Do I Need a Doctor for my Claim?

Individuals involved in an injury that involved another party’s negligence often wonder whether or not they have to have a doctor in order to prove there was a personal injury case. That’s an interesting question and a very good one. In the State of Florida, if you’re involved in an automobile accident, in order to recover from pain and suffering, and future pain and suffering, you have to show that there is a permanent injury. The only one that can sign off on a permanent injury is a medical doctor, or in some cases, a chiropractor.

When A Doctor Needs To Get Involved

Florida is one of those states that allows people to recover all of their out of pocket medical expenses as a result of the accident, including their medical bills and the damage done to their vehicle. However, if you want to seek recovery for pain and suffering, or future pain and suffering, it has to be shown that you sustained a permanent injury. A doctor will be the one to ultimately determine whether or not you sustained a permanent injury. So, in regards to the question of whether you need a doctor to prove your personal injury case, the question really is what are you trying to recover for? If the answer is that you’re just trying to get your out-of-pocket and medical bills paid, then technically, no. But if you want to be compensated at all for pain suffering, or future pain suffering, or past pain suffering, then yes, you do need a medical doctor, or a chiropractor.

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