Underage Drinking and Smoking

When it comes time to find a attorney there has to be a good deal credence paid to whether or not the lawyer is experienced. Issues such as underage drinking can become legal matters for some youths who make the wrong decisions, and these decisions should not always have the dire consequences that they do. If a juvenile is caught drinking underage they will be issued a ticket alongside a summons to court for a misdemeanor charge. If the drinking involves the operation of a motor vehicle, then a separate charge of DUI will also be pressed. The penalties for the initial transgressions of each of these offenses is typically probation and fines – repeated offenses can result in jail time.

Underage criminal offenders can end up being dealt a very bad hand in life, and it is the job of the Orlando lawyer representing them to ensure that they court does not throw the book at them. Underage smoking and other crimes can make it possible for certain elements of the justice system to take advantage of minors and put them into very bad situations. If the substance being smoked is tobacco then consequences are minimal, typically a fine without any sort of jail time. If the minor was smoking an illegal substance such as marijuana then a misdemeanor or felony charge may be pressed, and jail time can be involved depending on how much of the drug they were in possession of.

Have You or A Family Member Been Charged As A Minor?

Hiring an attorney who understands the situation well will make sure that clients have at least a fighting chance of avoiding some of the darker elements of the justice system. Rehabilitation for youthful offenders who are facing conviction of a criminal offense can involve several years away from home, resulting in a much worse situation for the youth overall. While issues such as underage drinking are very serious, they do not necessitate that a child end up being locked up and having the key thrown away, these situations do in fact require a measure of leniency. Such leniency is much easier to attain when a good lawyer is representing the child being prosecuted, so be sure to find the best one you can afford. Looking at the available reviews of juvenile lawyers in your area will tell you whether or not the lawyer you are considering is a good professional to hire.