Effects of a Criminal Conviction for Licensed Florida Child Care Facilities 

Effects of a Criminal Conviction for Licensed Florida Child Care Facilities The vital role that child and daycare facilities play in communities throughout Florida cannot be understated. Countless families rely on licensed child care facility owners to securely look after their children each day. To ensure only the most qualified individuals operate child care facilities, the State of Florida has rigorous standards that all licensed owners must meet. One of those requirements necessitates the passing of comprehensive background checks. Any time a child or daycare provider renews their professional license and fails to report any criminal conviction to the Department of Children and Families (DCF), they may face administrative penalties.

If you’re a licensed owner of a child care facility in Florida, it is essential to recognize the professional ramifications accompanying a criminal conviction. The page below details the licensing requirements for child care facility owners and the importance of effectively handling any criminal charge to prevent a suspension or revocation of license.

Orlando Lawyers Defending Licensed Child Care Facility Owners Accused of a Crime 

As a licensed professional in the child care industry, being indicted for a crime necessitates hiring a skilled criminal defense attorney who’s experienced defending administrative cases involving the Florida DCF. Our highly-trained criminal and professional license defense lawyers are ready to help at The Umansky Law Firm. We offer our clients strategic legal counsel and powerful defense strategies against the charges they face.

By retaining our seasoned legal professionals, you can rest assured in our attorneys’ abilities to advise you on the possible and likely consequences and create a strategic defense to reduce, if not limit, criminal penalties that you may face in cases, such as:  

  • DUIs/DWIs
  • Criminal traffic violations, like driving on a suspended license
  • Misdemeanors, like petty theft and cannabis possession 
  • Felonies, including possession of a controlled substance and fraud

At The Umansky Law Firm, our attorneys are highly trained in Florida’s administrative law and understand what is necessary to effectively defend your license to operate a child care facility. We serve as trusted legal guides to our clients through every step of this difficult process. If you’re accused of committing a crime in Florida, schedule a free consultation with The Umansky Law Firm to learn how we can help.

What is Child Care Facility Licensing in Florida?

Owners of Florida child care facilities are required to have a valid license approved by The Office of Child Care Regulations in the DCF according to Florida Statute 402.305 and Administrative Code 65C-22, FAC. Note that a child care license is required in addition to a business license to run a facility.

Florida’s licensing regulations for child care facility owners address the following standards and requirements:

  • The child to staff ratio, or how many children one adult can care for at once
  • The group size or number of children that are permitted in a class
  • How long child care facilities may supervise children (must be under 24 hours)
  • The health and safety standards of the facility that must be clean and functional with emergency exits
  • Requirements to stop the spread of disease that include handwashing, immunizations, and diapering
  • Nutrition of food provided to children
  • Requirements for training and health for all adults employed at the child care facility
  • Requirements for comprehensive background checks upon request or every five year

Owners must pass a comprehensive background check to receive and maintain licensure to operate their child care or daycare center legally. In Florida, these thorough background checks include a child abuse registry check, sex offender registry check, and state and federal criminal history checks using your fingerprints.

What Crimes Make a Child Care Facility Owner Ineligible for Licensure?

In Florida, numerous disqualifying crimes and criteria would prevent licensure and the ability to provide services that allow unsupervised access to children. The DCF may bar child care facilities owners from licensure for the following acts: 

  • Refusing to take a background check when requested
  • Deliberately making false statements concerning a background check
  • Criminal convictions for a felony charge of murder, child abuse or neglect, kidnapping, arson, physical assault, or drug-related crimes committed within the past five years
  • Criminal convictions for violent misdemeanors committed as an adult towards a child

What Are the Consequences for Failing to Report a Conviction to the Florida DCF?

No matter the crime you’re charged with, it’s imperative to understand the professional implications and the criminal sanctions you may confront. Remember, being honest in reporting any conviction to the DCF is imperative. Should you be asked to take a background check and a criminal conviction that you did not report is discovered, you may be charged with fraud and face damaging consequences. 

According to Florida Statute 402.310, disciplinary actions the DCF may impose for a criminal act, besides the disqualifying offenses previously stated, include:

  • Administrative fines of $100 per violation, per day
  • Probation
  • Suspension of license 
  • Revocation of license 

The DCF considers the severity of the violation, actions you have taken to correct the violation, and any previous violations when determining the appropriate administrative penalties to impose. As a licensed child care facility owner, do not let a criminal conviction ruin the professional career that you’ve worked so hard to achieve. If your child care license is at risk, turn to the experienced professional license defense lawyers at The Umansky Law Firm for help.

Consult a Seasoned Professional License Defense Attorney in Orlando, Florida 

Suppose you’re a child care facility owner who’s confronting administrative sanctions against your license for failing to report a criminal conviction to the DCF. In that case, it’s essential to retain trusted legal representation as soon as possible. For skilled legal support defending your rights, professional license, and child care career, contact the accomplished criminal and professional license defense attorneys at The Umansky Law Firm.

Our talented legal professionals bring more than 100 years of combined legal experience to your case, with many on our legal team serving as former prosecutors and some formerly working with the DCF. We are prepared to go to great lengths to defend your rights and maintain your license to operate your Florida child care facility. Schedule a free case review with an accomplished professional license defense lawyer by calling 407-228-3838 or completing our contact form today.