossing the street, or failure to observe reasonable driving standards, Mr. Stephen King lost his wife Diana that day. Mr. King ended up at Halifax Medical Center with injuries, but none of which were substantial enough to take his life.

Florida Pedestrian Safety

As it is becoming more apparent around the country because of constant news reports and consistent statistics, Florida is the most dangerous place in the country for pedestrians. We see this firsthand in Florida, but unfortunately this fact crosses over to yet another county above us. And Daytona Beach is a haven for tourists, which are pouring into Daytona year round, especially on the weekends. Though most local drivers in Daytona Beach understand that tourists may wander the streets like they might in their hometowns, defensive driving still takes precedence on these streets. This driving consideration, which doesn’t happen enough, would greatly reduce pedestrian accidents in Florida.

Truck accidents in Florida are often very severe in regards to the amount of personal injury they inflict. Unfortunately, they also often result in wrongful death. Compared to typical auto accidents, truck accidents typically require above average compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, and relief for immeasurable pain and suffering.

Charges are pending for the incident as of June 11th, 2012.