Can I Handle my Personal Injury Claim On my Own?

Wondering whether or not a person can pursue a personal injury claim on their own? The answer to that question is tricky because there is no requirement that you have legal counsel when talking with an insurance company or when trying to pursue a personal injury suit. With that said, though, it is highly advisable that you seek legal counsel first. When you get involved in an auto accident and you’re injured as a result, the attorney is going to gather all of your medical records and bills to compile what’s called “the demand package” and send that to the insurance company. The attorney is the one that’s going to negotiate your case for you, walk you through that process and have the legal knowledge, skill, and experience to be able to get you adequately compensated. So, while it’s true that you don’t need legal counsel in order to pursue a claim, or speak with an insurance company, or even file a lawsuit, it’s highly unadvisable that you do that.

How Insurance Claims Work in Florida

In Florida, insurance companies hire adjustors to try to adjust their claims. What that means is they help save the insurance company money. If an insurance adjustor makes an offer in your case, you should never accept it without consulting with a lawyer who knows what your legal rights are, and whether the offer is in fact a fair one. Remember, insurance companies are businesses, and the business of an insurance company is to save money. Before you agree to an insurance adjustor’s offer, always consult with a personal injury lawyer in Orlando to make sure that is an offer, or a settlement, that you can live with. Once you accept that offer and sign your release, your case is over.

Personal injury attorneys often have close working relationships with a number of insurance companies and adjusters. They often know what it takes to maximize the payout from a claim, and negotiate other items related to your case, such as medical bills and if there was any property damage involved. Plus, you have the peace of mind of someone working diligently on your case that has being doing their trade for decades.

Again, there is a social stigma attached to personal injury lawyers, being “ambulance chasers” and in it completely for the money. But when you meet the right personal injury attorney, you’ll see that this stereotype can quickly subside and you could be in the hands of an attorney that will truly give you just compensation for your claim.