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Pretrial Diversion (PTD), also known as pretrial intervention, is a program run by the State Attorney’s office that works to defer prosecution and absolve a person’s crime without going to trial. For individuals who have minor crimes or qualify for pretrial diversion, their crimes have the possibility of being dismissed by the State Attorney. While many may not be eligible for the program, those can significantly benefit from resolving their minor crimes.

Many individuals are unfamiliar with the program and may dismiss their case before researching or seeking out more information on how they may qualify. An Osceola County pretrial diversion lawyer at Umansky Law Firm has the tools and resources to answer your questions or analyze your eligibility. The benefits of the pretrial diversion program can be life-changing, so discussing with a lawyer your options is essential to your success.

What Are the Main Objectives of Pretrial Diversion?

When a person commits a crime, the offense is noted on their record and can be seen through a background check or sometimes even a Google search. Having a criminal record can affect your job application, college admission, and even acquiring a house. The State Attorney’s office hopes to lessen these hardships on specific individuals; below are a few main objectives of pretrial diversion:

Prevent Future Criminal Activity

When an individual commits a crime, they are more likely to fall into another related or unrelated crime. However, the state officials try to educate and help the person instead of simply punishing them for their behavior. For example, if a person commits a DUI with a low blood alcohol content (BAC) level and has no prior offenses, the pretrial diversion program would have them take an educational course discussing the dangers of intoxicated driving as well as other resources to help reduce the possibility of them committing the same crime again.

Save Prosecutive and Judicial Resources

A lot of time and resources are used during trials and convictions. Not only is there a possibility of jail time, but also other penalties that require supervision and other costs. However, hiring a lawyer can help gather evidence and information on punishments. Instead of spending these resources on a minor offense that can be solved with the help of education, the State Attorney would likely want to use them on more serious cases.

Restore Communities and Victims of Crime

For those in communities or areas where crime is more common than others, an individual will likely commit an offense without fully knowing the consequences or how it can harm their future. Giving individuals who are victims of crime or who live in difficult areas a second chance can help reduce second and worse crimes

The pretrial diversion program is set to help individuals bounce back from a mistake. State officials hope that self-reflection and education will lessen the number of crimes committed with the help of this dismissal program.

Should I Agree to Pretrial Diversion?

Most people who are given the opportunity to participate in the pretrial diversion program will take the offer. When you accept the pretrial diversion, you’re able to have a quick and straightforward resolution to your case. The charge will be dissolved, and you won’t have future consequences with the offense on your record. Consider the following list of ways accepting a pretrial diversion will benefit you:

  • Resolve your charges relatively quickly
  • Avoid the cost of a trial
  • May avoid a criminal conviction
  • Avoid a permanent criminal record
  • Avoid jail time
  • Access to services like treatment and therapy
  • Possible expungement of arrest

Talk with a dependable pretrial diversion attorney if you’re questioning whether you should agree or pursue pretrial diversion. They’ll be able to answer all your questions and understand why this option might be perfect for your situation.

Qualifications for Pretrial Diversion in Osceola County, Florida

Due to the considerable amount of benefits, most people would want to seek out pretrial diversion. However, there are only a few individuals who may qualify for the program. For you to be considered for the program, you must have the following prerequisites:

  • If you are charged with a misdemeanor or DUI
  • No prior sentence, conviction, or dismissal for a similar charge
  • No past juvenile programs or deferred prosecution programs
  • No prior alcohol-related driving offenses
  • Legal residence in the United States
  • Approval by the Office of the State Attorney

If you fit in those categories, you can seek to qualify for the program. When you work with a lawyer, you’ll have the ability to ask and seek out information about the program and what types of punishments you might receive.

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