Common Misconceptions about Motorcycle Accident Lawsuits

Misconceptions about motorcycle accident lawsuits and lawsuits lead to costly mistakes in accident litigation. The Umansky Law Firm, P.A. is concerned. You should not suffer misunderstanding and misrepresentation in addition to the stress of your accident.

The Biker Stereotype

The best image of motorcycle drivers is that they are fun-loving free spirits. However, a carefree and independent person can quickly become a distrusted law-breaker in the eyes of other motorists, insurance companies and law enforcement. If you are in an Orlando motorcycle accident, find a lawyer who will represent you as a law-abiding citizen and protect your reputation. The Umansky Law Firm’s client-centered attorneys fight bias and biker stereotyping in motorcycle accident litigation.

The Biker Takes the Blame

Another misconception about motorcycle accidents is that they are always caused by the motorcycle driver. The Umansky Law Firm says that Orlando motorcycle operators have the same rights on the roads as other drivers:

A right to be seen,

A right to a fair share of the road, and

A reasonable expectation that other drivers will properly yield the right of way in traffic.

Motorcycle operators are required by Florida law to register their vehicles and be licensed. As of July 2008, all bikers are required to pass a basic rider training course as a prerequisite to licensing. In motorcycle crashes with passenger cars, all too often, the driver “just didn’t see” the biker. Don’t take the blame when the accident wasn’t your fault.

Law Enforcement is Always Right

The officers who investigate accidents try to be unbiased and thorough in their reports, but everyone makes mistakes, especially under the pressure of reconciling witness reports and trying to clear busy roadways. A serious accident in Orlando deserves complete investigation. Contact an accident law firm immediately for experienced help.

The Insurance Company Is On Your Side

While most insurers honor their policies, adjusters are not going to offer more than minimum compensation. If there is any reason to deny coverage, the insurance company will find it. The Umansky Law Firm can negotiate a fair accident settlement, or defend you against unreasonable claims on your insurance. Under Florida law, bikers over age 21 electing not to wear helmets, must be covered by an insurance policy providing at least $10,000 in medical benefits. However, if a motorcycle operator is charged in a crash with injuries, then the owner or owner/operator is financially responsible for injuries and property damage to others. If the biker did not have liability coverage was in effect, then the law says that the biker must purchase liability insurance and keep it for three years to avoid license and tag/registration suspension. The Umansky Law Firm urges all bikers to carry some liability insurance.

A Rider at Fault Does Not Deserve Compensation

We all like to assign blame. We feel more in control if we can determine a clear chain of cause and event in the case of an accident. But usually, there are many factors contributing to a motorcycle crash, from driver error to poor road conditions. Don’t assume that because you were charged in your motorcycle accident, you are not covered by your insurance or entitled to compensation for your injuries. Let a qualified Orlando motorcycle accident attorney guide you through the claims process and, if necessary, prepare a lawsuit for damages.

You Don’t Stand a Chance in Court

Despite the prejudice against bikers, statistics are that about half of all motorcycle operators are middle-aged, ordinary people who ride for pleasure or for economic reasons. If you’ve been injured in an Orlando motorcycle accident, you deserve the financial compensation to help you:

Pay your medical bills

Recover lost wages,

Repair your bike

Get back on the road

If you have to file a lawsuit to get justice, an effective motorcycle law attorney can win in court for you. Contact the Umansky Law Firm. Don’t risk the optimum outcome of your case by misunderstanding the law. Our motorcycle accident attorneys are prepared to deal with whatever disaster has come your way on the dangerous roads of Florida. You know the story of your accident; the Umansky lawyers know the law. Together, we can work for the best outcome of your case. Call us at 407-228-3838 for a free consultation, or contact us by submitting our web form.