Lake County Pretrial Diversion Attorney

Some mistakes or actions can force you to face legal consequences and punishments. However, a criminal record and the penalties you receive for the mistake can continue to affect you throughout your lifetime. From job applications to college acceptance, a record of criminal and negligent behavior does not look good in any form. In order to help communities and victims of crime, there is a program that seeks to dismiss minor crimes or misdemeanors from certain individuals’ records.

The pretrial diversion program is helpful for those with minor crimes that may seriously harm their future career or relationships. If you’re interested in learning more about the eligibility or pursuing a pretrial diversion program, contact a pretrial diversion lawyer in Lake County. Our team at Umansky Law Firm has years of experience working with individuals across Florida to absolve or lessen the penalties they face for their crimes. A pretrial diversion program is an excellent opportunity to resolve your crime in a fast manner.

What Is Pretrial Diversion for Criminal Offenders?

The State Attorney’s office runs a program called Pretrial Diversion (PTD), or pretrial intervention, that seeks to dismiss minor or misdemeanors from individuals with no prior convictions. When a person commits a minor offense, they may have the opportunity to qualify for pretrial diversion and receive a dismissal of their minor crime. If you commit an offense that can significantly affect your future, a pretrial diversion is a way to absolve the mistake and learn. Most pretrial diversion programs differ by the offense and require educational classes as well as sometimes community service and other requirements.

Why Should I Accept Pretrial Diversion in Lake County?

Even when you commit a minor offense, having a criminal record can significantly alter your job application, college admission, and other important future decisions. You can have opportunities taken from you due to your crimes, but with the help of pretrial diversion, you’ll be able to dismiss the charges and have a clean record. Some of the many ways pretrial diversion can benefit you include:

  • Avoid a criminal conviction
  • Avoid a permanent criminal record
  • Avoid jail time
  • Resolve your charges relatively quickly
  • Access to services like treatment and therapy
  • Possible expungement of arrest

When you have the opportunity to take a pretrial diversion, it is recommended to consider the many benefits. There are only a few unique times when a person may choose not to accept the offer, but most people who are given the chance don’t hesitate.

Am I Eligible for Pretrial Diversion in Lake County?

Due to the considerable amount of benefits offered to those eligible for pretrial diversion, not everyone can qualify for the program. The State Attorney seeks to dismiss minor crimes that a person may have made a mistake and learned from; if your crime is a felony or you’ve had multiple types of crimes, you may not be eligible to receive this benefit. The following is a list of qualities you’ll need to file for the program:

  • If you are charged with a misdemeanor or DUI
  • No prior sentence, conviction, or dismissal for a similar charge
  • No past juvenile programs or deferred prosecution programs
  • No prior alcohol-related driving offenses
  • Legal residence in the United States
  • Approval by the Office of the State Attorney

In most cases, those who qualify for pretrial diversion have minor crimes and no prior convictions. However, there are multiple types of programs and discussing your options with a lawyer is essential. Even if you don’t fall under all the above categories, you may still qualify for the pretrial diversion program.

How Can a Pretrial Diversion Lawyer Assist Your Case?

Pretrial diversion is not always the first option offered to an individual. Still, with the help of an experienced pretrial diversion lawyer, you can understand more about your eligibility and options. You may need to present why this program will benefit you, your family, and your future. A pretrial diversion attorney can help you in many ways, including:

  • Answer questions about the program and your case
  • Prepare and review legal documents
  • Conduct a thorough investigation
  • Analyze for potential legal issues

Most individuals are unfamiliar with the program or the process of qualifying for the program, so talking with someone who has both experience and knowledge of pretrial diversion can be a great help to your case. Having your offense dismissed can allow you to learn and overcome your mistake.

Contact an Experienced Lake County Pretrial Diversion Lawyer

Working with a dependable lake county pretrial diversion lawyer at the Umansky Law Firm can help you feel confident and prepared for your case. There are many tracks for different crimes in the pretrial diversion program, and a lawyer can help you understand what types of educational classes and other requirements you’ll face.

With years of experience working in Florida, we understand that mistakes happen and can have serious consequences. While we can learn from these mistakes, it can be difficult to recover when both the punishments and your record can affect your future. Discuss your best options with a pretrial diversion lawyer for more information about how you can qualify for this program.

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