Florida Underage Drinking Diversion Lawyer

The teenage years can be a challenging time in the lives of the youth due to the pressures of society, social media, and the all-encompassing peer pressure. During this time, teenagers tend to make poor choices, like underage drinking, resulting in long-term consequences. When a minor is caught drinking alcohol or attempting to purchase alcohol, they can expect steep fines, a juvenile record, or jail time in more severe cases.

To provide teenagers with a second chance and to help them move forward from the mistake of underage drinking, the State Attorney has implemented an underage drinking diversion. If your teenager has been charged with underage drinking, contact an experienced underage drinking lawyer.

What is the Underage Drinking Diversion?

According to the CDC, underage drinking in the U.S. is a public health problem that causes more than 3,500 deaths every year and cost $24 billion in 2010. In addition, the cost of underage drinking can begin an unfair cycle for teenagers who may not have the support or resources to get help.

The underage drinking diversion program was designed to provide a second chance to teenagers who were either in possession of an alcoholic beverage or in possession of a false Identification Card and attempted to purchase alcohol. The diversion program allows juveniles who have never been in legal trouble to avoid harsher punishments and complete the educational program instead.

How Can My Teenager Qualify for the Underage Drinking Diversion?

The prosecutor offers the program to individuals who qualify. The program overview is as follows:

  • The prosecutor enrolls the juvenile into the program
  • The juvenile must watch the Underage Drinking Education Course
  • Individuals must complete the course and fill out a form to obtain a certificate of completion
  • The juvenile must present the printed certificate to the prosecutor
  • The certificate of completion is taken to the next court appearance

When the individual has successfully completed the program, the prosecutor can then dismiss the charges against the teenager. If your teen has participated in another diversion program in the last six months, they may be ineligible. Contact an underage drinking diversion lawyer to see if your teen is eligible.

How Can a Defense Attorney Help My Teenager with an Underage Drinking Diversion?

Teenagers who have been charged with underage drinking can have a challenging road to navigate. Working with a qualified attorney can help individuals and their families understand their options and help them navigate the best solutions. Here are some of how they can help your case:

  • Answer questions about the diversion program
  • Answer questions about your case
  • Investigate your case
  • Review and prepare legal documents
  • Negotiate settlement options

Since the diversion program eligibility varies depending on the severity of the charges, and any previous criminal charges, it is equally essential that you have an attorney who understands the local underage drinking diversion intricacies.

Contact Experienced Underage Drinking Diversion Lawyers

While the underage drinking diversion program is an excellent option for juveniles who have made the mistake of being in possession of alcohol, this program is not available to everyone in Florida. If you or your teen is interested in this program and would like to discuss options, our team at Umansky Law Firm is here to help. We are proud to serve as counselors to our clients and fight for their rights to maintain their livelihood, education, and family. Use our contact form to get in touch with our office for a free consultation, or call us at (407) 228-3838.