Five Situations Auto Accident Lawyers Help You Avoid

The pressures of dealing with an insurance company after a car accident are nerve-racking. Although you need to communicate with insurance representatives, you don’t want to make a single mistake because you could potentially hurt your settlement. If you’ve been hurt in an accident, your future depends on how well you handle your claim, which is why it is sensible to speak with an attorney before you speak to insurance representatives. It’s vital that you avoid making mistakes when handling a claim, which is why an experienced auto accident lawyer comes in handy. Here are the top 5 situations lawyers can help you avoid after an auto accident..

Five Situations an Orlando Car Accident Lawyer Can Prevent

Denied Claim Because of Your Official Accident Statement

After an accident, your life is upside down and full of uncertainty. You might have to figure out how to get new transportation quickly, arrange for follow-up care due to injuries, and you may be panicking about missing work while you recover. During this period of instability, you will likely receive a call from an insurance agent wanting an official accident statement. They might even insist you must do so or your claim won’t get processed within a specific timeframe or that it will get denied outright.

It’s important to understand that anything you say could influence the outcome of your claim. If you aren’t in a good state of mind or are uncomfortable making a statement, don’t make that statement. Obtain a car accident lawyer immediately to put a stop to this unnecessary pressure. Your lawyer will ensure you don’t get manipulated into saying the wrong thing which will cost you needed money for your loss and damages.

Settling Too Quickly for a Small Sum

It’s never a good idea to make assumptions about your future after a car accident or to settle a claim quickly. By ignoring what appear as minor injuries after a crash, you could lose much-needed money and benefits toward your treatment later. Avoiding this situation means consulting with an experienced auto accident lawyer should be the first decision you make regarding your claim. Not only will this lawyer make sure all of your losses get compensated, but their years of experience will help you fight back against the insurance company’s tactics.

Their Preferred Repair Shop Botched Your Car Repairs

Insurance companies make saving money their primary goal in any car repair claim. They often have discounts worked out with local repair shops and often pressure you into going to them. How well of a job these auto shops perform isn’t important to your adjuster, and you are stuck with substandard repairs.

It’s important to understand that using your insurance company’s preferred repair shop isn’t required. You have every right to go somewhere of your choosing when fixing damages after your auto accident. Whether your shop costs more than their own doesn’t matter, and if you have an attorney representing your case, you won’t be stuck with shoddy repair standards.

Unknowingly Cashing an Insurance Check with a Release Attached

Insurance companies know how to manipulate accident victims and the circumstances around them. After an accident, those who suffered losses, injuries, lost work time, or damage to their vehicle, need to get back on their feet as quickly as possible. An adjuster may try to capitalize on this urgency and send a settlement check with some documentation that needs to be signed. In this paperwork, there could be a release from future liability written in the fine print. Once you sign the check, you have released any responsibility for which the insurance company was still on the hook.

The Umansky Law Firm reviews complicated paperwork to help you avoid this pitfall. Signing a settlement check is never a good idea without an attorney’s prior review of all the details involved. You risk losing all your rights to future compensation and may discover other damages down the road you didn’t know about when you signed the check.

Missing the Filing Deadline for Your Claim

From the day of the accident, Florida law gives you two years to file a claim for personal injury and property damage. When this period expires, you lose your opportunity to pursue a lawsuit. This is why you need to stop wasting time arguing with your insurance company and contact a car accident lawyer before this period ends.  

It takes to time to collect evidence for an accident claim to be successful. Your attorney will know how to make the laws surrounding these cases work in your favor and fight for the compensation you deserve. The costs of your medical treatment, loss of your ability to work, lost wages, and many other losses depend on meeting this deadline.

Orlando Car Accident Attorneys Can Make Things Right

When you are involved in a car accident in Orlando, making any of these mistakes might cost you thousands of dollars. Insurance companies and their adjusters use manipulative tactics to save themselves money at your expense. They will play on your fears of medical bills and the urgency of your financial stability after an accident.

Orlando car accident lawyers with The Umansky Law Firm put a stop to shady settlement practices and protects its clients’ best interests and futures. We have served Central Florida residents for a number of years in car accident cases across the state and understand that the claims process is complex and stressful. Our over 100 years of combined experience allows our team of car accident attorneys to help get your life back and focused on healing.  Contact our office today at (407) 228-3838 for a free claim evaluation and to learn how we can get you on the road to recovery sooner.