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What is Veterans Diversion Program

The Veterans Diversion program provides veterans charged with a crime a second chance. Rather than be punished with mandatory jail time and other penalties, the vet participates in the program, and the charges against him or her are dropped once the program is completed.

At The Umansky Law Firm, we protect the rights of veterans who are facing criminal charges. OurOrlando DUI defense lawyers can help you explore your options and determine if participation in the Veterans Diversion program is right for you.

Veterans Diversion Program Eligibility

Our Orange County lawyers can offer you guidance throughout the Veterans Diversion program. First, it must be determined if you are eligible to participate. To qualify, the offense cannot be:

  • A forcible felony
  • A weapons offense
  • A first-degree felony
  • A criminal traffic offense, but the veteran can still qualify for DUI diversion
  • Child abuse
  • A sex offense

If you are eligible for Veterans Diversion, you will be required to:

  • Complete community service hours
  • Pay criminal restitution, if it applies in your case
  • Meet with corrections officer on a monthly basis
  • Complete recommended programs

Additionally, if it is a domestic violence offense, the vet must complete an approved batterer’s intervention program.

When you have successfully completed Veterans Diversion, the charges against you will be dismissed, and you can have the entire case expunged from your record if you are otherwise eligible.

The Veterans Diversion program recognizes that vets often have many problems when they come home from war. Depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), trouble adjusting to “normal” life — these can all play a role in their behavior.

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