Exonerated for a 1983 Murder, FL Man Sues the City of Tampa for Imprisonment

Recently, Robert DuBoise was exonerated of a rape and murder conviction after serving 37 years in prison. DuBoise is suing the city of Tampa for his wrongful conviction in which a bite mark, which has now been disproven, was an essential piece of evidence. DuBoise was freed from prison in August 2020 after untested DNA evidence from the case’s rape kit proved he was innocent of murdering 19-year-old, Barbara Grams. In 1983, Grams was raped and beaten to death on her way walking home from her job. DuBoise was the only person arrested for her murder. 

DuBoise Is Pursuing Legal Action against the State of Florida

In the federal lawsuit filed by DuBoise’s attorneys, the defendants are named as the city of Tampa, four police investigators involved in the arrest, and a forensic dentist who was responsible for identifying that the bite mark on Grams’s cheek was from DuBoise. However, it has now been found that this was a faulty piece of evidence made from a beeswax mold of his teeth. It has now been shown that Grams’s injury was not from a human bite mark at all. 

The dentist who testified in the case, Richard Souviron, had widespread recognition as an expert forensic dentist after testifying in the murder trial of Ted Bundy. Souviron has yet to comment on DuBoise’s lawsuit, which attests that beeswax is not an acceptable method of identifying teeth marks in murder cases. It has now been shown that the only reason beeswax was used in the case was that another officer in the Tampa Police Department had a honey business. Additionally, the lawsuit says that the investigators involved in the case conspired with other parties to implicate DuBoise as the murderer in the Grams case and are therefore guilty of misconduct in the handling of the case. 

DuBoise Supporters Ask For $1.85 Million in Compensation

While the lawsuit filed by DuBoise’s attorneys does not specify a specific amount in compensation, many of DuBoise’s supporters have called for a minimum of $1.85 million in compensation from the city of Tampa, as DuBoise has spent nearly 40 years in prison and has been robbed of the basic pleasures of human life. 

At just 18 when he was arrested, DuBoise became the subject of an investigation after a gas attendant across the street from the scene of the murder had told police that three boys had been up to trouble in the area—they named DuBoise as one of them. DuBoise was wrongfully convicted of Grams’s murder and was initially sentenced to death. His sentence was then reduced to life in prison until a review of his case by the Hillsborough County state attorney’s office and the Innocence Project led to his exoneration and release. 

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