Medicare Fraud

In American politics recently there has been a push by the president and elected officials to bring government into new areas of markets and social life. The increased attention on Wall Street transactions, the scolding and bailing out of big financial institutions, and the sweeping healthcare reform legislation are only a few examples. Along with these pushes for reform, government has made moves to increasingly monitor those systems it has already put in place. Medicare is one of these systems, and the need to protect Medicare beneficiaries from scam artists has become the new source of legislative and executive anxiety.

Medicare fraud roughly causes billions of dollars of damage to taxpayers every year, and seniors who receive Medicare payments are the vulnerable targets for scam artists. “To all who would swindle and steal from seniors,” warned President Barack Obama in a June 8 tele-town hall meeting in Wheaton, Maryland, “we are going to find you. We will prosecute you and we will ultimately prevent those crimes from ever happening again.” President Obama has been addressing audiences in this series of town hall meetings to advertise the Affordable Healthcare Act, a bill passed this year, most of which speaks to seniors – Medicare beneficiaries.

It only makes sense for the government to protect the structures in which it has invested. It would make sense in any business, as one ventures into new areas, to remain vigilant in preserving the older, tried-and-true systems. It is clear that the President has purposely called out to the perpetrators of Medicare fraud. He means business, and he is preserving the business of the government by weeding out those who are exploiting the established system. It would be no coincidence if we, in the United States, should happen to see a rise in the amount of people accused of and prosecuted for Medicare fraud in the near future.

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