Finding Reliable Attorney Reviews

How to Find Lawyer Reviews

When you need a lawyer in Orlando, you don’t want just any lawyer.  These days, it’s not about flipping through a phone book and picking the one that has the biggest ad.  We are empowered by the internet, meaning we can browse multiple sites and read their mission states, what they stand for, what they believe in etc., etc. – before you even pick up the phone. You want the best that you can find who practices the type of law that you need. You want to find an attorney that pays attention to the details and really speaks to you as an individual with unique needs and a unique situation. One of the best ways  to find that professional lawyer is by reading and researching lawyer reviews.

These reviews can be professional, in a way like endorsements, or simply reviews on lawyers and their firms on places such as Google Places, YellowPages, CitySearch, and many more. They comment on the firms’ success rate, the type of law that they practice, how many times that they’ve been to court, and more. A good lawyer review will help set a lawyer apart from others you may have been looking at.  It will likely assist you to finding the attorney who can handle your specific case.

Lexis-Nexis is one expert Lawyer Review, as is Martindale-Hubble, who recently changed their name to simply Both of these firms can be found online where you simply click on the appropriate section to find a review in your city. Searching the Yellow Pages and Google are helpful, and will immediately guide you to a phone number or address, but these two methods do not always provide complete reviews. In fact, if you know Google, you know that listings can be distorted and sometimes incomplete. Another excellent source for lawyer reviews is

Searching through quality law reviews, you will find reputable law firms that practice the type of law for your situation. When you find a lawyer that meets your needs, arrange for a free consultation to meet them. If that firm does not offer a free consultation, then you should consider seeking a law firm that offers a free consultation first. Remember the first rule of thumb in selecting a reliable lawyer is to look for someone that you feel comfortable with, who is open and honest, and does not appear too busy to have the time for your case.