How Accurate Is A Breathalyzer Test?

It has to be calibrated on a regular basis and unusually the prosecutor will provide those documents to you, showing that it’s been calibrated. Obviously, if you find that it hasn’t been calibrated properly, you can get the results out very quickly. But as the tester goes into service starts working and then like any machine it needs repairs.  It needs to be retested and unfortunately, during that process, a lot of people have access to the machine. A lot of things are done to it that was not done by the manufacturer.

So that’s where the problem becomes when other people open the machine, start repairing it and then put it back in service. And as finding out when that was done, how was that done and things like that. But usually when you go to court and you want to challenge a breath test, some judges will require you to present expert testimony and there is a cost to that that the client has to be aware of. But if they want to go down that road, sometimes that does require a lot of work and expert testimony.